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Fiorella Dcroz…First win for my TeamTBB coaching program!!!

Monday, March 28th, 2011

So this year Brett and Alex asked me if I would be interested in working with TeamTBB to coach a small number of athletes.

I have already decided when I retire, (YES still a long time from now) I want to coach based from my home on the Gold Coast!

I had a long think about coaching and if I would have time, or if I wanted to start so soon, I have helped alot of traithletes with training programs already.I like to help people ,and give advise where I can. Basically I would write them something to help, and then leave them to their own devices.Most of them thought I was mad, as I would give them, what I would say was an easy prgram, but they seemed to disagree.Then I would as ‘ Do you want to be good?’That didnt always go so well!

After some time discussing with my partner,I decided it would be a great stepping stone, but I would limit myself to 5 or so athletes as I wanted to give 110% and all the time necessary.

I have 5 athletes already within the first month of becoming a coach under Teamtbb,and I have already said this is enough , as fitting in training and my athletes is a bit of a juggle!

One particular athlete is Fiorella Dcroz a Colombian Olympic Triathlete,  already a very well established professional with several Naitonal titles and an Olypmics on her resume! She is known to Brett and was lucky enough to be given an apportunity under our new elite development program.

This program is designed for the athletes to work with myself and TeamTBB  in the hope we can help them reach thier potential,and maybe even to being a member of  TeamTBB  pro’s one day!

Fiorella is one of the most pashionate and determined girls I have known,when it comes to triathlon and training she is 100% dedicated to achieveing her goals.The most imprtant thing is she trusts our program, she has 100% faith in myself( and Brett) to get her to where she wants to be, and never questions anything.

Fiorella raced her first race of the season last weekend with her National Series Cup race, having won this several times before, the pressure was on! Fiorella has worked very hard the past few weeks, working on her weaknesses and being relentless to do any less than her best! She had done the work, a great block of training and the results showed.

Fiorella taking the win at Colombia National Champs

I didnt allow a big taper, so she wasnt going in fresh!After a solid swim and strong bike she took the lead, and charged home in the run, winning her very first race of the season in style!

I am extremely proud of her and I know this is just the begining of a big future, and even possibly a spot on the team one day in the future!

Congratulations to my athlete and looking forward to more wins in the future!!!

I just found out I am an identical twin……

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

In 1978 my mum was told she was pregnant with a baby girl , she was excited to hear the news and had my grand mother go and start knitting some baby clothes!!

Mum put on around 15kg and by 6 months she was almost bursting, telling her doctor that she feels like there may be ”two in there”, “are you sure there is only one girl, I am huge my belly looks like I am having twins”.

It was then her closest friend her doctor, who had only done a 3 month ultrasound, suggested my mum have another just to make sure!It was then at 6 months pregnancy, the doctor discovered two heart beats, mum was told ” you are having twins”.

Mum was not surprised, and it was a mad rush to have two of everything not just one, mum and Dad went out and bought two bassinets, two cots , two of everything and gran went and knitted identical outfits for all the ones she had already made!

On the 2oth Febuary 1978 my sister and I were born, I was of-course much larger around 6 pounds I think and my little sister around 5 pounds, as we were born4.5 weeks premature. Apparently I hogged all the food and my sister got me back by making sure she was delivered first.

After both of us jostling for position neither of us could get out,so my sister eventually won and was delivered around 1 minute before me via cesarian.My poor mum was in labour for 36 hours and with us fighting over who was coming out first!

I think that is why I am so competitive, from in the womb I always had my twin to compete against.Then growing up we had to make everything a competition! I remember so many times we had competitions like racing to our best friends house up the hill on our cruisers and she would always beat me, I was heavier ok!;) In the pool we had holding our breath and summer-salt comps.We would see who could hold there breath and do as many turns under water, I remember Simmy did 8 flips and came up breathless! I thought ‘I can beat that’ and did 8.5 but almost blacked out as she dragged my head out of the pool!

That was the seond time she saved my life, apparently( I dont remember) the frist was when I was 2years old, and fell face first in the sand pit and couldnt get up( I was fat ok).My sister rescued me, by pulling my hair and yanked me out of the sand pit, as mum watched in astonishment running from the kitchen!

I never seemed to win though, maybe thats why im like I am today…hating losing and trying to win every competition even if its a card game!

So back to Febuary 20 1978, the doctor told mum when we were born being so small and fragile, to take care to feed us alot and nourish our ‘little’ (haha) bodies as we were very weak.We both lived in incubators as were were born prem with a  ’hole in the heart’  (congenital heart defect – a problem with the heart’s structure that is present at birth. This change the normal flow of blood through the heart.)

I dont seem to have any problems with that obviously and neither of us are exactly small and weak!! ;)

The doctor warned mum that we would be very ‘athletic’ and we would not grow to be very strong or tall.That doctor was so wrong in many ways! 

