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Avia Wildflower Triathlon « Reinaldo Colucci's Blog


Avia Wildflower Triathlon

(photo: Tey Eng Tiong)

Last weekend I was racing in Wildflower.
It is not too far from Brazil if we compare with Asia or even some places of Europe, but my trip to get there was quite long if we add all the driving plus flights time, however I had couple good day over day to rest well.
Everybody when I ask before the race keep telling me how demanding the course was with all the hills on the bike and on the run. On the race day I could feel it by my own what exactly they were talking about, I exited the water few second behind the main group but with less than 10km on the bike I was already in touch with the leaders.
I was felling very, very strong to go up hill how ever for some reason I was struggling to keep up with the guys on the down hills, so every time I build ahead the guy on the hills they were taking back to go down.
Anyway I kept up with the guys almost until T2 when they just put a little gap on me, by the time I was getting my bike on the rack they had pretty much exited to the run. That actually was not too bad because I could start the half marathon on my own pace and slowly start to build up. After couple miles I started to get some position back and by mile 6 I was in second position with just Andy Potty ahead me. However the hilly course took a lot from my legs and I was not able to keep the same pacing to the end, so I lost one position to Eneko Lanos by mile number 9 and he slowly opened the a gap to me finishing few second ahead.
I was not 100% prepare to race a half ironman once I am in my heaviest part of my training to IM Brazil, so… I am very, very happy to reach a podium in this race.

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