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Sesc Triathlon Brasilia

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008


It has been around 2 weeks since I’ve arrived in Brazil, everything looks the same, but I think who use travel around the world knows how many little things can change during two months away from where you live! After couple days trying to put myself in the right jet leg, paying some late bills, and visiting my family to give that warn hug in my mom at Mother’s Day, I started to train properly. Weather here has been great with warn sun every day and quite cool nights, so the sessions has been great.
Last weekend I did a race in Brasilia. It is a stage of a big circuit of races around many states in Brazil. I did not have many worries during all day and after the first lap of the bike I was leading in a group with another five guys, because I knew there was no runner better than me I just wait for the first km on the run where I dropped everybody and just cruise to the end! However I did not have much attention of the big crowd in the race area over there, everybody just want to see “Big O” wining one more race in her home town, o.k I must say she did look great with not even a drop of sweat on her body to cross the finish line and give that smile to the cameras and chat straight away with everyone, that was the lesson of the weekend: “There is just one Triathlon Queen in Brasilia and that is our Big O”.
It is very good to know I don’t need to race against her over there, but I think I will talk with the race organizers to make a stage in “ Descalvado” the huge metropolis where I came from! I know it will be very hard to stop the intense traffic in the city but I have no doubt many thousand of people will be there just cheering for me at this time….hehehehehe

Richards Bay BG World Cup

Sunday, May 11th, 2008


Last weekend I was in South Africa to race one more World Cup.
After a long travel from Asia to arrive in the place of the race, I recovered fast and I was felling very good in the day of the race.
At this time my swimming it was not still as I wish but at least I was in the first pack right after T1. In a super fast bike course any change of a break away got very complicate then I decide to seat in the peloton and save my legs for the run. With a very efficient T2 I was with the leaders just after few hundred meters and by the end of the first lap I was running in a group of five athlete just with Matt Reed (USA) 20m ahead us. I was felling very strong in the second and third lap and for many times I went in front of the group and pushed the pacing however I was enable to get run away from the group whose had the world champion Daniel Unger ( GER) and the winner of the race in the year before Hendrik de Villers (RSA).
Around 1km to go when everybody start to push even more the pacing to decide the race I started to fell cramps perhaps because of tiredness of the travel and the 6 hours jet leg, so I could not keep anymore with the leaders finishing in the end in 6 place.
With this result I got mathematic qualified to the Olympic Games once it gets impossible for the athletes behind me on the ranking to over take with just couple races to go before the closing what makes me very happy and also give me more time to work focus in my race on 19th august in Beijing.