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Introducing Emerson da Rosa

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

I have a great group of athletes I am now coaching, I have already introduced my little champion Fiorella DCroz afew posts ago and now a quick update on her progression.

Fiorella has been with me for a few months now,and we have worked extremely hard!She has pushed her limits and completed sessions I knew she was capable of, but she didnt just complete them she attacked them!

This attitude is what I truly love,all coaches would, an athlete that has mongrel and determination to give it a good shot even if you might die doing so( ok we dont want you to die;0)!

We started the program with quite alot of quality running, as this was her weakness and she has been in the sport for a long time.Fiorellas’ speeds over the 3 min intervals (800 metres) and down to the 200′s were solid but not incredibly fast.We have been working on this ,flogging the treadmill and the track and I am happy to announce(and perhaps brag a lilttle) that she has gone from doing 14-15km an hour for her 3min efforts to an incredible 17km/hr and her 200 splits are scaring me now,  at as she is now running as fast as me 36 seconds! 

I  cant give too much away to her competitors but lets just say her run leg which was possibly her weak link,has been turned around I believe and give us another 3-4 months it will be her strength!Keep up the great work girl!!(p.s by the way she says her swimming is ‘not great’ as she is only doing 1min 13 for her 100′s…hmmmm i wont tell her my splits then ;0)

Now onto another champion athete my gun age group male Mr Emerson da Rosa from Brazil.

Emerson started triathlon in 2000 and has progressed to Ironman as his main focus distance, whilst still being competitive in the shorter races.

To give you a bit more insight into my athlete I asked him afew quick questions :

1) Why did you start triathlon, who inspires you as an athlete? 
I was a Brazilian Air Force soldier back in 1998 when I decided to learn how to swim. My first swimming teacher was a triathlete and for many times we talked about triathlon races, ironman, etc. One of my colleagues at the Air Force’s colleague used to race and I started going to the races with him as a supported. The problem is that I got very excited with that and decided to buy a road bike (a chrome Moser size 61!). Soon after that, I started training triathlon with my swimming teacher. Since then, I have raced 6 Ironman and several shorter triathlons and I have no plans to retire!!
Craig Alexander, for me, is an example as a great athlete and family person. He is my inspiration!
2)What was your first triathlon and how did you go?
My first race was the first sprint triathlon of the 2000′s state championship season and it was held in a beautiful beach in south Brazil. However, it turned out to be a duathlon as the swimming part was cancelled because it was too foggy over the sea. 
So my first real triathlon was two months later, in my hometown. It was a tough sprint  triathlon race with choppy water in the river and I struggled a lot to finish the swim. After T1, the rest of race was quite good with some wind in the bike course and hot weather in the run. As I had to be rescued while swimming an open water race there just a couple of months before, that race was a big landmark in my career as an age group triathlete: the day I lost the fear of swimming in open water.
3)What was the best race you have ever done since starting in 2000?
Geelong 70.3, 2009.
4)For all the beginners what is your best training tip for triathlon?
Train specifically, listen your coach and respect your body.
5)What is your favorite training session?
Running hill repeats. 10x1min (around 15% inclined) back jogging as a rest.
6)If you could choose to be a professional triathlete or hollywood celebrity what would you choose?
A professional triathlete for sure!
7)Macca or Crowie? 
8) Rinny or Chrissy? 
9) Red wine or Beer? 
Red wine, a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.
10) Carbs or Protein? 


Emerson competing in Mooloolaba triathlon only a few weeks ago, and after he finished looking as fresh as a daisy…that is why I say he is built for Ironman ;) !!!

I will update you with Emersons progress soon, as that has also been pretty amazing.We are building towards our 2010 goal Challenge Cairns in 6 weeks, and I assure you he will be ready!

Krabi Camp wrap up!

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Its been a great but also testing four weeks here in Thailand.I am heading home today back to the beautiful Burleigh with some fond and not so fond memories.


Sleeping in until around 615am every morning as opposed to my 5am swim session back home..yuk!

Having the best training partners in the world,Zena for my floggings on the run and Taco for keeping me there!James and all the boys for towing me around most of the time on the bike!Swiss boys (and Zena ..du bis me starn)for teaching me some Swiss words to use on Brett ;) .Jodie for just being the adorable human being she is,and Nic for trying to smile despite having the worst luck ever!

Getting to know all the ‘Newbies’ like MB as crazy as she sis she is great fun and a little machine!Ze Germans for ..being German..always entertaining!;)..even when NOT! ;) Danny boy our new very likeable teamy, great hot spa buddy,in a very plutonic way!

