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My Zoolander Impediment « Rebecca Preston's Blog


My Zoolander Impediment

No, I’m not talking about being  really, really, really, ridiculously good looking;  we all know the whole Team TBB team is guilty of that!   James has the Blue Steel look down pat, and my god, Tamsin can work the Magnum look.  The Zoolander Impediment I’m talking about is the inability to turn left.  I kind of suspected it, but it became very apparent on today’s bike ride, when I was required to make u-turns on a number of occasions (due to the constraints of the Fight Club treaty, I can not expand any further on the specifics of the bike session), that I simply CANNOT TURN LEFT.   Hmmm, very frustrating.

I found the perfect t-shirt for myself:

My excuse- I’m from the land down under!!!  I’m used to being on the left hand side of the road, and can easily turn right.  But ask me to make a u-turn from the right hand side…..just call me Zoolander.  Yes, that’s the kind of sh*t that goes through my head whilst training, LOL.

I’ve also noticed that during this particular workout (remember people, Fight Club rules….), that there are two signs that I’ve done the session properly.  First sign, I get the hiccups.  I get the hiccups a lot here in Leysin, I put it down to the fact that my breathing pattern changes rapidly, resulting in the hiccups, but who really knows???  I do know, that if I get the hiccups, I’m having a good session.  Second sign, the spew burp.  Usually presents itself early in the session, and could be contributed by the proximity of breakfast.  Nonetheless, I’m saying the presence of a spew burp indicates a job well done!!!!  Today, two out of two! Yesssssssssssssssssssss.

And what sort of blog would this be without a great youtube clip?!?  Enjoy :)

YouTube Preview Image

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