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Pucon – Ironman 70.3

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008


Hi everyone!
2008 season start for me last weekend at Pucon- Chile, in one of the most popular race around the around at the distance we call today Ironman 70.3 ( 1.9km/90km/21km). Pucon with no doubt is one of the mos, to not say the most beautiful race in world, that is just because the city is locate a 25km from the bottom o active volcano, and the back view we have of mountain in all the course it is just incredible!
I have spent my last week in a running program to try to develop the skills I need to run 10km in a pace to give me chances to fight for a medal at Beijing this year, because of that I was confident I could do a very strong run split but I was little worry about my bike strength once I have not training much intensity on my cycling!
The field this year at the race was very strong, with big name of the sport as Macca ( Hawaii champion 2007) and Oscar Galindes( 2nd place at Clearwater and 4 times champion at Pucon), how ever I was confident I could do a very good performance and fight for the first position!
My swim was not bad, I just try to position myself in front and make sure I would have a nice gap to Galindes because he is not a good swimmer! That work perfectly and with my I.T.U transitions skills I could build another few second on the rest of the athletes as well by the end of T1!
I knew it would be very hard to keep myself alone on the leader on the bike, once Oscar is one of the best riders of the sport! Because of that I just concentrate in to make a solid pacing and try to give a hard time for him to chase my leading down! That again works very well and Oscar just caught me in the end of the first lap ( 45km) , when he pass by he tried to push hard but at this time he was not able to drop me anymore and I stay with him all the way until the end of the bike!
Again I had a much faster transition and I start the half marathon in front! The course it was 3 laps of a very hilly part on a peninsula around the coast, I start my running with a fast but comfortable pace for my legs, and by the end of the first lap I already had 1min ahead Galindes, what became 2min in the second lap and finish with exactly 3min in the end!
I have no words to express how happy I am with my victory at this race! In 2004 Doc ask me what race I would like to win one day, and I said Pucon!!! So in 2008 I won the race! Now if he ask me again I possible will have a list of races to answer, but in the top of it with for sure it will be Olympics and Kona! Well if take just another 4 years to win then I guess it will be not bad at all!