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No.1 Fan….Fred

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Meet my no.1 fan….

Over the past years I have met many people, most of them some through the sport of Triathlon.

There are some great people I remain in contact with from all over the world, its amazing to see how our lives change, and often so quickly!

Many of the great people I have met are triathletes or big triathlon fans. In Europe my favourite Euro is German Dom Portisch from the little town  of Hilpostein.

I met Dom in 2008 in my first ever Roth Challenge one of my favourite races ever! I will never foget going back each time to a race in  Germany and hearing the loud screech of his voice ‘’Áussie Aussie Aussie’’… and ‘’Go Bek’s ‘’.I returned this year to defend my Challenge Kraichgau win and he said ‘’Bek you wont miss me, I will be at the start of the swim’’. I remember my mum saying ‘’Oh my gosh check that out….’’ as we saw a massive 2 metre high Aussie flag flying extremely high! I knew it was Dom and was so excited to see my no.1 favorite Euro and maybe my no.1 Euro fan flying the Aussie flag high for me!

My followers here in Australia are of course my family, and a few facebook fanatics but not really a ‘fan base’ as such! I’m not really one to get a fan page on facebook, I figure everyone is equal I’m nothing special just doing a job quite well and enjoying  it immensly!

I wouldn’t change what I do for anything, I have a great lifestyle and love being able to get paid to do what so many would dream to!

There are people you meet who for some reason you never forget, and they never forget you! I have a very special person here on the Gold Coast who believes he is my no.1 fan and I would have to agree!

I introduce you to Fred, Freddo Frog, Freddie, Freddie Black Thunder, Freddy Fast Feet, Freddy Black Feet, Freddy Soggy Feet, The Purple Wiggle, Freddy Hot Feet

etc ok you get the gist!

Fred story is sad as he lost both his parents when he was 20 in a plane crash in Taiwan.He had no other family in Taiwan and so felt he needed a complete change! Fred finished his University studies and decided it was time to change his life so he moved to Australia the great Down Under!

Feddy struggled a little at first with the language barrier and the cultural differences, but soon enough he started to feel at home. The people on the GC have made him feel welcome, and the whole Gold Coast all love this little happy, bubbly man that runs around Miami pool!   

 I believe Feddy is my no.1 follower, he always supports my decisions and loves to have a good old chat. I like to call him Freddy because he is a cute little man all of about 59 kg and 155cm or there abouts (sorry Freddy i don’t know your height).

 Fred is a staff member at the Miami pool, where he has worked for the last 15 years. His role is to basically make sure everything is running smoothly! He does most of the cleaning, takes off the pool covers and puts them back on, and keeps the place looking extremely clean and vibrant!

 Freddy never stops working , every time I see him he is cleaning something, if he isn’t cleaning he is always chatting, usually to women…he seems to have a way with women… haha! I warn you though if you going to go for a serious swim and you have a main set to get thru, don’t stop at the end of the wall, Freddy will be waiting right there to say hello! Once anyone starts talking to him they just cant stop…neither can he..just ask me or Creeni …haha! !

The best thing about this no.1 n fan of mine, is he keeps me up to date on everything that is going on around the Gold Coast when I am not home!

I actually have never had anyone message me every week on our teamtbb forum to keep me up to date, and make sure Im ok and not getting too home sick! Feddy never fails to do so! Not even my partner messages me as much as Freddy! Lol! Its great to be kept informed, as he always lets me know when my mum and sister have been at the pool. There’s even some others he keeps an eye on for me too!;)…so look out if your my competition and training on the Gold Coast. I will have a spy to keep me informed of how well you are training!!hihi ;0

If you are ever on the Gold Coast and wanting to go for a swim, make sure you visit Miami pool and say hi to Fred! If your lucky enough Fred might even walk you out to your car, that is the gentleman he is! Last but not least Fred is actually very single , so if anyone would like a date let me know and I can sort one out ;) ( sorry Freddy , don’t worry they will have to pass by me first!)

I want to say a huge thankyou to all those people that support me and send me messages, but mostly I want to thank Freddy for the loving and caring person he is, Freddy thankyou for your contagious smile and laughter too!

 Sometimes it the little people (no pun intended Freddy) that make the real difference! ;)