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Training On The Gold Coast-Burleigh

Monday, February 21st, 2011

WhenI tell people i live on the Gold Coast the first thing  they always ask is : “where do you train isnt it busy?” 

I thought I would give ALL of you a little insight to some of my favorite places to train, and where you can ride run and swim if you visit this beautiful area!

Swimming :

There are 5 pools within  10 km radius of my place, they are all fabulous facilities and quite cheap to get into nothing over $4.50!

Miami is the most popular as it plays host to the likes of Dennis Cotrell and his swimmers, Ironman athletes and Triathletes.Some of the names include Kane and Shannon Eikstein, Emma Moffett and the Irish and Chinese swimmers are also there at the moment!

Bond University Pool is a litle more upper class and attratcs the more mature crown on weekends but is a flat leveled pool and olympic pool with a very hot spa also for recovery, there is a great gym attatched to the pool too!

Southport Pool is in the heart of Southport probobly the furthest away for me around 10km!!:) not too far!

Burleigh Swim School is definately the most scenic of all, its only 25 metres but what it lacks in size it makes up in beauty.The pool sits right on the amazing Burleigh Beach front on Burleigh Headlands,definately difficult to not be distracted by the rolling waves you can see from the lane!


Burleigh headlands is my favorite run ever I can run through Fleys Wildlife park along the board walk and bush track right to the Burleigh head lands track that runs along the beach!Its about 1.3 km around the head land,and if you start at the start of North Burleigh surf club you can run all the way around the headland to Fleys track and back which is a great appox 14km loop!

Bike track run- the bike path runs all the way from The Spit at Southport to Palm Beach, it follows the beach right along with drink stations and distance markers along the way.Such an amazing view to have the beach right besides you the whole way!Its around 16km to the end of the Spit at Southport from North Burleigh Headland.


Riding routes are never ending there are so so so many, you just need to know where to go and how to get out of twon quickly and away from traffic.From my place at Burleigh I can be in Tully Valley within 5 minutes, and from Bureligh Beach its about 5 km to get out to Currumbin Rock pool ride and away from the traffic.

My favorite ride is a loop from my place to Currumbin Rock pools the very last rock pool!Its about a 60 km loop from Fleys to the end of Currumbin Valley.There are two rock pools, one on the way which can be busy on wknds, and the second at the very end of the road where you uturn.This rock pool is amazing andhas water falls and is very quiet and much more hidden from the road, its almost like being in an enchanted forrest!

Anothe great ride from my shack is Tullebudgera Valley straight out from my place,hardly any cars at all maybe 10 in total if your lucky.or unlucky!It’s a little more hilly than the Currumbin route with some nice rolling hills, at the end you turn around and its downhill most of the way, usally with a tail wind so ilove coming home!

Other bike loops are up Mount Tomewin a great 40 minute climg to Marwillumbah over the other side, where you can head to Condon and over another climb to Kingscliff and home.This loop is a good long one around 4 hours from my place.And ofcourse there is the Springbrook climb around 20 minutes long which takes you down the other side into the amazing Numinbah valley, very quiet and through the border gates to NSW its a great view from the top!

One last ride which is very tough but we call 3 bergs as it has three climbs, it takes you up Chillingham Mountain a longer 1 hour of up and down,mostly up!You reach the top at Mount Tamborine the best place to visit for Wine and chocolate oh and fudge!!

I hope this has given you a little more insight into training on the Gold Coast, its certainly not as busy as people think its just knowing the area and knowing where to ride!