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Harden The ….Up

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Well there is now a new quote of the day Chopper Reed’s famous quote “Harden the …Up!” …now watch this….

YouTube Preview Image

Well this is now Brett’s new quote for us soft Aussie’s- and ”learn to change a tyre ”,no more drinking ”soy late’s”,no more ”psychiatrists”,if your name’s ”stephen” look out!!..Get rid of your ”portable gaming consol” But if you own a ”pig dog” and willing to ”cut of your own arm” then you just might be safe!!! So boys and girls take of your skirts and ”Australia Harden The …. Up”

Funny Things in Subic

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

The monkeys:

I swear yesterday whilst doing our bike hills Brett had arranged for a marching band of locals to sit accross the road and ditract us on our descents!He says we all descend like a “bunch of girls”,well we are so not sure what that means ha ha. I even had one of them lie on his side, elbow bent resting his head in his arms,I saw a little more hanging down than i would have liked too.This hairy legged freak was just looking at me like ”ah this is the life”,ride harder you lazy ….I think Brett may be at more workouts than we think, often in disguise!So look out everyone no slackin he has his secret set of eyes on us!

The door boys:

I think I say the word thankyou about 50 times a day!Every time I walk towards a door in my hotel or in a shop, there is always someone who appears out of no where to open it for me!I can’t walk in without saying thankyou.Aussie men take a leaf out of their book, you guys need to get your act together!When do they ever open the door for any female ,they would take the lead and shoulder you on the way past!I am not sure if they really can speak English but they know how to say “Thankyou , please come again”…..

The TBB Triathletes:

I am not sure what the locals think is going on, but do you really blame them when they all gawk at us? We ride round in Lycra, and run in next to nothing ,while they work hard all day sweeping.cleaning and sweating in their long shirts and pants! They must wonder what the hell we are doing and why we are doing it?We question why its common ladyboys do what they do?Hell look out team ,I think with you guys in your lycra and us girls with “body like man”(quote of the week) they must be looking at us and thinking the exact same thing? What the hell are THEY doing?

My arrival in Subic

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

After 15 hours of flying and a 3 hour nail biting van ride I have finally made it to my TEAM TBB camp!

I had a private tour of the town with The Doc,I felt very special, and met some of the guys and girls Erica ,Donna, Lucie and a couple of the boys,god know how i will remember 25 other names i already forget most of them lol!!

The place we are based in at Subic is right on the water where the USA navy were based,and was once a thriving city!

It’s American food chain restaurants and security are probobly the only things that resemble home,but I think our team are probobly the only non Phillipino’s living here right now!

The pool is up a 2km climb from my hotel and 25 metres minus one I think ,or my swimming has improved 20% over night!Which I am sure is not the case,none the less its a lovely little pool we have all to ourselves,so even better!

Food here is so cheap i got 5 bananas and 3 oranges for 50 Pasoe so I think that’s around a dollar, I even got a microwave and a toaster for under 45 bucks australian!

Well off for a cruisy long bike with my new team,so more updates to come soon!




Wednesday, February 4th, 2009


Please can I be excused from camp with this late note provided, as I have to race Geelong 70.3 this weekend! :

Well 3 days until the last race of Australian 70.3 National series and WTC 70.3 in Geelong.

I am excited and nervous about the race with some of the best athletes in the world set to take place.Competing is former World Long Distance champion and fellow Team TBB member Lisbeth Kristiensen, world record holder Yvonne WankKlerken(not sure of spelling ,so please excuse) and ITU New Zealand athlete with a 2008 no.2 world ranking Sam Warriner!

I am ready to take on the girls,rain hail or shine witth thanks to Brett and my big 10 week of solid training.The race sure will be a tough one to win, it’s not just myself I want to peform for but my new Team TBB to try and bring home a podium!

Can’t wait to get to camp and meet all of my team,I will let you know how I go with the task ahead!

Bek keat