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Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Obviously this is one race report I havn’t wanted to write.
Im still quite angry and bummed after having to stop 40km into the bike at the World Championships.
The most frustrating thing is I really dont know ,and cant explain what happened.I had severe butt cramping and then left leg numbness and pins and needles ,no power and no control of my leg!
I was so angry and frustrated as for 40km i tried very hard to get into my Time tial bars and push, but just couldnt ride!
I am not searching for answers and dont really want to, I will be back stronger and faster next season, as no break for me I dont want one and dont need one now~!
Its great how ever to be back in Oz and loving the Gold Coast sunny warm/ cooler weather!
It was amazing to see me family and my house and two gorgeous dogs.
Onwards and upwards….a huge huge thanks to james ad scottie for an amzing preparation that couldnt have been possibly any better at all!I was fit as and ready to go, which makes matters even harder to come to terms with!
My head is up and im finally smiling again, and also keen to get straight back into , no fitness to lose is good fitness!

Kailua Cottage …what a condo!

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

So i expected a small two bedda and instaead got a really cool condo.Away from all the tri geeks and up the hill with a great view of the ocean!Im feeling prettY comfortable and settled for a relaxing race week…I hope!Here is a quick vid of my little cottage…woohoo..

Click on here….

Hawaii Kona Condo…Kona 2010