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The Beach House…… to Kailua Cottage

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Its been a fantastic 6 weeks at the Jersey shore beach house.This little or should i say rather large beach house is the home of the Defilippis family.Scottie or Robin holds the fort(or should I say leaves imprints in the couch) during the week, when the place is very quiet with only him, myself and Batman.Once the weekend hits from Thursday onwards it becomes quite zoo like!
Scotties parents Mr and Mrs D, Scotties bro Rob and his wife Kristie with their two kids Kaitlin 7 and Connor 3.That’s not all as often there is also Scotties sister Heather ,who is pregnant so that’s almost another one, and her husband Jimmy!Ok think that covers just about everyone!
Ill take some time to give you a quick overview of Scotties family, who I have got to know quite well over the last 6 weeks and all of whom I will really miss!
Rob is the oldest of the three kids, who I’ve been told was also a fabulous runner in his day, and more talented than Scott apparently.He owns two running shops called Runner’s High and also is a well known run coach earning him ”coach of the year” last year!Rob is quiet at first, and takes a bit to get going.Rob loves his dog Boston, a gorgeous boxer and 11 years old!
Kristie is Rob’s wife, she is a keen runner and about to compete in the Chicago marathon which she says will ‘be her last’…if she can break that 3 hour mark!All the best Kristie I know you can do it!
Their two kids Kate and Connor, can be a little wild as most young guns but adorable at the same time.Kate is a little like myself as a kid,she is certainly the boss, a real tomboy who loves skateboards and boardshorts.Conner is softer spoken and the quieter of the two, he is infatuated with Batman and likes to sit on the couch and play with Batmans ears!His mum says he does this as a sign of affection, when he loves someone…very cute!
Mrs D. is Scotties mum otherwise known as the ‘Red Tornado’ is the lady in charge, cos she has red hair and comes in cleans and washes everything in site,then leaves again! Mrs. D is a cool lady , she has her daily routine of Curves gym in the morning and spends the rest of the day pretty much picking up after her three super heros!Often we dont get the chance to do anything , to be totally honest as she is just too efficient!
Mr.D has a huge heart just like his son, he always has something to do but also loves to sit and read his papers in peace and quiet.Which can often be hard in the beach house!He loves taking everyone out for dinner and then to Kaboodles for icecream one of my favorite places too!
Heather , Scotties sister is 6 months pregnant and has somehow managed to put on weight on her tummy(oh and the obvious place) and stay extremely thin everywhere else!She is still working full time, and travelling around the countryside, it seems good work ethic runs in the family!
Jimmy ,Heathers husband is a workoholic , he never stops, is always on his laptop.Jimmy leaves at 630am every morning to go to Dunkin Dounuts to get coffee for beakfast, and even brings me one, I love it!Jimmy is a Notredamn Football fan and very enthusiastic one at that!He even goes to the game 12 hours before to ‘warm up’ with afew beers, yes Jimmy loves a drink.He is a comedian and super great guy, always one to make us laugh even when tired and grumpy!
I guess that covers everyone in the Jersey shore Beach House, a place I have absolutely loved being in and really hope to come back next year!One week to go and I am off to JFK bound for Kona!
( I will def try post some pics soon if i can get my new ipod touch working ;) )