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My favorite things….

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

I am so glad to be able to spend some quality time with my partner and my mum and sister!( Here is a pic of us at the beach)

Driving my new car(see pic) too fast, (well it was new last year but I havent gotten to drive it much) cranking pink from my phone! I always seem to drive faster when I have good music!

Swim training with the surf girls,who are all in so called “ off season” but still kick my butt,thanks girls!

Riding my new amazingly fast “black magic” P4 Cervelo, this bike really feels incredible its almost scarey how good I feel on it…bring on Hawaii!

My favorite down time would have to be picnic lunch at the beach at Tullebudgera with my family(see pic)!

Of-course walking my cute little dog around the dog park,while he tries to boss other dogs four times his size around…small dog syndrome…he is just protecting his mummy..so cute!

And my last favorite thing… just chilling at my house with my partner!So I thought I would take a pic of me standing out the front of my little shack!

Off to the gym to do my favorite seesion which is usually done on the track, but I have the luxuxry of the treadmilll today…..thank god its 31 degrees outside..in Winter!

Home sweet home….

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

It’s great to finally make it home safe and sound to god’s country the sunny Gold Coast!Its Winter here and today was an amazing 29 degrees, so no compliants as it was a perfect day for a long bike with my training buddy’s!

I missed my good mates and training buddy’s Legsi,Ad’s and Rhino my favorite boys!I do all my long bikes with the trio,Rhino keeps me honest as quite often up hills he likes to kill himself and hit 195 heart rate ,which i cant do!Legsi is an ex pro triathlete who can ride as good as any of our top teamtbb boys, so he always pushes the pace! Ad’s is a real comedian always making me laugh so hard I have trouble breathing! 

So I am back home and treating myself to my favorite places which for food is sushi and coffee nothing beats Zaraffas these two luxuries I sure missed in Swiss!

I have ten days at home until I depart for our heat camp in Korea, which I am already looking forward to!

Here is a pic of my and my dog (on the left)who was so excited to see me, the other pup is Lizzie Blatchfords who we are babysitting for her they are best mates!!

Heading home to Oz

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Its been a tough 3 months waking up to the sun on my balcony and views of the Swiss Alpes from my shack in Leysin.

I have to admit I am living my dream, and very fortunate to be able to do so under the guidnace of Doc and thanks to an amazing array of TeamTBB athletes!

No day is taken for granted,and I know there are alot of people in the world that would happily trade their job for mine!…. sorry I am not trading it anytime soon!

Looking back at the last 3 months spent in camp there are some unbelievable times both in and out of training and memories I will NEVER forget! Some of the sessions myself and others..u know who u are..have conquered would be un thinkable to most humans but getting through them wouldnt have been possible without my team mates, and what amazing ones I have! 

My favorite other than our epic track workouts were our epic spa sessions at Residnece De Chammossaire …Nic ,Lucie and Tez and I worked very hard during these sessions and were quiete often breathless……… from all the laughing!Nic and I got sick of peole admiring our crazy tan marks and muscles, and asking what sport we played so we even tried to disguise ourelves as soccer players …dont think they believed us somehow lol!!haha

I have to mention and thank my fellow track buddies ofcourse Miss Current World Cup-Spirit needs no introduction thanks for all those wicked sprints…and Phillipe and The Hulk for suffering with me.When i got fitter Scottie and Manny for the crazy last track session…i will be thanking you with 10km to go at Hawaii boys..will miss you both!

My swim lane…. which I have to boast is the fastest in our squad even though I am ALWAYS flaoting or struggling i should say at ther back…Steve for leading it and Hiro and LC for making me look so good with a tube and pull gear!

Long ride days wow I will never foget our last one which was meant to be 4 hours but ended up 6 !It started with dirt and rocks like off road moutain biking uphill for 4o miniutes,yes on our road bikes…dont worry cervelo i didnt have my P4 Black Magic yet…thank god! We trecked though rivers,went across mud slides in our bike shoes carrying our bikes,across train tracks though peoples yards and ended up not far from where we started two hours later!!Was so much fun though, and even had time to do our 15km loops afterwards thanks for pushing me Scottie!!

Stevie …well i sure never stopped laughing if he was invloved…Steve you kept me sane when i thought  I was going insane…lol maybe i was.. and Abby for the dinner and bevies ..all two of them..at Lynx bar and keeping me on my toes in those milers ..looking forward to training possiblly in Sunny or Goldy with you both…keep hovering Ab!! haha

Donna or mumma Donna…sorry couldnt help it… thankyou for always listening to my whinging and whining and me listening to yours haha and the German shortcake for trying to get us all fat wiht your delicious cakes!

I dont have time to write about eveyone but dont worry I have stories about you all so dont go away they are coming soon…off to board my plane..miss you all already…esp you Doc!!