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Per Bittner's Blog


Trainingscamp Mallorca

December 23rd, 2012 by perbittner

Just before the winter arrived in my hometown Leipzig the camp starts at Mallorca. 2 weeks of training was perfekt at the beautiful place Porto Colom. The weather was very good and I was still in a good shape. The main goal was to improve our endurance but also some quality seshs for the early start in 2013. We could work very well in all three disciplines. Thanks to Diana, Jo, Markus, David and our host Roman. Now it is time to fly back right before Christmas. I don’t want to miss Santa Claus.

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back in the game

November 18th, 2012 by perbittner

Now I am alreday back in all day routine since 4 weeks. What happened ??? After my last race in Barcelona, I had some problems with my legs… do not know if I should call it injury, but it caused quite a lot of pain, so I used my break to get back in a healthy mood, and hopefully it worked out that way. 2012 was a year, I would´ not like to miss , and indeed I am concerned that 2013 can get even better. Why ??? Because I would like to start in Hawaii 2013… We can call it a huge step !!! According to Kris Gemmel “A journey of 1000 steps begins with a single step” In my opinion I have done quite a lot of steps my entirely life and now I cannot wait anymore, to get to hear the signal of the pirate canone
Respect of the race… is the right mood, but being afraid no way,
So now I have to improve my training and afterwards get qualified for Kona as soon as possible. My race shedule is not defined at the moment, but the main goal will be collecting points, point, points in Ironman and 70.3 Ironman races.

cheers per

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Hard day at Challenge Barcelona

October 3rd, 2012 by perbittner

After an rainy Saturday, I was glad to hear no rain Sunday morning.
The sea was a little nervous, which probably reflected the mood of the field. Everyone was excited about the start. The front has build up from 4-5 people. With eye contact, I swam in the second group. After the swim, I had 1:30 minutes behind the leaders. My goal was, as soon as possible to close the gap. After 30km I could ascend to the first set and I took the lead. The group did very well, but after 140km we were overtaken by a few athletes from behind. At this time also the later second placed overflown us. From there it was no longer around and the pace was slightly abducted. In the chase group with 6-8 other athletes we reached T2. After a quick exchangea 5 man group and me tryed to catch the leader. Till 20k we worked together from then on, I had problem with my knee and thigh muscles. My run changed from streching up to 4:00 min pace. The last 10k were a little better, so I turned back on the third after an hard fight.
Of course I was there to win but after the problems during the race happy with 3rd.
Thus, long distance, you never know what is coming and it can change everything in every minute. After a long, hard but successful season, I’m happy with a few weeks of rest.

1 Bas Diederen NED 8:20:07 48:03 4:35:48 2:54:35
2 Georg Swoboda AUT 8:22:14 57:40 4:17:41 3:04:47
3 Per Bittner GER 8:22:47 49:37 4:34:28 2:57:16
4 Miguel Blanchart Tinto ESP 8:23:16 49:34 4:38:47 2:52:57
5 Joe Skipper GBR 8:23:57 54:08 4:38:54 2:58:38

cheers Per

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Last race for this season: Challenge Barcelona

September 27th, 2012 by perbittner

Time is running, what should I say at first… I do not know exactly, but that shouldn´t be a whole summary of my whole season, but for the moment I am quite confident with all my results to that point. I had some great weeks down in Bavaria and tried to use the mountains to get rid of losing 5 minutes on the bike, so in my opinion I would say, I am well prepared for Barcelona and in my memories it was a beautiful race last year, why shouldn´t it happens this year again… But in my dreams or rather say imagines, I would like to move up just a tiny bit. Actually I have nothing to lose, because 2012 was just awesome and hopefully Barcelona will be the top of the mountains…See you down the course

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Cologne 226half 3 2 1…. mine

September 5th, 2012 by perbittner
After a third and a second place the years before I was able to go this time with a victory. It starts with a good swim . I came as second out of the water. I drove alone to 50 km then picked me up  a 5 man group. Next 10km after we got the first placed. We reached T2 in 5- 6man group and I knowed a fast  run will count. After the first 2km I catched the the first guys and I was able to hold the lead with a 6min gab to the second. It was a good feeling to cross the finish line after an hard race.
It was another super-organized race.

