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Bad Daughter? Good Coach? « Rebecca Preston's Blog


Bad Daughter? Good Coach?

Last week, I suggested that my mum should think about training and racing for a half ironman.  As I have previously mentioned, we are pretty similar in physiology, and she may go better as the race gets longer.  So one of my ideas for  her training was to enter a 160km ride which is being held at Noosa later this month.  The only issue was, that one must pay to enter the 160km ride.  Her response was, “I’m not going to pay to ride 160km”.  Hmmm, I thought.  My response, “Well, you can ride the 160km this weekend then”. 

So the weekend of training was all planned.  The thought did cross my mind briefly, “Am I a bad daughter, or a good coach?”  Probably both!!!

She couldn’t do her long ride on Saturday, due to Jarva’s (my nephew) soccer debut.  So Saturday morning was a long run in the trails at Ewan Maddock Dam.  Even though there was a whole week of sunshine on the Sunshine Coast, the trails were still very muddy and waterlogged.  I returned from my run, to see mum bathing in the dam.  “Oh, she must be doing that very trendy, cool thing- ice bath.  That’s what all the cool kids do.  She might want to do a motor pacing session next time”.  Nope, she informed me, “I had to wash off all the mud.  I fell over.  My feet got caught up in a twig, and next minute I was on the ground”.  My response, “HAHAHAHAHAHA”.  Yes, that’s defintely a tick in the bad daughter column. 

Sunday morning rolled around, and this was d day.  Mum’s longest ride to date has been 120km and god knows how long ago that was.  The sky’s looked omnious, but Mum has a dogged determination, that once the challenge has been set, she’ll complete it, rain, hail or shine.

The course I set was a looped course, so I could jump ahead, and loop back, with pre-determined drink/toilet stops.  I think this one belongs in the good coach column.

The weather and the scenery was great.  It’s also a great opportunity to see who else is out and about on the coast.  And like most times I head up Noosa way, I saw Belinda Granger, at about the 120km mark of the ride.  Belinda is out running along the road, facing traffic, and looking super fit!!!  As we pass each other, we shout a quick hello and continue on.  

I meet up with mum not long after, and I can sense she is getting a little bit tired, especially with the head wind home.  She then mentions that she might of saw Belinda.  I reply, “Yeah, she was out running”.  “Oh, well, I nearly ran Belinda over.  I had my head down, riding, and next minute, someone says hey, and I look up and see a brown six pack right in front of me”.

Yes, the best six pack in the business and she eats lollies!!!!  Sorry for nearly running you over, Belinda :)

With 30km to go, I said, “Okay, I think it’s ice cream time.  You need to get home”.  A soft serve cone at Macca’s went down a treat, and she made it home.  Ice cream = good coach, according to the Wongstar…..

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