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Singapore 70.3

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

After almost three weeks in our training base at Bor Saen- Thailand I went to race in Singapore, the first even Ironman 70.3 in Asia.
Before the race I could fell it would be a very important race for the team, it was the first time we had so many athletes racing together ( 5 men and 5 women) and just to see everyone using the same t-shirt in the press conference that already looks so different I pretty sure never any team could put such hi-level athletes in the same table!
In the warn up before the race start I was felling very good and I was confident in a good performance, In the start of the swimming I just try to pace myself with the leader and I did the first boil in second position just behind Stephen, after 50m I took the leading and push the pace almost to the middle of the way when Mathias Hecht – SUI just pass me and lead the swimming to T1.
During the bike we had a group of 4 or 5 guys all the time in front, pace was quite fast until the 3rd lap when the course just got so busy of age groups athletes what became impossible to keep riding fast and still keep the safety about not hit some slow guy in front us however it was not that easy to ride because we start to spend so much energy screaming: “ keep left” for all the other triathletes we were passing the those narrow road!
When we arrive in the T2 I was happy to know I was out of that dangers course…the begging of the run was very slow, everybody was worry about the hit and humid and just want to save as much possible energy for the end of the day! Around 5km mark the pace start to get solid and just few km late AJ just dropped back, so it became a fight just between Ronnie Schildknecht – SUI and me to the first place! I was felling strong and around 10km to go I picked the pace up and run away from him what in fact worked very well in the first 5km because I had a nice gap and thought it would be a nice last bit to get home…well I was quite wrong! The last 15min of the run I really hurtled to keep my legs going, for sure I should wait a little more to start to push that hard but finally I reach the finish line still in first position and just sing my first victory in a WTC event…..
What a great weekend not just for me but for all the team TBB, we just won and got third and both races (men and women) and still had other athletes coming from a hard ironman in Korea last weekend and still racing very well……good job to everyone!!!