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Pull Buoy Envy

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
Tereza’s post on her pull buoy (or lack of a DECENT pb) inspired me to write a short piece about my beloved pull buoy.  I love it.  If I’m not swimming band only, I will have this between my legs (????).  I’m sure the other swimmers and the local ‘ironman’ athletes that swim at my local pool look at me, and shake their heads in confusion as to why I swim so much with my pull buoy.  But I don’t care. 
The Ancient Pull Buoy

The Ancient Pull Buoy


Looking a little worse for wear

Looking a little worse for wear

This pull buoy is probably older than me.  My sister works at another pool on the coast, and she found this out in the back shed with the rest of the abandoned equipment, that had been traded in for ‘new and improved’ swim products.  Most of them had been cut in half (oh the horror!!!), probably because they provided too much floatation.

The Wongstar attempted to make one-  but she failed.  Keep trying Wongstar!

I used to own a fantastic blue speedo one-  but that was lost in Brazil.  Rei, if you’re reading this, can you get my pull buoy back from Silvia?!?

There is a lady, probably mid 40′s, that swims in the masters squad at my local pool a few times a week.  She has a blue one!!!  I sit there most days, eyeing off her prized possession, thinking she probably doesn’t even appreciate  it.  It’s in pristine condition.  I’m very jealous.  I’ve contemplated offering her BIG money for it.  What does everyone think a fair price is, for the now-extinct-pull buoy?