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Brazilian Long Distance Champs!

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Last Saturday I was in Fortaleza, one of the most popular and big cities in the north of the country, to race a double Olympic distance ( 3 / 80 / 20) as part of the Brazilian LD championship.
Fortaleza is well known for the strong winds and the very hot condition, and for you guys to have an idea how the wind is strong it is there the capital of the kite surf in Brazil.
My idea to be racing there it was to get some strength of a good work day to help me in two weeks time in Clearwater, and just worked perfectly.
All the three events were so hard, the sea was very shaky, the bike ride was 20km on the loop of 40 with head wind plus some hits of cross wind too what makes me in fact feel like be sealing my bike to it straight on the road. I also had a flat tire around the 55 km mark, but I was able to change it in 3min 40 (the staff beside me was timing ), so one more training session add to my day and to finish it the 20 km running was so hot and humid what just complete the race like a little cherry in the top of the cake!
Even with my flat on the bike I was able to get in T2 with almost 4 min lead and after 5km on run I was able to put even a larger difference to the second place what make my victory very comfortable in the end, however I was very tired from the taught long day I did.
Now it is all about to finish my last days of preparation to the Ironman 70.3 World Champs.

New lesson, rule “Staggered Positioning” .

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008


Last Sunday I was in Dallas to race the US OPEN TRIATHLON CUP!
My plans were to fit this race in my preparation to Clearwater, where I will race next month for the Ironman 70.3 world championship, because of that my trip was very short leaving Brazil on Thursday night and arriving back Monday morning!
Everything went well in my 10 hours straight flight and the 2 hours jet legs were not a big deal!
On my race day I was feeling good, on the swimming did some meters extra after the turn on the last boil when I got blind with the sun on my face and took a wrong direction, but once I got on the bike I was felling very, very strong and I had not much problems to get back to the leaders. I was very careful about the drafting distance because the last thing I want it was to get a penalty card and stop for 1 min on the ground, Around 30km I was just take a briefing before my last shot on the bike before the run when I heard the o
Official telling me to pull over! I could not believe because I double check the distance and I was a way over than 10 meter of the drafting zone to the guy in front, but he was talking to me and I must stop, then I said him I was much more behind than the drafting zone he referee said me I should also be 2 meter on the side, no matter how much behind I would be, it is not permitted in the USAT ride in same line of the rider in front of you even being more the 10 meters behind, this is the “Staggered Positioning” rule. What I never heard before in any other race of the world!
In the end the 1 min penalty resulted in 2 min gap to the leader on T2 and I start the run completely alone and feeling my legs very heavy, so I was not able to do much more finishing the day in 9th position and one more Lesson about American Rules to the next races.