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Australias’ Fittest Chick?….Lorna Jane Competition

Monday, June 27th, 2011


Lorna Jane is looking for Australia’s best role model for thier clothing company!!…please vote for me by viewing the pick the top 5.Then we vote again!!!

Challenge Cairns…what an amazing race put on by Challenge!

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Yesterday I snagged a victory at Challenge Cairns,

one of the most scenic and exciting races I have ever done!

Cairns is absolutely beautiful with its own lagoon and water

park right at the finish.The city hosts some great resortsd

and hotels,and some fantstic cafe’s and coffee shops.The

locals are friendly and helpfull and really got behind the city

showing their support by lining the streets alon the finish line.

It was a picture perfect day with only a little wind and aa maximum of

30 degrees!

The swim started at Yorkeys Knob boat ramp,where we shared

the water with apparently 4 local crocs, one 4 metre one that lurks

around there but is not able to be tracked apparently!

I think this was why my swim was quite good I was swimming

scared of being last and taken by a hungry crocodile!

My poor mum was to race in the teams the last to enter the water and

all i could think of the whole swim was I hope she is going to be ok!

I exited with the lead girls,Granger and Pearson and we all

started the bike together.

We were reeled in at 60km by a charging Lester, to her credit

she had ridden solo upto the 3 of us!

I felt great on the bike and comfortable , preparing my legs

for a good marathon was all i was thinking about!This

was soon distrupted by a 5 min penatly( no more chatting to Belinda during a race)!!

I hammered back from Yorkeys Knob after sitting for 5 minutes and

came into transition only 245 min down, making upover 2 min

over my last 60km.

Onto the run and I thought of my twin sister being out

there with her arm stitched and a torn calf,so i told myself

‘harden up’as I passed Bel and Lester.

The run was a tough 19.5 km stretch along the bare Highway

with no shade and not many spectators.Once in town for the 3 loops

though it was amazing.The crowd support and that from my

family and friends got me home in first place.

Thanks so much to Challenge for a fabulous event once agin.

Thansk to USM-Geoff and Lisa and especially thanks to Felix!

Megaburn is the way to go!

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

I wanted to let all of you know I am using my special race nutrition on Sunday Megaburn Electrolyte and bars.’
I have used them since 2006 and love them.
So loaded up my bike and run bags with lots of choc cherry bars

and my bottles are full of orange Ammo!!

Megaburns focus is developing Natural Nutrition that delivers a healthy approach to your well being. The products are made with all natural ingredients including strawberries, bananas, almonds, kiwi, coconut, pumpkins seeds, grapes, honey, carrots, Brazil nuts, papaya, sesame seeds, apples, raisins and cashews. They are good for you and also taste great.
They contain ‘bio active’ food components derived from natural resources such as calcium, folic acid, and plant sterols that are considered to assist in good health. Products also contain a range of gluten and dairy free items, as well as having beneficial bacteria such as multi strain lactobacillus, which helps with nutrient absorption, increasing the production of vitamins, and increasing the resistance to disease.

Check out there amazing products on www.megaburn.com.au