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Pucon 2009

Thursday, January 29th, 2009


Hi everyone,
Two weeks ago I was in Pucon- Chile to compete my first race of the season.
I was training hard for this race since beginning of December, I won that race last year and I knew it would be a hard Day keep my title once another two athlete whose won that race before were in the start line: Daniel Fontana – ITA ( 2005) and Oscar Galindes -ARG (2003/2004/2006/2007).
In a very Sun shinny morning we start the race at 9 AM, everything was going as I planed and with 10km on the bike I was in leader following by Fontana and Emilio D’ Aquino, both from Italy. The 90 km bike curse it is divide by two lap, with a U- turn in the end of each leg. In the first return I was everything under control and I could check the difference to Oscar was still over 2 minutes, so… I took the decision to break away from the group and go solo on the bike once they were just seating behind me and I knew if they don’t put their faces a little bit on the wind they could run fast.
All was working very well until 20km to go on the bike when I start to strangle a little bit with the head wind and I slow down the pacing, that made Oscar close the gap and we start the hilly run pretty much together,
He was very strong on the up hills and I was using my long steps to go fast on the down hills , we runs side by side for 15km when He attack once again on steepest Hill and I was not able to keep with him.
I end up finishing my day in 2nd position, even improving my total time in more than a minute than last year i was not able to keep my title over there, however I Know I put a very good race together what shows my preparation early on the season it is on the right direction what makes me very happy.

Long season to come…

Sunday, January 11th, 2009


Happy New year for everyone!
After four weeks back to the hard work I really feel back on shape and it is just on time to be honest because next week I will be flying to Pucon – Chile to race my first event of the year and try to defend my title of the Ironman 70.3 I have won there last year!
This season I have turned my main focus back again to the long distances race and I big event for the first semester it will be Brazil Ironman in the end of May, however what I most look forward is to qualify and race in Hawaii on October what it will be my first Ironman World championship.
So I think that is it for the moment, hope I will be coming back on this blog many time this year to talk good things about my races :-)