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The rewards of coaching….massive improvements by my ‘Warriors’ « Rebekah Keat's Blog


The rewards of coaching….massive improvements by my ‘Warriors’

This year I was aksed again if I would come on board as a TeamTBB coach,I have been asked many times to coach but have always refused to because I didnt feel I had the time!

When I was asked to coach,I was at first hesitant.Being a top Pro myself, I was nervous about being able to give 100%  to each and every athlete I would take on as a coach.I also felt though, I would like to pass on my knowlege sooner rather than wait until I retired, as who knows when that will be! 

At first one of the reasons I wasnt keen was because I thought I would struggle to find people with the same drive and motivation as myself .Or at least similar drive and motivation to achieve thier dreams.I also thought it might be hard to find athletes to coach that believed 100 % in our coaching ideas, and understood why we do things and how we do them.

WOW WAS I WRONG…… I don’t  regret at all the decision to become an online TeamTBB coach! I certainly have found the most dedicated and motivated buch of athletes I can imagine.They are my ‘little warriors’ and Im so proud of each and every one of them for their own personal acheivements.All of them have improved amazingly and all of them have done me proud,and had 110 %confidence in the program and how we work as coaches! Now I have one athlete going to Hawaii and one winning two national titles, but all of them achieving amazing perosonal goals!

Every athlete has been able to reach goals and post numbers way above and beyond even what I thought was possible in 6-12 months.

I have to say although I have helped many athletes along the way, taking on my first few athletes as thier full time coach there was still some hesitation.Mostly becuase I wasnt sure if I could give them the time I needed, andpartly because I wanted to see them get results , If they didnt I too failed.

Refelcting now on my 12 athletes I took on this year, I realise just how well they have done! I am looking forward so much to helping them achieve thier next goals.Whether it is to run a half mafathon or qualify for Hawaii ,I know with my guidance and OUR relentless determination we will be able to achieve those dreams!

Thanks to Emerson,Dylan,Kieth,Nacho,Matt D,Terri,Fiorella,Bretty,Christine for the great ride and making it ao enjoyable, and I cant wait to see you achieve so much more!

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