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A wedding a holiday and a dress all in one weekend…. « Rebekah Keat's Blog


A wedding a holiday and a dress all in one weekend….


My whale watching at the light houseMe and the beautiful Bride NicUnfortanately I hurt my knee out running around 4 weeks ago, after an MRI I was ordered at least 4-6 weeks off running and no hill climbing on the bike!

Not exactly the end to my great season of two IM distance wins, as I was planning on another, but that is the life of an athlete!

Instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided to try and do anything I could, other than run or hill climb!

This has meant for the last 4 weeks (other than my 3 day holiday) I swam, pilate’d, weights, and turbo’d it as much as possible!

I also spent 3 days in Byron Bay, possibly  the best 3 days I have ever had. We were lucky to be honered with an invite to the ‘wedding of the year’ for Marcus and Nicole.Two amazing people who went out of their way to make sure all the guests had the time of their life.And that we sure did, with a ‘Magic bus’  to take all the guests to the wedding in the picturesque hinterlands outside of Byron. 

We were then given free beverages(not gatorade) and a three course meal followed by some live music and plenty of dancing.I beieve the moonwalking MJ also made an appearance(apparently I was good?)

We spent our time with close friends sunbaking and dipping in the ocean,bbq’s kicking the football(AFL if u dont mind) and pub dinners followed by a great dj, even i found myself on the dance floor.I forgot to mention the girls beating the boys at pool, thanks to our pool shark Michelle who won every game for us!

So the small holiday was my first ever in over 6 years without a triathlon or bike or training, and wow it did feel good!

It also felt good to wake up monday to a 5 hour training day to get straight back into the swing of things!

So back in training now and only 2 more weeks till I can run again, no more races this season,but I will sure be ready for 2012 as my focus on Hawaii Hawii Hawaii!!!

Thanks to our amazing friends for a great time(you know who you are) and look forward to many more!

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