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Singapore 70.3

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Hi all,

Well it was my second race of the season with a great start in Geelong in Febuary, I was really looking forward to racing with some of my freinds and team mates.

Aex had done a fantastic job with the Team and getting us all ready and organised,it was great to have such support as the last four years I have been alone and left to fend for myself,so it was a nice change! eat at the expo

The Bike Boutique and Avia stand looked great at the expo, I hung out there for a while even having a go on the new treadmill which was the nicest I have ever run.. I think I will have to get myself one!

Unfortunately the race didnt go to plan, write to you from my hotel room in Singapore still in pain and still stinging and itchy!!Sound terrible?…well i guess it was!

I was stung by a jellyfish of some kind right under my arm pit today during swimer the first turn bouy!

I got onto the bike not knowing why it was so so painfull,but hoped it would go away after some time!

How ever I didnt know I was allergic to them,and soon into the bike I found my right arm swollen,along with my neck and tongue,and it got worse as I went.

I tried to punch through, i stopped for some vinegar to splash on my arm hoping it would do the trick!

I continued to try and complete the last lap opf the bike out still only 5 minutes down and in 4th,I can still win if I can run!I know i was running well and all i would have to do was try and get through it!

But with the swelling in my neck and tongue got worse, and go the better of me.

I couldn”t breathe and felt extremely nauseous,ready to be sick I stopped on the side of the road. Unfortunately it was day over for me ,I am very disappointed but I know there are no Jellfish in Port and I have a wetsuit to protect myself thankgod!

I look forward to two weeks time and the biggest race so far of the season,I know i have bigger jellyfish to fry!

Thanks for your continued support,

Bek Keat

NEW THEME SONGS..Inspired by this week’s training!!!

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Ok after a big block of training I have decided some team TBB members have earnt themselves a new theme song..Please feel free to help me out if you can think of any,or any better ones’ for a particular member!!

YouTube Preview Image

Bella; Bella had a solid day at the office in NZ but prob not by Bella’s standards! I think she is pretty ”fired up” to get one back very soon….when she is fit…look out!

YouTube Preview Image

Donna ; Donna will ”always be there” for anyone if we need her..I have her worked out she is like the big sister of the group” don’t foget to shut the door girls and lock up”…don’t forget to wipe your butt after you been to the toilet…” ok just kidding but not far off, she is really sweet and always looking out for us sisters…thankyou!The big D with a heart like pharlap is my best mate here on the team so I can get away with this…right?…hopefully??

YouTube Preview Image

Miss Coco;I coudn’t surpass this opportunity,but since Coco has goten back from Malaysia where she didnt have a very fun day at the office,she has bee a new girl!! And I can see that ‘tiger’ has come back into her and I LOVE it …This one’s for all those ……. that were infront of you in Malaysia cos believe me it WONT happen again!

YouTube Preview Image

LC; This song has been stuck in my head since I heard it on your laptop,and now you are looking so good,I think you will soon find a hot boyfriend so you can play this song to him!! he he

YouTube Preview Image

Therese ; well this one is a personal request…and yes Lucie and I are very jealous…why cant you share girlfriend??And we aint talking about your ass …cos you dont have one lol

YouTube Preview Image

Jonno; I couldnt leave you out…but we all happened to notice you have dropped afew kegs since you got here!…ps I know this is what you were listening to when you ran past the other day on long run!! he he

Updated Theme Song’s For All Team TBB members

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Your songs are before you names so this first one is for brett and so on etc etc…

YouTube Preview Image

Brett… only YOU deserve the privilege of this awesome song.,we all feel like we have been”thunderstruck” at the end of each session…You did 6 hours running today…one word …freak!!

YouTube Preview Image

Alex at the next awards presentation or team meeting after he pulls off that next big sponsorhsip deal…but we need to change the the ‘she ‘ to a ‘ he’

YouTube Preview Image

Jonno wants to say ” Keep your hand’s off my girl” this to everyone in the squad including me…ha ha

YouTube Preview Image

Miss Coco..well often it feels like this when we are training,more so with Miss Coco though she just doesn’t want to talk to anyone…hence ”Leave me alone”!!…BUT we all get like this!! (And I love Pink so had to include her)

YouTube Preview Image

Donna …..what a performance on the weekend, we were all so proud of you…I know you seem depressed atm cos Doc won’t let you train hard..You just did a damn Ironman girl..hurry slowly..we can all see your ”True colors”….that’s all that matters!

YouTube Preview Image

Scottie….You know what this song is about it has two meanings i guess!!….and training is just getting better and better for you!!!(ps the drag queens dont mean anything lol)

YouTube Preview Image

Angie…. is definately what this song is all about and so Chucky tells me… not just on the bike ”dynamite” girl!!!

