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Challenge Roth (and..Felix’s Table Run World Championships)

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Two days ago was my 4th Challenge Roth.A race that I look forward every year as its my favorite!

Its not just the atmosphere during the race its the whole lead up to the race.The pro athletes are treated like royalty and Felix and the Challenge family are so amazing when it comes to hosting competitors!

The top pro athletes were once again lucky enough to be given AUDI cars to drive.I was given the A4 to drive for the week,it waS super and it got me to places in half the time ;)!This was a good thing when I was staying 30km away at the lovely Land Hotel in Spalt.its a gorgeous little hotel nestled on the lake and thankfully away fromall the hype!

The race itself for me was ok, but disappointing too.My swim was around the same time as always, 51 minutes- over a minute slower than obvious race winner Chrissie W.The bike was good once i hit 60km i warmed up and felt strong coming into T2 only 10 mins off Chrissie and looking at a sub 840, which for me made me extremely excited.

Maybe a little too excited,going into the race i knew my run fitness was not quite there.The time off at the start of the season( an Irondistance 4 weeks before) and lack of quality running meant that I might suffer more than normal in the run!

Despite this though I felt incredible off the bike and thought wow I can really do a PB today, I expected the way I was feeling to run a 3 hr marathon.Well that was until about the 20km mark,( who was i kidding? lol) when my wheels fell off.This has never happened as usually I use my heaD going out onto the run conservitive and solid, going out of T2 so hard like I did, sure made me pay for it.

I really suffered the last 2o km and lost huge amounts of time, so disappointing but it was too late to do anything.

My 2nd place went to third with just 4 km to go and i could barely life my legs up the last 3km, it felt like I was running backwards.

I fnally crossed the finish just under 9 hours  over 2 min behind 2nd and ofcourse miles from Miss Wellington who got another world record and ran a 2:44( to be only 4 mins of Andys run split!).

After I croessed the line,I was grabbed my the paramedics,I couldnt stop throwing up!Once I stopped,everything seemed to shut down.Its crazy how your body can keep going, then once you stop it wants to shut down.

The docotor checked everything and soon ther were 3 doctors around me,which scared me a little as i didnt understand the fuss, and they spoke in German i understood nothing!

Apparently my blood pressure was 170/110 i didnt see the issue as I had just done a bloody Iron distance!I was very light headed and dehydrated,they gave me three drips! I soon felt much better, and finally stopped dry- reeching thank good ness!

The recovery though has been great,I think the drips certainly helped!Thanks to the docs for looking after me and getting me back on track!Congrats to my fellow team mate James C for a gutsy Swim/ Bike, and thanks J for a great road trip!

Once again huge huge thanks to Challenge family and Felix for another amazing event!See you next year!;)

The table run world championships is held every year after Roth and Challenge Family owner Felix has never lost a race.Its probobly one of the most dangerous and funniest things I have ever seen in an afterparty.I thought i would share it with you as im sure you too will get a big laugh!!

YouTube Preview Image

Part 2 ‘Behind the scenes’ train trip to the top at Leysin

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011
YouTube Preview Image

Who wants to see ‘ TeamTBB behind the scenes’ ?

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

I think our forum could do with some more video footage, entertainment for you readers and supporters out there!So to make it interesting so my goal is try to entertain you with a bit of ‘behind the scenes’ footage.

I think some of you might like to see some team footage and videos of the  ’behind the scenes’ action.

So thought i would start with this one of our train trip,which we are really only allowed to take on our arrival day.Every other day we must ride up the mountain ofcourse!

Its a 20 min train ride from Aigle to Fedey,Leysin where our residences are.Riding though its much longer around an hour and 15oo metres or 15km of climbing( for me) to my ‘Residence Chamossaire’! 

check out this video and where TeamTBB are living for our Swiss altitude camp!

Part 1 the beginning of the climb from Aigle station:

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Diamond League Athletics Lausanne

Friday, July 1st, 2011
YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Last night we went to the athletics to watch some HOT track and Field action with Fi ,Zali Scottie and the Swiss boys!

It was certainly a great night getting to see some top athletes like Asafa Powell and Sally Pearson both win their events.

I even bumped into the famous Caster Semenia and congratulated Sally on her win ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!!

Its pretty cool the track at Lausanne, quite small- making it easy to see the events A packed stadium meant the atmosphere was electric!

We bumPed into fellow  Aussie’s Macca and Sticksie who had come to watch from Aix Le Bain, and I gave Macca a rev up about Hamburg…I hope it works!;)

Here is some footage of the womens Hurdles, where fellow Aussie Sally Pearson takes the win~!

Asafa Powell won the 100 in world best time for 2011 of 9’78 ….not too shabby!