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IM Heatville!!!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

IM Louisville was a scorcher yesterday with 38 degrees and 90% humididty.
The water temp was 29 degrees so certainly a non wetsuit swim, saw me exiting with a slow start 5 min off the lead and in 5th palce.
The bike was scorching with hot winds and my heavy legs,I got going on lap two and felt ok coming off the bike.
I had an 11 minutes buffer off the bike,feeling very average i started out the run.
I didnt feel good on the run my calves screamed at me and I held it togther rather than pushing the pace.I crossed the line in 1st,losing around 2 mins to re known runner Kim Loffler who placed second.
I was happy to get my 4th IM win,its my 5th IM distance this year.
It was definately very hard backing up after Copenhagen and not having the ‘spring’in my legs.
All good preparation for Hawaii in 6 weeks, the ‘spring’will definately be back by then… I think its gunna be a good one!

Challenge Copenhagen

Monday, August 16th, 2010


I am very happy to announce my 3rd Ironman distance win in Challenge Copenhagen esterday!

 I excited the water in second not far off the lead female and took he lead onto the bike with the first 1km.


It was extremely wet the first part of the bike with alot of corners in town and slippery roads.I was a little over ambitious on the first corner and smacked into the gutter crashing and falling!

I jumped up grabbed my bike and got going , only to find I had bent my front deraileur and a small buckle in my wheel!


It didnt worry me I was dertermined to have the fastest bike split and was still in the lead so I soldiered on! The bike was a touch damaged from my small crash and my body was quite sore and stiff, I noticed something rubbing epecially when i was out of the seat so decided to stay seated the whole time.It didnt effect my bike leg at all I felt fantastic and absolutely punished myself for the whole 180 km, the boss had told me to ride hard and ‘froth at the mouth’..you wont blow up!’


That’s exactly what i did,I got after it,I didnt blow up…well not on the bike anyway!

I really pushed the bike aong and came off with a 16 min lead somehting i had never ever done before!I was so happy to have a personal best bike split of 4hrs48 minutes, but I really paid for it in the marathon as I struggled from km 1!

I posted a 3hr13 marathon somehow..and managed to win by over 20 minutes infront of Aussie Belinda Granger.


I am off  to the USA on wednesday in hope to get another win in IM Louisville in 2 weeks,I hope my body feels better than today.I can barely walk after the small indcident yesterday my leg must have taken the brunt of my fall…who knows how the hell I ran a marathon…the body does amazing things!

Congrats must go out to Keegan he had a brilliant day and also my thoughts for Lilly K who had two damn punctures and Im sure would have podiumed!!!