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back home…

March 29th, 2009 by reinaldocolucci


Last weekend I was Racing the Ironman 70.3 Singapore, with a verz strong Field on the start line what incluied last two World Champions Craing Alexander(2008) and Chris McCormack (2007).
I was having a very good day fighting for the first position with both triathletes and for some moments I was even leading the race but after I start the half marathon I just felt my legs total flat and I could not keep anymore the pacing of the leaders, I started to struggle a lot with the hit and my legs were moving very slow, I end up losing 2 more position the last lap and finishing in 5th position.
Straight after the race I jump on the plane and came back home to Brazil where I spent this week recovering from the travel and get used to the jet leg, how ever I already started to put the mile back to my training and starting to focus in the main part of my preparation to Ironman Brazil in end of May.
However my next challenge for the moment it will be the National Olympic Distance Championship next weekend in Belo Horizonte.

Oi galera.
Semana passada estive competindo o Ironman 70.3 de Cingapura, uma prova muito disputada e que contava com a presença dos dois últimos campeões mundial Craig Alexander (2008) e Chris McCormack ( 2007).
Estava tendo um prova excelente lutando de igual para igual com ambos e inclusive cheguei a liderar a prova por algum tempo próximo da segunda transição antes de iniciarmos a corrida mas no entanto logo nos primeiros kms da meia maratona já senti minha pernas totalmente esgotadas e não pude mais acompanhar o ritmo dos lideres. Sofri muito com forte calor e acabei perdendo mais duas posições na ultima volta terminando em 5º lugar.
Logo após a prova já embarquei diretamente de volta pra casa e passei essa semana inteira me adaptando novamente ao fuso horário e me recuperando da viagem, mas já começo aos pouco encaixar mais volume nos treinos visando inicializar meu treinamento intensivo para o Ironman Brasil em Floripa no final de maio.
Porem meu próximo desafio se encontra na semana que vem onde estarei indo ate Belo Horizonte para disputar a primeira etapa do campeonato Brasileiro de Triathlon Olímpico.

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One step back, two steps forward…

March 3rd, 2009 by reinaldocolucci

After almost two years without an Ironman race I was in Langkawi to start the Ironman Malaysia 2009.
I was also there in 2007 when I ended up finishing in 9th place after a very tough day under the sun. I knew my race this year would not be any easier once I was not 100% fit to race the distance of an Ironman however I also knew how important it would be to go there and try to put pacing on for long as I could to help me in my preparation for my following races.
I had a good swim and lead the race pretty much until the turn around on the half way mark in the water, then I just seat in the pack to get back for the T1.
I started the bike felling very well and the pacing was not a wonder for me at that time, I was trying to concentrate as much as I could on my food and drinks, and I was working very fine but around 3 hours 30 on the bike I start to fell my legs very heavy and my muscles start to cramp when I was going up hills, I tried to fight against it for like 10 km but I just start to feel worse and worse, so I decide to drop back and bring home my last kms in lower and slow gear, but it was not enough time to recovery and even arriving in T2 in third place I just had nothing left in body to run, I still went out and try for 10kms to make my legs get some movie but it actually never happen and I was pretty much walking than running, so I just decide to pull out end save some energy then I can come back to train soon and prepare to Singapore 70.3 in three weeks.

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Back to Subic…

February 23rd, 2009 by reinaldocolucci


Hi everyone,
It has been a little more than a week since I’ve arrived in Subic Bay.
That is my first trip overseas and my first training camp of this year. My main goal of this period it is start my preparation for Brasil Ironman whose it will take place in Florianopolis in the end of May.
My first challenge was to bit the over 30 hours trip since I left Sao Paulo Airport to arrive in Subic. The first days it is quite “funny” to see how your body is struggling to adapt with the 11 hours jet leg, everything it seems to be out of place, but in the end it is very easy to understand why…. When I should be sleeping I am out there training….when I should be training or eating I am sleeping…so everything upside down. Because of that it is very normal to wake up in the middle of the night very hungry or be very, very tired at 5pm but however not be able to sleep anymore after 3am. Just for my lucky I could over take this situation very quickly in just few days, but then I got another problem to solve: Temperature and Humidity. Thanks for God my room has air condition but once I put my feet out of the door it looks like I am getting into a sauna, what it very hard to just stand out there, so now you can image to have to run interval in the track at 11 am!!!!!!! Thanks for that doc!!!!!
So here I am…I would say trying much more to adapt than to prepare myself, however next Wednesday I will fly to Malaysia to race my first Ironman for this season and I am looking forward to do it and hoping to get a good day over there.

