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ITU World Championship circuit

Hi everyone,
Just few hours ago I was racing here in Washington my first ITU race since Beijing oliypic games.
It feels quite strage to be back to the circuit but after a while it gets normal once all the faces around are still the same.
Because I don´thave many point in the ranking at the moment my start number was very high what means I will be one of the last ones to pick a position in the pontoon to start the swimming.
The 1500m swim was in a river and because of the bad wheater in last few day it was full of robish as tree pieces on the chanel whose it was crossing one of the side of the pontoon. Of course this side was were the last positions were lefting and where I started the race.
I tried to do a good start but I kept hiting all this robish what made me breack feel strokes and put me behind the pack.
Even with a bad swim I was able to get on the main pack with out problems,however 5 guys were ahead us and by the end of the bike there had a gap of more than 2minutes.
I had a good T2 and start the run with the leaders of my pack, but after 1500m my body really hurt with that fast pacing what I guess it is not that used anymore, it took my few km to put my everything together again and I end up running my last 5km very well and picked up few position back, however I was not able to catch up with the front guys anymore and I finished on 19th place.
Now I will try to correct the some detail to have a better race at Des Moines next weekend.

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