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Square Eyes

Did your mother ever say to you, “If you sit that close to the tv, you’ll end up with square eyes”?  Well, mine did, on numerous occasions.  Luckily this is not true, because following my trip to Leysin, my eyes would surely be square (or rectangle….). 

I flew again with Emirates.  They are one of the few airlines that allow you 30kg of checked baggage, which for me, is invaluable.  Another positive, in my opinion, is their OUTSTANDING entertainment system.  There is nothing worse than having a long haul flight with no little tv’s in the headrests in front of you.  And because I want to get my money’s worth, I make sure I’m watching that little screen from take off (and sometimes before take off), until the headphones get taken off you. 

First flight:  Brisbane to Dubai- 14.4hrs.  I really don’t think I’ve been on a plane continuously for that long before.  I think the longest for me before this was about 12 hrs.  Viewing:  “The Castle” (the Aussie movie); “Showmance- episode 2 of Glee”.  It was after Glee I started to weaken.  The eyes got heavy.  I tried to resist, but gave in to 3 hrs of very broken sleep.  This was all I needed to get going again.  4 episodes of Friends.  I then attempted to watch a new movie called “The Box” with Cameron Diaz, but couldn’t get into it.  Aborted “The Box”.  Hmmm, what now???  No matter how hard I have tried to resist the “Avatar” craze, I couldn’t say no anymore.  I hate Sci Fi with a passion.  I have refused to see Avatar, because of this sci fi hatred.  But I was desperate, I had to give it a shot.  2 hrs 40 mins later, LOVED IT.  I always cry when I watch movies on planes, and this was no exception.  I still had a bit over an hour on the plane.  How was anything going to live up to Avatar?  I accepted that nothing would, and moved on to a very cheesey, “It’s Complicated”.  Only got the first half in before we landed in Dubai. 

Second Flight:  Dubai to Zurich- 6hrs 20 mins.  After a great shower in Dubai, and clean clothes, I was ready and refreshed for round 2.  6 hrs is not a lot of time, so I had to get straight into it.  I boarded pretty early, and managed to knock over most of remainder of “It’s Complicated” before take off.  Next up-  hmmm, why not go for a favourite, you can never lose with “Twilight”!!!  And it didn’t fail me.  I forgot how much I love this movie (and Edward!).  Next up, of course it had to be “New Moon”.  Although I have to admit, I did skip through parts of this and watched only my favourite bits :)  (like the proposal!!!)   Time for a quick round of sitcoms-  3 episodes of “Two and a Half Men”.  And to finish off, I watched the first half of Avatar again, before landing in Zurich.

My eyes are very sore today- lack of sleep? Watching too much tv?  Probably both!  But what is someone to do when they have jet lag and can’t sleep when they finally arrive at their destination.  Well, in my case, I watch episodes of Glee on my computer!  Hair of the dog anyone?  And today’s mission?  I might just try and download the two episodes of Gossip Girl I haven’t watched yet.  And Jo, if you’re reading, can you buy some new dvd’s in Bali please!

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