Ola a Todos,
Ja faz um pouco mais de uma semana que eu cheguei a Subic Bay –Filipinas.
Essa é minha primeira viagem e training camp fora do continente nesse ano. Minha principal meta nesse período será iniciar meu trabalho intensivo focando o Ironman Brasil no final do mês de Maio.
Meu primeiro desafio foi vencer a longa viagem de mais de 30 horas desde a hora que deixei o Aeroporto de São Paulo até chegar na minha acomodação em Subic.
Os primeiros dias é um tanto quanto “engraçado”ver como seu corpo está sofrendo para se adaptar com as 11 hora de fuso horário, tudo parece não funcionar direito e na verdade é muito fácil de se entender porque, pois na hora que eu deveria estar dormindo e descansado eu estou treinando…na hora que eu deveria estar treinando ou comendo eu estou dormindo…ou seja tudo vira de cabeça para baixo então é bem freqüente acordar no meio da noite morrendo de fome ou estar morrendo de sono as 5 horas da tarde mas mesmo assim não conseguir mais dormir depois das 3 da manha!
Para minha sorte eu consigo me adaptar rápido e com alguns dias tudo já parecia mais instável e então comecei a treinar lentamente com mais qualidade, então tive que começar a lidar com um outro probleminha de adaptação: CALOR E UMIDADE. Graças a Deus meu quarto possui ar condicionado o que pelo menos me deixa relaxar enquanto estou descansando, mas é só colocar o pé para fora da porta que a sensação de estar dentro de uma sauna já vem com tudo. Se já é complicado desconfortável apenas sair da casa imaginem correr as 11 da manha numa pista de atletismos!!!!!
Bem assim estou aqui me adaptando muito mais do que me preparando nesses primeiros dias que se passaram por melhor dizer, mas graças a Deus tudo vem correndo como esperado e nessa próxima quarta feira já estarei embarcando para competir minha primeira prova: O Ironman da Malásia que acontece no próximo sábado dia 28. Conto com torcida de todos e para quem quiser acompanhar a prova online estará sendo transmitida a partir das 18:00 do dia 27 ai no Brasil no site www.ironman.com
Um abraço a todos,

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Triathlon Internacional de Santos

February 10th, 2009 by reinaldocolucci


I was in Santos last Sunday to race the most competitive Olympic distance Triathlon in Brazil: “International Triathlon of Santos”.
Last couple years I have been in the podium with a 2nd position in 2007 and 3rd in 2008, but I knew I could do better once it is a non drafting race what always help me against another athletes because time trial it is what I like most to ride.
I had a better swim this year and exist the water around 30 seconds behind Paulo Miashiro who had won the race twice before, I was felling my legs very strong riding my P3 and with only 8 min I was already passing Paulo and get myself in first position.
Around 20 km on the course we had a U-turn to come back to town, after that I could feel a soft tail wind but it was enough to make me pick the pace and drop everyone else.
My last 15 km on the bike were very painful and I could not even drink water because my stomach was just burning with all the energy I was spending to open the gap to the other riders, by the time I got to T2 I had around 1min of head start to run my last 10km of the day, took me couple kms to get my legs to the right cadence but after I got I could run comfortable to the end and guarantee the higher place in the podium with a bonus of the new course time record.
This race it is a bit special for me, it was in this same course in 2000 when I did my first Olympic distance race of my life winning my age group category, well…it was long 9 years until I will be able to win on the pro field, many hard moment were necessary to be overtake but I finely did, so I am very happy about it.