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Half thing in Vichy

August 21st, 2012 by perbittner
It should be warm but I knew it would be so warm that the race had to be shortened I did not expect. The organizers shorted  the Challenge Vichy to an half for the protection of Agegrupper and the many helpers. So we had to switched to an half 1 hour before the start, which was not so easy.

Swim without wetsuit is normal  no problem but unfortunately it was on this day different. I felt like a duck, what I acted a backlog of over two minutes on the topone. On the bike my goal was to work hard in the group. We quickly gathered up a few pros from the front. The gab to the top group, we wasen t able to close but we could shake off a few athletes. I think I leaved T2 on  7-8 position. There was only one direction and that forward. Not too fast but not too slow, I started to run where the heat reached its peak. I quickly catched a few guys what motivated me to continue to put pressure to get on the podium. I knew after the first round that the first place was safed for  Stephen but that I finished second on that day showed me again fight to the end is always worthwhile.

congrats to the hole teamTBB for an great competition


1. Stephen Bayliss (GBR) 3:59:57
2. Per Bittner (GER) 4:03:49
3. Scott Defilippis (USA) 4:04:35
4. Brett Carter (AUS) 4:06:21
5. Sylvain Rota (FRA) 4:07:43

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challenge vichy 4days and 9hrs to go

August 15th, 2012 by perbittner

This weekend will be my second long distance race for this season. The challenge Vichy is in the beautiful country of France my favourite country in Europe. The last days the weather was really hot there and all the time over 30 degrees. I guess the swim will be without wetsuit. The bike course headed out on 2 loops in and around Vichy with some little hills. The run course will be in a park with 4 loops. Run and bike will be flat and fast. There will be a lot of TBB athletes on the start line so it will be a good opportunity to meet they.

So I hope the bike training works out  and I can still dominate on the bike.

Lets go out and have some fun. It will be a cool road trip with my buddy Martin.

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teamTBB Germany trainings camp in Bad Tölz

August 8th, 2012 by perbittner

It was time to leave Leipzig and follow the call to my coaches home town Bad Tölz. What can I say. It is a great place to be. The main goal was to improve my bike skills and I think Bad Tölz was the right place for this campaign. We worked hard on the mountains and we did a lot of TT intervals. I learned a lot new things how to train the bike part right. Also the run part didn’t came to short with a lot of  hard track sessions. The first week is done. This week Jo and Diana will leave Bad Tölz to hit Challenge Kopenhagen. So its on me to hit the streets for another high quality week.

I had also the chance for my second bike fitting with RETÜL. Cheers Jo, Markus, Diana and Bike Boutique Bad Tölz for a great time in Bad Tölz.

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Great experience Challenge roth

July 10th, 2012 by perbittner

I had a great weekend with an great race in Roth. I was very nervous before the race. It was a big race and also in my home country.

I had a very good swim and I came out with the first group. It build up a big bike group and it was very busy. After 30k this group this group got splited and I found me in the second group. I am not sure it was the right group for me or I had more in the pocket. With good legs and a gab of 10 minutes to the next group I started run fast. Hop or Top I would say in german. I got closer to the 7th position. After 35k I saw the next guy but I wasn’t able to overtake. The last 5k was like hell. At least with my 9th place I got  a top ten place in an top pro field.

Congratulations to James and Stephen, great race.


1. James Cunnama (RSA) 7:59:59

2. Timo Bracht (GER) 8:03:28

3. Mike Aigroz (SUI) 8:08:01
4. Cameron Brown (NZL) 8:10:05
5. Stephen Bayliss (GBR) 8:13:01
6. Konstantin Bachor (GER) 8:13:36
7. Dorian Wagner (GER) 8:19:47
8. Georg Potrebitsch (GER) 8:21:39
9. Per Bittner (GER) 8:22:51
10. Roeland Smits (NED) 8:32:10

Cheers Per

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challenge roth

July 4th, 2012 by perbittner

This weekend is race day again. ETU Challenge roth long distance  European champs. It will be my first start there and lot of guys told me it will be awesome. This race is one of the biggest races here in germany with a great atmosphere. Swim course is in a canal, the bike course are 2laps just a bit hilly and run course is flat. This means a super fast course with fast splits. I had a good regeneration after my last half. There are a lot of good pros on the start list also a few from TeamTBB.

Lets go out and have some fun.

Cheers per

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