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Last round before the big show!

Thursday, July 17th, 2008


On 13th July I was in Tiszaujvaros – Hungry for my last race event before Beijing on 19th August!
I have been training very well in Switzerland since beginning of June with all the focus to have the best performance I possible can in the Olympic Games. My race in Tis had the main reason of to make the final analyses and see where I still could get some improvement for the next final five weeks!
I had a solid swimming and with a fast transition I was in the first pack with less than 2km into the cycling. The pacing on the bike it was very easy all the good athletes just try save the legs for the run and control the race not letting any fast runner to get away.
With a very efficient T2 I was with the leader group after just few hundred meters. I was felling very strong however it seemed like I was missing my last gear and every time I try to push I did not find the legs. I lost contact with the top positions by 3km on the run. With a very good 3rd lap I could put myself closer again however it was not enough time anymore to get there and I needed to be satisfy with one more 5th place in a Word Cup.
I am quite happy by the only reason I know I still can run better than what I did what shows it just a matter of keep doing exactly the same thing I have done and I will get my performance where I want.

Dijon Triathlon

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008


Last Sunday, 29th June, I was racing the Triathlon of Dijon in France.
It was a distance close to a half iron man, just with a longer swim what it just made it perfect as part of my preparation for the Olympic games once we still have 7 weeks to go and a hard solid race as that it will bring me a lot of strength in the next follow weeks.
My main plan on the race was to save my energies as much as could to the run and try to do the best aerobic pace I possible could!
With a very good start on the water I putted myself to swim side by side with the French athlete Charly Loisel for pretty much half part of the one loop swim course, after the first boils I just went little bit behind and seat in his fit until T1.
On the bike it took me a while to get unto the very strong Charly’s pacing on the flat, but as usually in the last half of the course my legs felt better and I could punch better the big gear and keep with him to the start of the run.
During the half marathon I put a solid pacing on the beginning and after 2km I was running on the leading alone than I just tried to keep my heart rate in the zone I usually train on until I hit the 16’s km mark where I just try to get home as fast as I could for the last 5km to try to get all the benefits of the long day of work.
I crossed the finish line to win the race with a time just above 4 hours, and considering it was a hard course I am very, very happy with it!
Hillary also did the race and she really gave her best as always to try to bit the local girl but she could not at this time however her effort it was very good and I am sure it will help her also in her preparation for the next big races coming up in 2 weeks time.

1. Reinaldo Colucci 4:00.45
2. Gilles Reboul 4:07.44
3. Charly Loisel 4:08.29

1. Audrey Cleau 4:50.07
2. Hillary Biscay 4:55.09
3. Emmanuelle Grimard 5:16.08