 Scottie ,Steve and Mr Andreas for being quiet ‘floor mates’..was nice to have some  company up on the 4th floor!The ‘Dugong’ for making us laugh at the pool! hihi (who actually can eat more than any other girl,despite being about as lean as she can get …here is proof)

The nice man at the bike shop who would turn his fan on for me and put Jason Miraz on the cd player while I sat there as he worked on my bike!The lovely couple at our smoothie shop that spoke broken english, and told me he was lucky to get one customer a day!We made sure we visited every day to keep his business going.  

The daily walk by of the elephants right past our front door, and the entertaining girl puppy who had us all in doting over her, as she was so adorable!May for doting over us and taking us everywhere in her SUV!

The little Tawanthai restuarant for cooking around 20 meals every night, I was addidcted to the Mussumam Chicken Curry,it was amazing!

Brett’s crazy stories about athletes, camps and journeys he had endured in his years of coaching, never a dull moment.I had afew good stories to tell too…nothing like a big feed of meat!;)


Falling down the marble slate very hard floors,whsih were very wet and slippery when it rained.Actually form the 4th floor its alot more dangerous,I managed to fall not once, not twice but three times!(dont laugh james it was the stairs Nic will vouch for that!)The third time i smacked my arm really hard and wacked my leg right on the corner of the step, grabbing the rail pulling my arm socket out and twisting my back! 

The rain, rain, rain …it came down in buckets and didnt stop for about a week!Every ride was wet muddy and flilthy clothes and bikes evrey time!We were all sick of washing our clothes and bikes of the red mud that stained everything!Thankgod i didnt get my new bike, pretty sure im in for new bottom bracket and afew other things!

The noises in my bedroom of two gecko’s fighting at 2am, or mosquitos biting my arms and legs in bed keeping me awake!Talking of biting things the worst case I have ever seen of sea lice, the girls were covered with millions of bites and huge rashes all over the stomachs!

Kamakazi dogs and scooter riders whilst trying to time trial, or stay with the other uber bikers.It could get very dangerous dodging pot holes, dogs and scooters, then there was the chooks and the guy grabbing Taco’s butt!

All in all I want to thank Brett for another fantastic camp, we all saw huge improvements from everyone, and have a fantastic 2011 TEAMTBB that is ready for many more podiums!

Q & A with our 70.3 World Champion Jodie Swallow…….

Friday, April 1st, 2011
Q;How much extra niggle was there (if any) in races with Andrea Whitcomb after the Olympic selection “dispute”?
A;After the olympics in 2004 to be honest the last thing or person i was thinking about was andrea whitcombe.  The whole episode was like a bomb going off and the months, actually years after were trying to recoup my personality from the debris that the politics of the olympics caused.  I have a strong personality but I was only 21 and was getting pressure from all sides – mostly internal pressure but then having to carry the blame of a ill equiped system and bad management for the staff.  Or at least that’s what it felt like.  I actually shared a room on trips since with andrea and I like her.  The facts still remain the same – I did not race the two trials before the games in which the other girls had to make performance criteria and failed to and so was picked on the third selection race.  Everyone had a greater chance than me to race and qualify because i was in rehab with an achilles problem during the whole of 2004.
 Q;Most embarrassing thing to happen in race or training e.g. costume malfunction, the back-to-front aero-lid the mout / dismount that didn’t work?
A;Nationals 2002 – my foot was so cold I rode 20km with my left foot on top of the shoe because my toes couldn’t work themselves into the shoe.  probably not helped by the fact I didn’t want to stop pedaling ;)   Got the foot in eventually and won the race which was Commonwealth trials but people still bring it up.

Q;Who would you most like to beat (read CRUSH) in a race?

A;The person that finishes second…..

Q;Karaoke song choice and are you first up or require a few post-event refreshments?

A;Oh I’m a very good singer ;)   It would have to be something rocking like bad influence by pink however this song has the potential to go very off key when sang at high volume.  I am partial to post event refreshments…they help me get through the speeches at the awards because I can get very nervous.  I also think that I work real hard and deserve a party when I’ve raced well.

Q;The one thing age groupers continuously do wrong?

