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Friday Afternoon- Recovery Session

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Friday afternoon this week, called for an optional recovery session.  All day I had been feeling cranky- after Tiger being catnapped, I awoke to the newborn kittens being MIA.  Not a happy camper today.  Anyway, I knew I needed to get out and do something to blow off some steam, and rather than head out for a jog, I decided to do the stairs at the temple down the road.  I decided first time up will be an exploratory mission- take some pics and enjoy the experience.  Next time, the stop watch will be on.


Ummm, this doesn’t look so bad….


Ooops, spoke too soon, the incline kicked up straight away.


I walked straight past these monkeys and didn’t realise it until I had already past them.  Lucky!  I doubt I would of had the courage to walk past them.


It’s getting steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.


Not only steep, but very narrow.  Had to place my foot sideways on this section.



Over half-way!


The end is in sight, yippee!


Refreshments at the top.


Now for the trip down, which I was kind of dreading.  Safety first!!!

Yep, it’s steep, hang on!


Once I was down safe and sound, my legs had that weird sort of ‘shakey’ feeling. 

Here’s a  monk heading up, barefoot.  I wonder if he does it everyday?  This sounds like a CHALLENGE.


One of the locals, hanging around.


How lucky are we to have this right at our doorstep?

Kitten Mania In Thailand

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

If you have read Donna’s blog, you’d be updated on the recent adoption of a cute little orphan kitten, “Tiger”.


He is such a little angel.  Compared to my naughty little Zena at home, Tiger, is so well behaved. 

There are also two other cats that ‘live’ here at Tawantai hotel.  And it was only on the weekend that we noticed that one of the cats seemed pregnant.  Donna and I call this cat Ginger, even though it probably has a Thai name already.  So we were all wondering if Ginger was pregnant, and if so, when is she due??? 

Monday rolled around, and Ginger was different.  It is hard to explain, but she seemed sort of restless, and she was constantly miaowing.  We all assumed that she was going into labour.  Tuesday came, no kittens :(   But she lost her belly?  A miscarriage?  Perhaps we were imagining that her belly had disappeared, because there weren’t any kittens around?  Anyhow, Donna and I had our hands full with little Tiger.  Plus other important things, like training to keep us occupied.

Today (Wedensday), Ginger still seemed restless and continued to miaow.  Definitely no kittens, and no belly. 

We headed out for our afternoon ride, and left Tiger roaming around the foyer of the hotel, hoping he would be safe.  Donna and I were devastated to find that he was missing when we got back.  I went searching for him after dinner, then again before I planned to go to bed.  It was then I saw Ginger, miaowing yet again outside the bike room.  Hmmm, maybe, just maybe Tiger is in there. 

So I opened the door, and Ginger ran straight in and out of sight.  I finally caught sight of her, climbing inside my bike case, which was stored behind a couch.  Me, being lazy, hadn’t zipped it up.  I thought to myself, “why is she going in my bike case?”  Then it hit me-   KITTENS!!!!  KITTENS IN MY BIKE CASE!!!!!  No wonder Ginger was so restless to get inside the bike room. 





So the mystery is solved.  Ginger had her kittens most probably on Monday.  The funny thing is, that bike room is frequented so much by us all, coming and going with our bikes, tuning our bikes, and today, people packing their bikes.  I only hope that Ginger wasn’t separated from her babies too long, because the door to the room is usually kept shut.

Tomorrow we hope to find Tiger. 

As for my bike bag- I think I will need to invest in a cardboard box for my trip home…..

I’m Sorry Black Panther

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

On Saturday, I let down Black Panther.  At 150km into the bike leg at Ironman Langkawi, I was unable to continue.  I was vomiting and experiencing dizzy spells on the bike since 100km, and despite Black Panther’s best efforts, I let her down :( .  I won’t lie, I am very disappointed in myself and my body.  However, I am trying to take the positives away from the situation, and think of it as a quality training session.  After a quick discussion with the boss, my problem was quite simple-  I’m unfit.  I’m not a spring chicken anymore, and can’t go into an ironman race with 3 weeks of training under my belt, and expect to be still upright after 10 or so hours.  Especially at Ironman Malaysia.  Had I been smart, I would of rolled around the course steady;  instead, I attempted to ‘race’.  And because I’m unfit, my body couldn’t handle it.  In hindsight, it sounds so simple and obvious, but I always have to learn things the hard way.

So as I said, I treated Saturday like a long brick, followed by the luxury recovery method of an ambulance ride and a drip.  Then I headed out on Sunday and ran my long run.  I have received wonderful support and guidance from the team and Doc, so I want to say a big thank you to everyone.  It has really helped me put the experience behind me.

Also, another big thank you to Hiro.  Aside from having the race of his life this weekend, he was our tour guide/trip organiser on the weekend.  He would buy our ferry tickets, organise taxi’s, be pushy for us in queues and pack the mini bus with our bikes and bags.  We couldn’t of done it without you!!!

So once again, I’m back in Krabi and back into training.  I’m not giving up!