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World Cup Hungary

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007


Hi everyone,
Last weekend I was in Tiszajuvaos – HUN for my 5th world cup of the season!
My race start number #6 what always help to get a nice position on the pontoon for the swimming start! Again I did a very nice 200m where I was placing myself between top 10 however I start to lose few positions just before the first boil what was very bad because I put myself in the “shit fight” where is impossible to swim properly it is just about to try to keep moving in the meddle of so much people! In the end of the swimming I was around 30 sec behind the leader,, it took me 12km to get in the main group what after few more kms it would become I very big peloton with around 50 athletes.
In the lap 5th I was little behind in the peloton and I saw I crash just beside me here many athletes got down, after that I just thought I would be so danger where I was , so I decide to seat in front of the group to keep myself out of problems. Last two laps on the bike I pretty much did all the job because nobody wants to ride any bit in front then I just keep I solid nice pacing until 2km to go when I started ride fast and make sure nobody would pass me before the T2. That really works because I was pretty much the first one to put my running shoes and start the 10km.
I was just trying to position myself between the leader for all the run and wishing the pacing could slow down a little bit after the first lap, but unfortunately it did not happen by the other hand in the lap # 2 all the favorites start to make their moves, I answered each attack how I could and in fact was not too bad because with 2km to go I was still just in the 3rd guy shoulder but after that I had nothing left in my legs , so, I just keep running as hard as I could until I cross the finish line in 5th place.
That was my third top 5 in world cup at this year, and for the first time I am in a position at the Olympic Ranking where gives me a slot for the Games in 2008.
Now I’ve just arrived in Born Sean – Thailand where I will be training for Singapore 70.3 and Beijing World Cup.

Alpe d’Huez Triathlon

Saturday, August 4th, 2007


Hi everyone,
Last wednesday in the region of the french alpes we had the 2nd edition of the Triathlon Alpe d’Huez. Last year i was there to race as well and i had i very good day where i felt so strong up hill and still had good legs to run after that what gave me the victory in 2006, but this year the main race has changed from olimpic distance to 2.2km swim/ 115km bike/ 22km run, that new distance already sounds much more harder but it just looks it was not enought for the organizers, so… they decide to incluid in the the bike course onother 2 tough mountains before the legend hill from tour france with 21 switchbacks whose bring us to the Alpe d’Huez vilage to start the run!Once you are in the T2 you just fell so happy to start the run and say to yourself: – “well the hardest part from today has gone!”, but then after 2km down on the run you can fell your legs burning on the run course’s hills what after the first lap don’t look any easer anymore than the bike course.
My day started very well, if we could just take out the felling of icecream head when we dived in the freezing lake’s water i would say it was perfect! Around 100m after the start i was in a nice second position where i stayed to the end of the swimming!
For our lucky is was i very hot and sunny day because of that did not take long to get warn on the bike.
After the fist hill i was away with the french athlete Guilles Reboul, but on the down hill he start to push the pacing agaist the strong head wind, i just talked to myself : that looks to hard for this early moment in the race, meaby i can’t say it was my decision to drop back because i don’t know is i could keep with him anyway but when i look up after few kms he just gone!
Stephen caught me just couple kms later and we rode together to the top of the next hill however after two corners going down i could not see him anymore, he was just flying!!!!! and in the dangeurs part of the race!!! i was just thinking how this guy has no love for his life!!!! But his strategy works well, when we reach the botton he had more than 1m30sec ahead me and the best news was, he was alive!!!!!
when i start the last climb i could just see stephen in the end of the first corner of the hill and the leader was close to 6min ahead me, i knew the race was just starting because it’s very easy to make or lose time in this last hill, my goal at this moment was to start the run at least 3min behind then i would have some chance to win on the run!
I was just cruzing in a solid pacing until 5km to go, when people start to tell me i already took back couple minutes on the gap to the leader, then i start to push more after each swicthback, and i just start the run 2min 30 sec behind. My strategy on the run was try to put the leader in my eyes view as soon as possible, what take around 5km. At half way i was running just in his shoulder, but my legs started to hurt on the up hills, so… i just wait,wait and wait… for the last kms and did what these long legs can do better, i sprinted fast as i could down hill, Guilles did not react…. then i could enjoy the last few metter of the long day to celebrate my second victory in Alpe d´huez.
It was my first race with my new solist carbon, and i think could not be a better start winning one of the toughtest triathlon races of the world.