YouTube Preview Image

Abby ‘….The Blond Bombshell”…this girl just keeps going i reckon she sings this to herself every session ”Dont stop me now”!!! Go the sponge!!

YouTube Preview Image

Bek’s… (my own) song …but I too have learnt that consistancy and patience are the key and ”I want it all now”..just aint gunna happen in this world!

YouTube Preview Image

Manny… you had to get this song becasue all of us girls like you and we think ”You cant find a better man”…

YouTube Preview Image

Lucie…I heard someone say the other day oh miss ”Trouble”..you have similar attitude too.. so this one’s for you…!!

YouTube Preview Image

James…. this had to be for you..every time you run past us girls find it hard to concentrate with those big luscles buldging.”Im too Sexy” just teamed with the theme!!

YouTube Preview Image

LC…. this one is for you cos you can fall off your bike almost break your arm then head straight out on a ride and turn up to track wrapped in bandages..hope you like it..This is also Princess Fergie’s favorite song…seriously I read it!

YouTube Preview Image

Bella…need we say no more!!!

YouTube Preview Image

Stephen… seems to take every opportunity that arises and his willingness to ”lose yourself”” is always evident!
YouTube Preview Image

Zach…Sorry but apparently u are always half asleep and or sleeping…”Wake Up”…i will find you another one though!!

YouTube Preview Image

Cam ….we all dedicate this song to you because you really are a sweet guy…”sweetes thing”…and i know u love this song!

YouTube Preview Image

Rei and Mat…I couldnt help myself i know you have women who adore you all over the world ..BUT you are both taken!

YouTube Preview Image

Keegan…its time for you to show us cos we know ”your not gunna take it’ anymore” your ready to smash all those fellow sheep herderers!!!

YouTube Preview Image

Hiro and Maki…well we hear you make great ”Sushi”…this SONG is funny!!

YouTube Preview Image

Joseph… cos ”your playing with the big boys now”..not a good song but relevant none the less he he!!

YouTube Preview Image

Therese…we always says you only carry your weight in one area and you are the most ”womanly” in our squad!We will all want what you have when we retire lol

YouTube Preview Image

Caroline..sorry after Brett nicknamed you Mrs Bean i couldnt help myself!!

YouTube Preview Image

Wongstar…This is so you ”Superwoman” you are more than just a triathlete you give so much back personally and professionally!!Go Wongstar,….we LOVE u!

YouTube Preview Image

TEAM THEME SONG…This is where we are all heading..in more ways than one…or die trying lol!

Well that just about wraps it up…please let me know if u think of any others so we can change them, or if you find any offensive…all in good humour…So keep me updated if you think of a good theme song for anyone!!

Til next time..

Subic Rocks My World!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

I must admit when I asked a couple of ex TBB members what Subic was like,there were mixed responses.

GB told me it was good and not to expect a plethera of extacurricular activites,but the training was great!!

Ok.. I can handle that I thought…as my life now is probably as interesting as a nursing home.All I do is sleep,eat whinge and train x repeat daily ..lol!

So really how different could it be,other than I won’t have coffee stop distraction in between training sessions or late night movies to fall asleep in! No time for doing stuff outside of training? I think… this wont be a problem!

I did how ever, have an old TBB member say some terrible things about Subic and things you would not want me to repeat,we have nothing to do with this person now,well that’s a lie we have the ability one day to claim her scalp..thanks to the Doc!

What ever negatives were said by this ex member.( ‘New Revoloutionised TBB’ will agree )…boy was she WRONG!!!…

I am sure I am speaking on behalf of all TBBmembers when I say ”Subic we salute you SUBIC ROCKS OUR WORLD!!Becasue the FACT of the matter is this place is our highway to some huge personal,professional and physical gains,we all need to thank this amazing place for allowing us to live here and srtive to be the best we can be!

Subic is NOT boring it has everything you need, and delightful people that meet and greet you everyday.The local Phillippino’s are ALWAYS smiling,just like our very own Maki!Even the police greet us every 2o metres with all the gates we ride/run through,we feel welcomed and we feel like we are accepeted.I know back home we don’t have people opening the doors for us! I can tell you if you said ‘morning’ or ‘thankyou’ to a cop at home in Oz, they would probably arrest you for being a smart ass!

NEWS FLASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One last thing… and this is one of my favorite reasons why Subic rocks…STARBUCKS opens tomorrow at 630am,so guys if you can’t find me that’s where I will be!! hehe

Keep shining Subic cos we LOVE you!