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Krabi, Sweet Krabi

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Last Wednesday, Jocelyn and I headed off to Singapore, for our new bikes!!!  I must admit, I was a little disappointed to be leaving training camp after only 1 week, but with IM Malaysia coming up, I wanted to get on my new bike sooner rather than later. 

We arrived early Wednesday evening-  first up was a quick trip to the Bike Boutique, then a great Japanese dinner with two of Jocelyn’s close friends.

Unfortunately, the Wongstar had to up and leave me early Thursday morning for a flight to Clarke.  We managed to fit in a 30 minute run in the darkness, where I nearly kicked a turtle that was lying on the road??? What the?  Jocelyn was game enough to pick the turtle up and return it to the saftety of the garden, before it was squashed by a car :(

Later on, I spent the afternoon hanging at the Bike Boutique watching my P4 being built, followed by a Retul fitting session.  I’ve got some great pics of the P4 on my facebook page-  check them out!

By friday though, I was growing restless…..I needed to get back to Krabi.  I missed my little (temporary) home.  I filled in my morning with a run and swim, then once again, off to the Bike Boutique.  Thanks guys for putting up with me!!! 

Now it’s Sunday, and the Wongstar and I are back in Krabi.  We’ve taken our bikes out for their maiden voyages, and we both agreed, we ‘felt’ fast.  Tomorrow, Doc will have us break them in properly.

Ahhh, so good to be back.  Home, sweet home.  Krabi, sweet Krabi.

Sawatdee Kaa!!!

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Yippee, I arrived in Thailand yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon.  The travel here was pretty uneventful.  I flew with Emirates to Singapore- thumbs up for the 30kg luggage allowance!!

I spent the remainder of yesterday unpacking, getting my bearings, visiting the Big C, catching up with old team mates and meeting new ones, chatting to Doc, then getting some much needed sleep.  Oh yeah, and downing a few of these:

yummy soda water

I love these soda waters.  So yummy!!!  I drink them like they are going out of fashion, and for 10 baht (at the little corner store, they are 7 baht at the Big C), I can afford to.

When I first heard we were returning to Thailand, I was so excited.  I really enjoyed my time here in 2007.  I spent Feb to May here in 2007, and that set me up for my best year of racing.  Then the squad returned here in September 2007  for our pre-Hawaii camp, and I went on to place 5th at Kona.  Yes, I love it here.

I am missing my cat though :(   Zena (with a ‘z’)


There is a cat here at Tawantai Hotel.  But I’m afraid to get too close, because Luke (Dragsta) got ringworm from a cat here in Thailand. 

There were a few dog encounters this morning on the run, but nothing compared to Bali Dogs. 

Anyway, better go and finish unpacking.