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Sunday, March 29th, 2009


Last weekend I was Racing the Ironman 70.3 Singapore, with a verz strong Field on the start line what incluied last two World Champions Craing Alexander(2008) and Chris McCormack (2007).
I was having a very good day fighting for the first position with both triathletes and for some moments I was even leading the race but after I start the half marathon I just felt my legs total flat and I could not keep anymore the pacing of the leaders, I started to struggle a lot with the hit and my legs were moving very slow, I end up losing 2 more position the last lap and finishing in 5th position.
Straight after the race I jump on the plane and came back home to Brazil where I spent this week recovering from the travel and get used to the jet leg, how ever I already started to put the mile back to my training and starting to focus in the main part of my preparation to Ironman Brazil in end of May.
However my next challenge for the moment it will be the National Olympic Distance Championship next weekend in Belo Horizonte.

Oi galera.
Semana passada estive competindo o Ironman 70.3 de Cingapura, uma prova muito disputada e que contava com a presença dos dois últimos campeões mundial Craig Alexander (2008) e Chris McCormack ( 2007).
Estava tendo um prova excelente lutando de igual para igual com ambos e inclusive cheguei a liderar a prova por algum tempo próximo da segunda transição antes de iniciarmos a corrida mas no entanto logo nos primeiros kms da meia maratona já senti minha pernas totalmente esgotadas e não pude mais acompanhar o ritmo dos lideres. Sofri muito com forte calor e acabei perdendo mais duas posições na ultima volta terminando em 5º lugar.
Logo após a prova já embarquei diretamente de volta pra casa e passei essa semana inteira me adaptando novamente ao fuso horário e me recuperando da viagem, mas já começo aos pouco encaixar mais volume nos treinos visando inicializar meu treinamento intensivo para o Ironman Brasil em Floripa no final de maio.
Porem meu próximo desafio se encontra na semana que vem onde estarei indo ate Belo Horizonte para disputar a primeira etapa do campeonato Brasileiro de Triathlon Olímpico.

One step back, two steps forward…

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

After almost two years without an Ironman race I was in Langkawi to start the Ironman Malaysia 2009.
I was also there in 2007 when I ended up finishing in 9th place after a very tough day under the sun. I knew my race this year would not be any easier once I was not 100% fit to race the distance of an Ironman however I also knew how important it would be to go there and try to put pacing on for long as I could to help me in my preparation for my following races.
I had a good swim and lead the race pretty much until the turn around on the half way mark in the water, then I just seat in the pack to get back for the T1.
I started the bike felling very well and the pacing was not a wonder for me at that time, I was trying to concentrate as much as I could on my food and drinks, and I was working very fine but around 3 hours 30 on the bike I start to fell my legs very heavy and my muscles start to cramp when I was going up hills, I tried to fight against it for like 10 km but I just start to feel worse and worse, so I decide to drop back and bring home my last kms in lower and slow gear, but it was not enough time to recovery and even arriving in T2 in third place I just had nothing left in body to run, I still went out and try for 10kms to make my legs get some movie but it actually never happen and I was pretty much walking than running, so I just decide to pull out end save some energy then I can come back to train soon and prepare to Singapore 70.3 in three weeks.