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Shepparton 70.3

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Finally I was able to notch up a win today in the Australian 70.3 series at Shepparton.

I had a fun drive down with my mumz and arrived the day before the race which included Aussies Chaarlotte Paul, Lisa Maragon and afew others.

With a decent swim in which I came out of the water with the lead mens pack inclduding Lisa and another yougster Charlotte Mcshane.

I felt quite empty on the bike ,still suffering from the flu I struggled to bridge the gap tpo the lead female.Lisa Maragon rode impressivly and had a decent 3min4o lead by the end of the bike!

Sutto said I need to hurt and push when i feel like shit!!So this was definatly a great way to practise!My legs felt terrible on the bike and not too great on the run as I coughed my guts up most of the way.

But I pushed on and by the half way mark on the run I had managed to gain alot of time on the leader.I overtook Lisa,while Charlotte was hanging onto third place.

I ran solid from then on,not being able to rally push in the sweltering heat of 35 degrees.I ended up about 4 or so minutes(guess)by the end ahead of Lisa Maringon in second and Mchane 3rd,with Charlotte Paul in 4th place.

It was nice to pick up an extra $1000 bucks for setting a new course record (7 minutes), and also a bit of cash for the win!

Thanks to Pauli and The Bike Boutique for supporting me. my mum for her big drive and road trip, and the amazing Shepparton Tri club..Ill be back to set another one next year hopefully!

Clearing out the cobwebs

Friday, November 13th, 2009

On my way home to my old stomping grouns Albury.
I decided I may aswell compete in the Shepparton 70.3 part of our National series race and quite big here in the ‘country Victoria’.It is a sold out field and will be great to race so close to home, its been over 5 years since I have done a local derby!
Most of all I am really looking forward to staying with my amazing mum and in my most comfortable bed ever!
It has been over 6 months since I have been home and maybe the last time for a while.My’amazing’ mum is moving up to the Gold Cast to be with ‘ her girls’!
My sister Simmy and I are so excited that she will be closer to us like only 2oo mtrs from Sim’s place and about 3 km from mine!
So I aim at having a solid hit out to clear out the cowebs on Sunday, then mum and I will be clearing out afew more cobwebs when we pack up the car and begin our road trip to the fabulous Golden beaches of Burleigh.