A;Everyone is different and we should never categorise big groups of people but I would say ‘typical’ triathletes seem to sweat the small things far too much.  In the big scheme of things  equipment improvement, timetrial bikes/wheels/bars ain’t going to make all that much difference.  Solid, hard training will.
 Q;If you could only have one, Olympic Gold or Kona win?
A;Which ever one I’m racing …thats an impossible choice and varies day to day.  Ironman is definately more pure in my mind but the Olympics is legendary.
Q;f you had to choose, who would it be- Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble?
A;Neither…they are animated characters….I don’t really fancy cartoons !  Except Postman Pat for obvious reasons.
Q;What was the toughest race you have ever done be it a swim race, run race, or triathlon and why?
A;God these questions are impossible.  To be honest , most every big race I have ever done has been pretty grim.  That may be the answer to that age group question….age groupers often think that we find sessions or races ‘easy’ or ‘less tough’.  I hurt when I swim just as much as anyone.  I wish I could describe how much sometimes!  If your not sore after a race or think you are dying at some point in it then you’re not going hard enough.

Q;If you weren’t a pro triathlete, what do you think you’d be doing?

A;I’m not sure really.  I have been doing pro tirathlon since my first year at university – however I did always want to be a doctor – I love the human body and I love performing massage (james’s and bek’s gorgeous calves tend to help my love of this ;) ) so I would probably be in sports medicine somewhere.  If I was to do that now though I think people would find me a little unconventional as I have been moulded by my experiance in sport.

Q;Where are your favorite racing and training locations?

A; Favourite racing locations are the established races in England like London, Hyde Park, Windor and Blenheim.  They are beautiful and great races with lots of support from friends and family.  Training locations are tainted by blood, sweat and tears ;) I love South Africa….this year Port Elizabeth and before in Stellenbosch.  Leysin is probably the most effective training venue I go to.
Q;I noticed jodes races with mascara and eyeliner… what kind does she use? and guessing its waterproof?
A;If you noticed it it probably isn’t that effective at being waterproof haha .  It’s whatever make up I’m into at the time…but if i must say YSLmascara is the best and Estee Lauder eyepencils…try maroon for green eyes , or ‘forest writer’ for blue eyes.  I wear both as I have bluey, green eyes….haha. You make it sound like I am like Flo-Jo!
Q;whats jodes race schedule for the next few months?
A;I have had to pull from Sydney because of this sore foot that has been dragging on.  I’ll go and race a few longies in USA in May then I’ll get be fit and ready for Madrid World Series in June.  We pretty much have so much flexibility in my race calender because I race so many different distances and I like spontaneity and variety.
Q;With 2012 Olympics just around the corner what is her thought on having other athletes that are trying to race at the olympics on the team?  Does she enjoy being surrounded by the some of the same people that she will be racing against at the Olympics or is it just like any other race to her?
A;You can’t go through your career avoiding competition.  I believe having competitors on the team helps push everybody forward and keep our training honest.  I’d be pretty dumb to want to train with people slower than me, or to only want to train with boys.  The olympics is obviously not ‘just’ another race but it is exactly like any other race.  With exactly the same people who have exactly the same ability as in other world class race.  It is only different to those that find the capacity to delve outside their supposed ability on that given day.
Q;If you could date a celeb who would it be?
 A; James Cunnama haha – he’ll be mad now. No…um I wouldn’t want to date anyone who refered to themselves as a celeb…they are usually cocks.
Q;Who would you turn gay for? 
 A;haha there wud only be one girl for me ;) Bek .  If you insist though…Scarlet Johannson
Q;What are your favorite perfumes?
A;I have been wearing the same perfume since I was 11…eternal by Calvin Klein
Q;What’s her favorite part about being in Thailand?
A;I love  the kamikazi dogs
Q;How many pairs of shoes does she own?  I think she brought more pairs than I own!!!
A;I have a fair amount of shoes however Brett banned them whilst my foots getting better :(   However you girls may laugh but every single one of you that comes into my room tries them on !
Q;You did olympic distance pretty good as well. How does it change your training since you are more focussed on the longer distance?
A;It doesn’t.  Brett is good at what he does and we mix my programme up whatever distance I’m doing.  Good, hard, honest work makes medals at any distance.

Q; ” Favourite recent drug (pharmacy) purchase and why?” (- i figure it will be some kind of make-up, nail polish. :-) A;Voltaren 100mg cos it stops my foot hurting…..I don’t really get why people think its unique that a 29 year old girl wears makeup and likes clothes shopping…pretty damn normal to me!

Q; If you go to training, what makes you the most fun. What is your motivation? ( particular discipline, look forward to good food, the massage after training.. )
A; I just love training itself.  Its the best part of my day.  I like winding people up , I like testing myself and I like winning so training is all part and partial of doing that. 
Thanks Jodes…