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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Well i had just written a big blog about my race and some how Word press didnt save it arghhhhhhhhh!!!
So now I will just give you my result…second place …very disappointed as ran a aweful marathon due to poor nutrition management and rookie mistake on bike ….
Hawaii Spot ….tick

Prize money…tick …somehow!!!

Back to camp where I belong!!See you in Krabi soon!
Thankyou to Blue seventy for my wicked very fast…pb swim!!The suit felt incredible and soooo fast to get off thanks to the new design!
Thanks to Token for the very speedy wheels,they were perfect for a course like Port Mac with very rough roads and undulations,it felt like I was zipping around on them!


Meeting the family

Friday, March 19th, 2010

I was so excited this week to meet my long lost Aunt ( my Grandmothers sister) Paula and her two lovely daughters Leanne and Kerry and there kids and partners!
I lost my Gran to cancer afew years ago, she was an amzing lady who i miss dearly and think of her often.I knew my Grandma had a sister who also had a daughter Paula and I finally got to meet her again!She reminds me so much of my Gran and its so nice she is warm and caring and it feels like I have my gran back!I also got to meet my extended family I barely even knew existed! So now I have my cousins all 9 of them and all such great fun!
The craziest thing of all is my second cousins actually live up here and one of them owns a business right next to my pilates studio in Burleigh…what a small world!
Here is a pic of my ‘new’ extended family…xmas time should be lots of fun!!!family

Tribute to an amazing girl an incredible athlete and someone I will carry with me for ever

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

renstar-42km-to-go-copyFor those of you who don’t know Ren she is kinda like a more hard ass version of me just a little shorter and alot tougher on most ocasions.She is bubbly, excitable, always happy go lucky and nothing bothered her kinda girl! A girl who would do anything for a mate, and a girl who wasnt scared to lay it on the line and push herself to the absolute limits in training.She wasnt scared of pain and always dared to dream.She is a girl who turned Pro just this year and so so excited to be able to race with the pro’s and strive to be the best in the sport.Ren’s dream was to race Hawaii and be compettive as a Pro,her extremel athletic ability and determintaion I have no doubt would have definatly seen her do that!Ren had a freakish fitness level, well beyond most and wicked tatooed guns that scared off anyone in her path!Some who didnt know her may have seen this as her ‘hard ass’ ‘dont mess with me’ image.Those of us that know her too well, know Ren was a girl that couldnt give anymore of her love and freindship to her mates, someone who was always there,a heart bigger than pharlap.
Ren your cheeky grin your little sparkle in the eye when i just knew you were going to attack me during a bike ride, I will never ever foget.Your never say die never give up fight like a warrior I will never ever forget.Your spirit I will carry with me for ever and every race I do I know you will be with me and I will carry you with me every time!
I Love you so much girl…this is not the last goodbye .. I  will carry you…miss you way too much.