1 Reinaldo Colucci – Descalvado/SP (São Carlos) – 1h45min34s > Foto abaixo
2 Paulo Miyasiro – Santos/SP – 1h46min39s
3 Fábio Carvalho – Mogi-Mirim/SP (Santos/SP) – 1h47min15s
4 Igor Amorelli – Balneário Camboriú/SC – 1h47min32s
5 Juraci Moreira – Curitiba/PR- 1h49min18s

1 Carla Moreno – São Carlos/SP (Santos/SP) – 2h02min36s > Foto abaixo
2 Mariana Ohata – Brasília/DF – 2h05min08s
3 Vanessa Gianinni – Campinas/SP – 2h07min19s
4 Fernanda Garcia – Santos/SP – 2h08min56s
5 Carolina Furriela – Santos/SP – 2h11min08s


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Pucon 2009

January 29th, 2009 by reinaldocolucci


Hi everyone,
Two weeks ago I was in Pucon- Chile to compete my first race of the season.
I was training hard for this race since beginning of December, I won that race last year and I knew it would be a hard Day keep my title once another two athlete whose won that race before were in the start line: Daniel Fontana – ITA ( 2005) and Oscar Galindes -ARG (2003/2004/2006/2007).
In a very Sun shinny morning we start the race at 9 AM, everything was going as I planed and with 10km on the bike I was in leader following by Fontana and Emilio D’ Aquino, both from Italy. The 90 km bike curse it is divide by two lap, with a U- turn in the end of each leg. In the first return I was everything under control and I could check the difference to Oscar was still over 2 minutes, so… I took the decision to break away from the group and go solo on the bike once they were just seating behind me and I knew if they don’t put their faces a little bit on the wind they could run fast.
All was working very well until 20km to go on the bike when I start to strangle a little bit with the head wind and I slow down the pacing, that made Oscar close the gap and we start the hilly run pretty much together,
He was very strong on the up hills and I was using my long steps to go fast on the down hills , we runs side by side for 15km when He attack once again on steepest Hill and I was not able to keep with him.
I end up finishing my day in 2nd position, even improving my total time in more than a minute than last year i was not able to keep my title over there, however I Know I put a very good race together what shows my preparation early on the season it is on the right direction what makes me very happy.

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Long season to come…

January 11th, 2009 by reinaldocolucci


Happy New year for everyone!
After four weeks back to the hard work I really feel back on shape and it is just on time to be honest because next week I will be flying to Pucon – Chile to race my first event of the year and try to defend my title of the Ironman 70.3 I have won there last year!
This season I have turned my main focus back again to the long distances race and I big event for the first semester it will be Brazil Ironman in the end of May, however what I most look forward is to qualify and race in Hawaii on October what it will be my first Ironman World championship.
So I think that is it for the moment, hope I will be coming back on this blog many time this year to talk good things about my races :-)

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Last race of the season

November 26th, 2008 by reinaldocolucci


Last Sunday November 23rd, I was racing in Pirassununga the last stage of the Triathlon Long Distance Circuit.
Pirassununga it is the most popular half Ironman of Brazil, and every time I race there I feel like home, once it is closest race in the season of Sao Carlos, city where I live, and Descalvado, city where I was born.
The race course it is totally inside the Brazilian Air Force Station, what make the race very security about the traffic.
Last year I had one of my best ever performances there, breaking the course record, however this year my hope of a fast race it was left behind once in the beginning of the ride when I took the leader of the race I could see it was impossible, because of the wind, to keep the speed high as the year before
So, I tried to ride in a solid pace but I was also saving my energies to put a good half marathon together to not have problem to hold my position.
In second half of the run the sun was very hot, but with all the normal care with the Hidratation I did not have problem to hold the pace until the end and even I was not able to break the record again I still put a nice time of 3h47min39sec, reaching my third victory on this race, the second in a row.

