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Being here at camp in Krabi has been unreal.  I think I have been here now for 8 weeks, but I’m not counting.  I have pretty much enjoyed every minute of it, except for the lengthy visa runs Scott and I have had to endure twice now.  Last Sunday, we had the added bonus of going to a Thai funeral on the way home from the Malaysian border (perhaps Scott can tell you all about that one). 

Anyway, being in camp with my fellow team mates is inspiring.  While all of us here have a strong internal drive to get the best out of ourselves, and often don’t need ‘inspiring’ from external sources, it is nice to have company during the sessions.  I know for me personally, I have benefitted greatly from being around my team mates, both in and out of training. 

Last week when I wrote my Seinfeld Blog, I thought I had nothing exciting to report on.  Then I realised, I had some very exciting news, and something that inspires me.  My mum had raced the Mooloolaba Triathlon the previous Sunday, and she had placed 6th in her age group.  While 6th is a solid performance and a great achievement, what was even more exciting is that she had the fastest swim in her category, followed by a strong ride.  For the past year, she has been under my instructions in the water.  I do have the advantage of being pretty much a carbon copy of her-  that is, what works for me and what Doc tells me to do, will most probably work for her, because we are so similar;  right down to the annoying wrist drop in the catch part of the stroke.  So I’m taking this opportunity to say Well Done Mum on a great swim.  The biggest take home lesson for me is, she had been so consistent with her swim sessions- 4 x week for a year, she used her ‘tools of the trade’, and she had absolute faith in what I told her, so there was never any doubt in her mind that using paddles and pb for the most part of the session was the right thing to do.   A recipe for success in my opinion.  And the good news is, I am returning home from camp with a lot more knowledge and a few more tricks up my sleeve.  Lets see if we can get the fastest swim and bike splits next year :)

Here's mum cheering me on in Hawaii in 2007.

Here's mum cheering me on in Hawaii in 2007.

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