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Ironman Brazil Telecom 2007

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007


Last weekend happened in the island of Florianopolis – SC the 2007 edition of the Ironman Brazil Telecom.

The weather this year was quite cold comparing with the years before, the temperature at 7 o’clock in the morning when the race started was around 22 ° C just getting a little more warn during the day reaching 25° on the marathon.

I did not have a good start on the swimming, because I did my warn up in the second lap of the course I felt I very strong crossing current there then I positioned myself in the start line a little bit wide open, but unfortunately the current in the first part of the swimming was not pushing as the same of the second one, because of that I lost the first group where were Stephen and the Brazilian Carvalho.

I felt very strong on the beginning of the bike but I tried to pace myself in a comfortable speed for the first 30km.I got Stephen and Carvalho just before the first hour, I seat behind them for few kms when Sturla and Pedraza passed by us I jump behind them just keeping the 10m of the drafting zone.

It was a fast pacing and we complete the first 90km under 2h13min, for the second half of the bike the speed drop a little and it became pretty comfortable to ride with them, around the 130km mark we were a group of 4 competitor ( Sturla, Pedraza, Carvalho and me) and we were less then 5min to the leader Oscar Galindes. Then in a little bridge I just heard a explosion and my back tire gone!!!! So I never had this experience before in a race, but I kept myself calm and repaired it quite fast, I think I lost around 4 to 5 min to be back on the bike.

I rode solid the last 50 km to the T2 and took some time back against Carvalho and Pedraza.

On the Marathon I start very slow and make up the pacing on the second lap. Around 23km mark I got the 3rd position and start to chaise the second place the argentine guy Sturla, Champion in Ironman Brazil in 2001 and holder of the time record of the race. With 7 km to go I got him but I felt very weak in that moment, so I wait 2km to recovery some strength then I attack pushing the pace where I got a gap of 50m what stayed to the end of the race.

I am very happy with my race, it was my goal to be top 3 and a second position with a flat tire on the bike I guess was very good.

Now I will be racing some world cups in America and Canada then I will go straight to our European base in Leysin Switzerland.

Trophy Brazil Of Triathlon

Sunday, May 6th, 2007


On the last weekend in Sao Paulo – Brazil happened the second stage of the 17° Trophy Brazil of Triathlon, the most popular and respected circuit of triathlon in my country.

Because I am in the middle of my preparation for Ironman Brazil in the 27th of May I could not take any rest to compete in other hand on Saturday the day before the race I rode 180km from Sao Carlos ( where is my base training) almost to Sao Paulo city!

On Sunday morning with a very nice weather I was in the start line ready to start a Olympic distance no-drafting race. I did a very nice swimming leaving the water in the second position just behind a ex-full time swimmer, on the bike around 10km I was with Fabio Carvalho, a Brazilian guy very strong rider, we rode together very fast and start to run with a nice 2min to the 3rd position, on the run my legs were very stiff and I had many problems with my front muscles, Fabio noticing that start to attack me ever moment what I tried to block all the time, but around 2km to go he sprinted very fast in a U return and unfortunate even giving my best I could not answer again and keep with him.

I finish in the second place just over 20sec behind him! I think it was a very nice race-training a pretty sure in the next days I will be felling very strong with all the quality miles I have putted in my legs in the last few days….now I am already back in Sao Carlos where I gonna finish my preparation for my major race for the first part of the season “ Ironman Brazil”.

Pro Female
1st – Carla Moreno (2h17min49 )
2nd – Ana Boccanera (2h24min29)
3rd – Fernanda Garcia (2h26min56)

Pro Male
1st – Fábio Carvalho (1h59min20)
2nd – Reinaldo Colucci (1h59min42)
3rd – Santiago Ascenço (2h02min24)