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Clearwater Ironman 70.3 WorldChapionship

November 12th, 2008 by reinaldocolucci


Last weekend I was in Clearwater – USA to race the Ironman 70.3 Worldchampionship.
I have been training for this race since September and I was very confident in a good result!
I arrived in the city 3 days before the race, and the weather was quite chili but it got warmer each day and Saturday was a beautiful sunny day!
I was feeling very good in the race day morning and I was ready to give all of myself during the day.
On the swimming I lost the first group however they were not so far and with just 5km on the bike I was already in contact with the leaders! My big attention on the begging of the ride it was not get involved in any situation where I could possible get a card! What I must say it is a very tension moment on the race once the group it is very big and everybody wants to show how fit the are and with narrow roads that is a very complicate combination where people keep over taking each other and changing the pacing all the time, however this time I was “LUCKY” and because I tried to keep always a much longer distance than the legal drafting zone I was clean about card this time!
After the half way on the bike I started to help to push the pace and it was able to see some guys start to hurt and the first group started to get smaller. I knew the race it would come to run part and I was feeling very in control to get on the ground and put a nice half marathon. I got in transition in a group with around 5 guys, but I knew the gap between us the next groups was not big. I exit T2 in second position just with Terenzo ahead me!
My legs were very heavy and almost cramping but I could feel my heart rate was in control and my turn over it was very good, so I kept rolling down the pace and I thought my muscle would get better soon, however this never happened and after 6km on the run I also start to not be able to keep my turn over, I still finish the first lap of the run in 2nd position but in second half on the 21km I was not able to hold that and I crossed the finish line in 5th position, very close to the podium I was planning too but still enough this time to make it happen. In the end I am happy with my result was it was technical my best ever result in a World Champs.
For the end of this season I still have some national races, however my focus now already it turned to my next “big goal”: try to win Brazil Ironman 2009.


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Brazilian Long Distance Champs!

October 29th, 2008 by reinaldocolucci

Last Saturday I was in Fortaleza, one of the most popular and big cities in the north of the country, to race a double Olympic distance ( 3 / 80 / 20) as part of the Brazilian LD championship.
Fortaleza is well known for the strong winds and the very hot condition, and for you guys to have an idea how the wind is strong it is there the capital of the kite surf in Brazil.
My idea to be racing there it was to get some strength of a good work day to help me in two weeks time in Clearwater, and just worked perfectly.
All the three events were so hard, the sea was very shaky, the bike ride was 20km on the loop of 40 with head wind plus some hits of cross wind too what makes me in fact feel like be sealing my bike to it straight on the road. I also had a flat tire around the 55 km mark, but I was able to change it in 3min 40 (the staff beside me was timing ), so one more training session add to my day and to finish it the 20 km running was so hot and humid what just complete the race like a little cherry in the top of the cake!
Even with my flat on the bike I was able to get in T2 with almost 4 min lead and after 5km on run I was able to put even a larger difference to the second place what make my victory very comfortable in the end, however I was very tired from the taught long day I did.
Now it is all about to finish my last days of preparation to the Ironman 70.3 World Champs.

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New lesson, rule “Staggered Positioning” .

October 7th, 2008 by reinaldocolucci


Last Sunday I was in Dallas to race the US OPEN TRIATHLON CUP!
My plans were to fit this race in my preparation to Clearwater, where I will race next month for the Ironman 70.3 world championship, because of that my trip was very short leaving Brazil on Thursday night and arriving back Monday morning!
Everything went well in my 10 hours straight flight and the 2 hours jet legs were not a big deal!
On my race day I was feeling good, on the swimming did some meters extra after the turn on the last boil when I got blind with the sun on my face and took a wrong direction, but once I got on the bike I was felling very, very strong and I had not much problems to get back to the leaders. I was very careful about the drafting distance because the last thing I want it was to get a penalty card and stop for 1 min on the ground, Around 30km I was just take a briefing before my last shot on the bike before the run when I heard the o
Official telling me to pull over! I could not believe because I double check the distance and I was a way over than 10 meter of the drafting zone to the guy in front, but he was talking to me and I must stop, then I said him I was much more behind than the drafting zone he referee said me I should also be 2 meter on the side, no matter how much behind I would be, it is not permitted in the USAT ride in same line of the rider in front of you even being more the 10 meters behind, this is the “Staggered Positioning” rule. What I never heard before in any other race of the world!
In the end the 1 min penalty resulted in 2 min gap to the leader on T2 and I start the run completely alone and feeling my legs very heavy, so I was not able to do much more finishing the day in 9th position and one more Lesson about American Rules to the next races.

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