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Almost there

Sunday, August 10th, 2008


After almost 10 year since I start on Triathlon, I am facing just few days before the moment I always dreamed about, to race an Olympic Games! It is hard to describe how I am feeling once many different emotions come to my heard everyday; however I can say it has been the most proud moment of my carrier. I know many, many people help and believe on me in this long 10 years journey before I reach this close moment to step in the Olympian field and to be able to repay their truest with this achievement it is a very special feeling.
To have today the responsibility of represent a full nation does not scare me as many people would think so, by the other hand,I try to use this to motivate and give strength, the thought about everyone will be watching me and cheering for me it makes me fell very good, I know I have done the best preparation I possible could done, this last 3 weeks in Jeju Island has been perfect in all the aspects: very, very good training, great atmosphere and awesome moments with all the team mates specially with Mariana and Cali.
Such important moment required special clothes as well, so we have all the official national uniform and also a special bike frame with an Olympic custom colors, them everything has been already set upped for the “BIG SHOW”.
For last but not least I would like to thank everyone has contributed somehow in any time of this long way to give me this opportunity to live this magical moment. Everyone can be sure I will be giving all my best to fight for a medal, but with a podium or not I must say I enjoyed every step until now and it will be unforgettable for the rest of my Life. Thank you all!