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Scody Kit Looking Good!!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009


Since the girls are rocking in all areas of racing and training at the moment, I wanted to show everyone how good we all look while out doing the hard yards in our Scody clycling kit!

Its a great look on our group rides, with all the chicks in the same hot pink n black cycling kit..all thanks to  our clothing/race kit sponsor Scody Australia.

The cycling  jersey  is great for the heat in Jeju and keeps us nice and cool , it also evaporates sweat away quickly which is a huge bonus with the high humidity here! The knicks feel comfortable and slick ,and very good for the long time trial positioning problems you can have,and it also stays dry!

Scody use technical fabrics that are innovative and include moisture wicking fabric that’s an effective moisture management & thermoregulation system to optimise race performance . Heat treated ceramic core yarn- smooth, streamlined finish which cuts through water and minimises drag .

Scody also use compression strength fabric which supports muscles to help reduce fatigue and risk of injury and sun protection within fabrics of 50+. The specialist Italian Triathlon low profile speed chamois to maximise comfort on bike so it dries quickly. Ofcourse there is also minimal drag  and a silicone gripper on legs – firm fit ,with back mesh pocket for convenience.

Scody not only make cool clycling kit but also wicked race outfits, which we  lucky enough to get to wear including our new Hawaii Ironman race kit which i hope to post pics of very soon!

Check out Scody website on www.scody.com.au for their full range of clothing including  triathlon,running ,cycling and more!!


Korea training camp….

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

The picture of the big Pink pallace is our accomodation, but the most ironic part is its called’ The Blue house’..maybe they have there colors mixed up? We are in the mian tourist part of Jeju where they film the most popular Korean sitcom i am not sure of the name of it( someone helo me?) Better known as our type of ‘Home and Away’ or ‘Neighbours’ or if your from the USA maybe ‘Bay Watch’! So the area attracts some very wealthy visitors , ofcourse excluding ourselves the poor traithletes!

We even have our own banner attatched to the front of our house which the tourism organisation has placed up high on the building saying ”TeamTBB fill up your energy in Jeju”!! It was really cool to have a welcome like this, they  have used a picture of ahhh Lance Armstrong(well know triathlete??)  in the background!! Im thinking they like irony here as not sure if we will be ‘filling up our energy’ maybe more like ‘ get smacked up here’ would be more appropriate haha!! 

Our rooms are clean and cosy and decked out with a cute little kitchen,not really sure how to use the stove but thank god for the communal  microwave! In the bedrooms we have airconditioning(thankgod) ,we will need them as the humidity and heat here are insane!We even have cable Internet a luxury here and something I can’t live without!

The pool and gym are only a short 2.5km from the ‘Blue House’ and we have another “welcome traithlete’s” banner to look up at at the end of the lane,not that we have alot of time to observe it, with the Doc whipping our butts at the pool! The 50 metres will definatly take some adjusitng after the luxury of the 25 mtrs in Swiss, the time clycles just seem so much harder ..WHAT THE.??

A Daily Snapshot…..

Friday, September 4th, 2009

So long ride day it was with my ‘sexy legged’ wingman Jamesi and he decided we would do the ‘bek loop’.James named it this as I use to be aweful at climbing, and this loop has three climbs..well they aren’t really climbs more like small hills compared to Swiss!

The sunrise was amazing that morning and the ride was alot easier than I remember, now I have climbing legs,never been discovered before! I managed to grab a shot of the james up the hill, behind me for the first time ever,probobly the last time too! 

The ride takes you up a small climb at Tullebudgera valley near my place,over Connection Rd to Currumbin valley my favorite place to ride.We spotted some kangaroos lazing about along Currumbin….it looked quite inviting as they laid about in the sun..I almost joined them!Then we hit our little Tomewin climb,the hill is about 25-30 minutes and brings you out at near a little place called Condon.At the little Condon shop we re- fuel ourselves before we hit the flat section for another 20 or so km back towards Kingscliff.

The last part of the ride takes you over Teranora a nice short little hill and good decent into Tweed.My decending on the P4 is still a little scratchy and I couldnt follow James’s speedy wheel down the descent!As i took the first corner I wasn attacked by a swooping magpie who just wouldnt give up!He hit my helmet twice and as i was swerving all over the road to try to stop him, he kept going at me and I headed towards oncoming cars!Luckily enough I didnt come off and managed to get past this Kamakazi crazy bird, these damn things are my biggest phobia and now you can see why! 

The afternoon I spent some time catching up with my two favorite girls in the world for coffee at Barchinos in Mermaid beach,great coffee and the best smoothies in the world!

My sister then convinced me to go visit the pet shop in the afternoon to check out this little pup,Simmyand my partner had been visiting this pup charlie for 4 weeks and no one had brought him because he has a bent tail.When Charlie was born his mum sat on him and bent his little tail, but he was absolutly adorable and ofcourse I couldnt resist.

After babysitting Lizzie B’s dog Buttons for 5 months , out shitzu-maltese Byron had becomes a little depressed when Lizzie took Buttons back home!   We wanted to get Byron a friend it was only fare especially when his mummy was going to be away racing he needed a friend to play wih right??

The family, Amity and Ruby my little neice in laws ,visited that afternoon to meet our new addition Charlie….he was a real hit as you can imagine,I mean look at the thing he is just sooooo cute! We all enjoyed a chuppa chup together after a hard day running around after the new pup, very tough training day it was!