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South Korea

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Hi everyone,
Last weekend, 26th of april it took place in Tongyeong, South Korea, the 4th Word Cup of the 2008 season.
After a bad race in Japan 2 weeks before I knew it would be very important a good result in this race, once I could drop off to a delicate zone in the ranking where I would not guarantee my Olympic spot!
In a very windy and cold day we got the information before the start that the bike course had been cutter few hundred meters per lap, because the leg in a bridge it was getting too danger because of the cross wind.
The race course became quite taught in the end with a water temperature around 15° C, few hills on the bike and many corners on the run plus the nasty wind in all the three events.
My swimming once again was not good but it was enough to put me in the first pack after few minutes on the bike, once I got there I try to keep myself in the front of the group where it is harder to get involved in accidents. Also because of my good position in the “peloton” I was able to win the second bike prime in the end of the 4th bike lap what add a little money to my pocket.
I exited T2 between top 10 positions to run, however my legs this time did not answer so well again and I was not able to hold with the leaders for long, then I took I defensive strategy to secure a nice finish position and then score the points I was looking for to the ranking.
In the end I place 11th , what I know it is still under the performance I am work to get however I think my work is in the right direction because I was just around 45 seconds behind the leader what I guess with time I will be able to get down. Also I add another 255 points to the ranking what it makes my qualification for the games pretty much save.