When we were born back in the 70′s ,technology wasnt as advanced and Mum was told that were were most likley NOT identical.The general rule is identical twins share placentas and amniotic sacs.We were an odd case as we both had our own placentas, although I am sure I managed to steal some of my twins!The crazy thing was we also had one amniotic sac , but it was partially divided.Thus the doctors couldnt confirm fraternal or paternal!

The doctor analysed our situation and concluded this on our birth certificates ” It is almost 100% certain that these two babies are NOT identical twins”. So much for that conclusion!

As babies  we were 100%  identical except for the fact that I was called double decker becka,as I was always weighing in higher than my sister( haha I finally am winning on that stake now…sorry Simmy)!

I looked through all our childhood photos and until we were about 13- 14 years of age, even we cannot tell each other apart.I have to check with mum if its me in the pic…very scarey!!We also have listened to voice recordings and neither of us know who is who!

We are now 33 years old, and decided it was time to see if we really were identical! My sister sent off our saliva test to check our DNA and we nervously awaited the response neither of us knowing what the answer would be!

Who is who can you guess....I cant haha!!!

It was a long two week wait, then my twin Sister Simone called me and said “Guess what..? W e are 99.99992 % identical” . I was a little shocked as I dont really think we look that alike anymore!I guess my training for Ironman may have slightly changed my physique, and shrunk in some areas alot too!! 

Twins to be identical have to be over or above 91% identical, so it was very certain and a little scarey to think we are 99.99992%  identical.It still didnt explain one thing though(those of you close to me will know what i mean), perhaps its the 0.000008 % that deciedes this!;)

Its very cool to think I have a real identical twin, although we are  different in some ways. our personalities are not that dis-similar.Certainly our attitude to life , drive for success and dealing with adversity its something we certainly share! 

Love to mum for putting up with us all these years, and ll my love to my amazing sister Simmy- you are my identical twin and I’m proud of it ,I love you sooooo much!

TeamTBB 2011 Sponsors

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Thanks to the hard work of Alex Bok our team manager,TeamTBB have once again secured our fantastic sponsors for 2011.

It was a great two days getting to know our major players 2xu, Avia and Cobb saddles(Cervelo could not make it).

The photo shoot involved alot of posing but also alot of fun, it was actually very stress free unlike previous photo shoots I have done. 


The 2xu kit looks amazing and is very comfortable  Thanks Jamie for bringing all our team kit over all 280 items, huge effort and we are all excited to be working wth such a preofessional company!

John Cobb was also on our boat trip and even jumped og the roof top of the boat with fellow sponsors Shawn Frack and Jamie.It was a funny site to see, especially when our very own Alex decided to do a dive from over 10 metres high! It was great to just sit and listen to John with his wealth of knowlege and expertise with positioning and aerodynamics!Thanks John very inspiring!Ill b ordering those 165mm cranks…im sure brett will agree!

Avia have really got some wicked new colors out for 2011 with the new Bolts in black,yellow and pink and the mens an electric blue and orange,you cant miss them!Brett and the team had a great chat to Shawn Frack from Avia about product development and how we can work together to produce the best tri race flat on the market…they are not far off either!

On behalf of TeamTBB 2011 thankyou to all our sponsors!

The best bike seat ever invented!!!!!!!!…………….

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Let me introduce  you to the man behind Cobb saddles -John Cobb-Johns’  invaluable experience has lead him to being one of the most regarded specialists in aero dynamics and the production of cycling compenents.

For those of you that may not know,John was himself a World Champion at a sport even crazier than triathlon- Go Karting, and with this interest in motorsports , a perfect candidate for developing such great cycling products!

Now with almost 40 years experience in the world of cycling, Cobb saddles are of finest engineering qualtiy- built for both speed and comfort( we can certainly vouch for that). 

Personally I have been using the seats for over8 years, and after 14 years in the sport it is very important to be comfortable, so knowing i can rely on a saddle for my Ironman races is a big relief! My choice is the Max as its exremely comfortable even in Time trial position, comfort is very hard to find especially for 5 hours straight!


There are some fantastic products on the narket some designed specifically for time trial or long distance racing, and some for shorter type road racing.Both offer men’s and womens specifically to suit what type of racing or riding you are doing.( http://www.cobbcycling.com/cart/Seats_C1.cfm )

Here is a quick breakdown of the V-flow :

Under seat Airflow management for improved chamois ventilation.Specially formulated memory foam for all day comfort and to maintain blood flow. Molded in, seat base design to help cradle and hold the rider, relieving lower back pain. Saddle covering, selected to last for those long rides and work with any bike shorts. Relief design to help eliminate numbness. 

TeamTBB are extremely happy to be working with Cobb Cycling and all of us are very happy with the comfort factor, the look and the weight.Of course we need not worry about the aerodynamics as John as also has over 1000 hours of wind tunnel testing under his belt!

Thanks John for such a fantastic product!