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Europe season 2007

Monday, July 23rd, 2007


Hi everyone,
I have been in our training camp in europe since end of June, in this period i have tried to focus on to get as much as possible the streinght the hills can give to my legs.
I raced in the last two weekends…the World Longue Distance Triathlon Championship in Lorient- France and a Worl Cup in Kitzbuhel – Austria.
At the world championship i placed 9th, it was my third straight top 10 in a world LD,but I was not happy at all with my performance, i had the worse swimming of my live and on the bike for my surprise i could not move fast too, so the only part of the day whose work was the run where i could bring myself to top 10, however there is not worse felling than cross the finish line and know that was not your best, but that is Sport and tough days like that is what i use to motivate myself for the next charllenge.
Last sunday I was in Kitzbuhel for my forth world cup of the year, i had again a bad swimming but for this time the legs were there for the bike, and i caught the pack quite quickly. The course was very fast and the pack was very big that made almost impossible to breack away on the bike then the race was decided on the run. My trasintion was not good then i start to run behind, because of that i lost the contact with the leaders, that was meaby the big lesson on the weekend:” eveything in the race can be changed in only few seconds of the T2″.
i was still runnig solid and until 5km i was beteween the first 15, but in the third lap of the run i start to fell so sick with my stomach, and start to drop the pacing and lose position, in the end I crossed the line in 20th.
For sure this world cup was the bigger learning for me in the season, how at this level of competition little details can put your race in a totaly diferent direction, I hope I can have good training in the next weeks to correct the mistakes i have done in the last races and then place well again in the next ones.