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Why I love coming home….

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

My original plan saw me being away from home for 6 months…and that was very hard to swallow,but they are the sacrifices you make as a pro athlete!
So off I set to Krabi heat camp again for another 4 weeks!As always Doc kept me on my toes and the camp has been really tough with temperatures soaring to upto 46 degrees and the humidity feeling like 100%…Hawaii is going to be a walk in the park…yeah right!
So im at camp in Krabi for 4 weeks and booked to fly either to the US or to Swiss training camp from here in Thailand.
Lookng at Visa resirctions though it meant i cannot stay in Siwtzerland for more than 90 days in a 6month peroid!That ofcourse effected my plans, as I was to stay in Europe until September…uh oh!
So Doc allowed me to go back to Ozzie Land and the beautiful Burleigh Heads for 2 weeks before heading to the snow capped Swiss mountains!
Here I am on my way back to the golden sands of the beatiful Burleigh and my amazing partner, my family and my adoring dogs…life couldnt be sweeter!
So i thought i would share some pics of why I love coming home…not for long, but long enough to realise how lucky I am!

Hot Hot Hot

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Well its sure getting hot here in Krabi with the outside temperature hitting 46 degrees!
Some of us are struggling with the heat a little more than others, or maybe its also the intensity of the training!
Either way Brett gave myself and Reto our long(reduced) run and day at the Hot Springs to recover our very sore aching legs!
We both joked at how ridiculous it seemed to be going to ‘Hot Springs’ in temperatures of 45 degrees ouside, but Doc always knows whats best!
So a flat just 1km down the road and Reto said ”uh oh a side wall blow out, back to the office”.I have never seen anyone change a tyre so fast and with out tyre levers, very impressive!
So we head off for our short 25 km easy bike to the infamous Hot Springs! It was a head wind all uphill, so much for fun, thankgod I had Reto telling me some funny racing and training stories to pass the time quickly!
So we finally arrive and realise its not what I had imagined nor anything like what Reto had discovered on the pics on the internet.
We did a quick lap around the outside of the man made but natural hot springs and found the coolest of the hottest to try out first!
It was so hot in the water that both of us actually got goose bumps and went into shock,it honestly felt like a furnace and i swear it has to have been well over 50 degreesAfter afew dips in and out and constant pouring ice cold water over our heads,the legs really felt better.They seemed more supple and looser either that or they were numbed by the extreme heat!
It was pretty relaxing lying in the shade, a very slight breeze even seemed some what cooler although it was still 40 degrees at least!
The ride home was wicked all down hill with a nice tail wind and the legs felt 100 times better…well maybe the downhill helped?We finished off with a stop at the delicious Waffle House and had a banana waffel and the best iced mocha frappe i have ever tasted!
Back to work today,cant let the legs feel too good for long or they might go into shock!

oh-this-spring-was-sooo-hot                                             hot-springs-in-45-degrees

hot-spring-50+ degrees
hot-spring-50+ degrees

Blue Seventy Photoshoot

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

On Wednesday we had as a little recovery day while doing pics for our sponsor Blue Seventy.
We set out at 530am to catch what they thought would be sunrise over Ao Nang beach!Im not sure who thought that would happen maybe our photographer thought we were in Australia where the sun does rise over the ocean?
So unfortunatly we didn’t exactly get the initial sunrise shot…but we did get to see James and Tez flexing there muscles nice and early, so that was a lovely view to wake up to!
By 730am and Scottie D alerted us that Burger King was opened and serving coffee and mini hot hash browns!
They went down like a treat and we were on our boat and off to ‘Chicken Island’!
The boat was more like a little wooden raft with no stabiltiy as the shore breakers almost took out Alex and Tez, who got her back back drenched as she was almost taken out by our ship!
The Island was amazing with its crytal clear water of bright green’s and blues.A reef ran right along the Island so some of us went for a splash and do some fish spotting before our lunch break.I didnt last too long as I got a little sea sick from the waves….ok they wernt waves but I am hopelss with motion sickness.
The shoot was relitively easy and pain free (apart from having to wear our wetsuits in 45 degree temperatures for longer periods than I would have liked!).
Some of the shots turned out great and the guys taking the pics certainly knew what shots to take and what would work making our jobs easy!
Thanks to Alex for the great local lunch and to BlueSeventy and Emma B for making it a fun and relaxing day even though we had to do just a little bit of work….it was a fun day!

Boat trip to Chicken Island

Boat trip to Chicken Island

Some crazy people climb up these rock faces...Scottie would!

Some crazy people climb up these rock faces...Scottie would!

Why its called 'Chicken Island'

Why its called 'Chicken Island'