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A 6 hour race up Alpe Dhuez and 13 hr in the saddle

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

After Roth I was lucky enough to have afew easy days and visit the beautiful paris with my partner,it was anamazing experience and one I will never forget!

Another experience i will never forget is the last 3 days of training.It did include a race, but for me it was more a survival and a good training day followed by two day tour de France with the boys!

The ”race” which I participated in (cant exactly say i was able to race it) was very tough , my legs felt like cement bricks for almost all of it,apart from the downhills.I managed to finish and still pick up 2nd and a decent prize so no complaints there!

The best part of the trip though by far, was the ride home to Leysin from Alpe Dhuez with my two favorite boys Batman and Robin(James and Scottie)!

 The three of us set off around lunchtime for our 180km day and managed to somehow suffer through untill 530pm for our lunch break!

We were all desperate to find the big golden arches but settled for a kebab and fries which was even tastier and bigger than a maccas meal..great decision!Batman mananged to devour two kebabs and it ”didnt touch the sides”!

So with about3 hours to go we texted our alliance Emma Smith to make sure she was meeting us with our bags and had booked a 5 star hotel for us to plonk into after 8 hours in the saddle.

We arrived in Annecy and it was 9pm at night, tired hungry and losing personality it was nice to see Em’s smiling face!

We loaded all the bikes and four of us, me and scottie in the front, Scottie doesnt take up too much room,except for his big gus haha!

Em got us back to our 5 star Formula 1 hotel, but not after afew wrong turns, broken head light and driving on the motor way at 30 km/hr we made it to the hotel!   

It was 11pm by the time we showered and we prayed to find somewhere serving food still!Thankgod we found a tavern and devoured some more steaks fries and a Shandy each…heaven ..it was just what our weary bodies needed!

Day 3 of my 3 days of  bike workout was alot easier,as we only had to cover 140km and then make it back up our 14km climb home to Leysin!

I was dreading the last climb but knew i really needed to get up it, it was the icing on the cake for 3 great bike days so I pushed on!

The boys just wouldnt leave me despite me wanting them to, as I knew how slow I would be!My quads were full of lactate my butt was cramping and my calves were so tight it felt like they would rip out of there skin! Scottie said ”we are a team,we are staying togther” and that we did.After  300km plus  I didnt want to let them down and despite me screaming at them to leave me, we were crawling, Batman and Robin got me all the way home!

I will never forget this experience, the pain well thats already forgotten!The  laughs and the amazing experience way out weighs the pain, good company and alot of fun is how I will remember this trip!

Thanks Jamesi and Scottie for putting up with me and for looking after your ‘Çatwoman’ , now its upto me to live upto that name.Off to buy a pair of black stockings now…haha



Challenge Roth

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
Run leg Challenge Roth

Run leg Challenge Roth

 Yesterday I competed in my 3rd challenge Roth – my favourite race of the year.  After a heat wave a few days before, we were lucky to have fairly good race conditions apart from some winds. 

The swim saw me exit in 52 minutes – 2 minutes off the leader Thereza Marcel & Wellington.  Onto the bike and I was feeling very average on the first lap and lost some time to the leaders and was riding in fourth position.  My legs started to come good on the second lap which I think was helped by a a recognized well yelling from the sideline.  “Concentrate and get after it” It was Doc.  Great to see him on the sideline.

I was really happy with the 2nd half over the bike where I made up 6minutes to Belinda and Tmac and rode into 2nd position.  Into T2 saw myself, Belinda and Tmac enter together…almost 18 minutes behind Chrissie who had torn the field apart and caught some of the pro men!!!

I ran out as hard as I could wanting to post the best run split of the day and hit the 21km mark around 10 mins in front of 3rd and feeling strong.  Doc told me to maintain position as I was quiet a way from Chrissie and I didn’t need to kill myself just to have a fast run.  Doc reminded me I possibly have 2 more Ironmans within the next 6 weeks.

I finished the run in 3:00hrs and maintained my 2nd position. 

A special mention and congrats to Tmac who finished a solid 3rd ,this was an awesome effort for no running for over two weeks with a slight knee problem.I cant leave out Jamesi who palced a solid 5th after 2 weeks of sickless ,terrible preparation thankgod he didnt get chicked!

The make my race even more memorable my girlfriend suprised me at the finish line flying in from Australia that day which was something really special for me and something I will never forget.   The atmosphere as always on the finish line was electric being greeted by Felix the face of Challenge family!  This is what makes the Challenge events so special as almost every athlete is greeted at the finish line by Felix. 

Thank you to Felix and the Challenge family for putting on another spectacular event that is second to none.  

Thank you to my amazing girlfriend for suprising me on race day – you are awesome!

Thank you to all my sponsors, especially my new Blue Seventy race suit which felt great. 

Thanks to my close mate James Parker and his wife Juzzi for great company during the weekend.