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22 Weeks and counting…. « Sam Warriner's Blog


22 Weeks and counting….

There’s something not quite right about running with a small pumpkin up your top. Well the American’s apparently call it a ‘Spaghetti Squash’ and that’s just what it feels like in my tummy at times!

Exercise is going well – I’ve stopped calling it ‘training’ as it’s too demoralizing. I’m ‘exercising’ to keep healthy and ensure baby is healthy too.

Last week I headed down to Karapiro here in New Zealand for the Secondary Schools National Championships. It’s an event I love, as the kids are so competitive and every year I go the numbers seem to increase which is awesome to see!

We were down there for 3 days with the team from the area I live in New Zealand called ‘Northland’. We’re the most northerly district in New Zealand hence the name – we’re 2 hours North of Auckland.

Our kids really stepped up, as it was the first time racing outside our own area for a lot of them. Two of my girls got Bronze medals – one in the Under 14’s and the other in the Under 16’s so I was really happy with them and all the others we took down.

Triathlon here in New Zealand is a really fast growing sport – they tout it as currently the fastest growing sport and that doesn’t surprise me at all! We have events for women, men, Maori, kids, Duathlon’s, there really is something for everyone.

Once back home it was a weekend exercising indoors as the weather has been shocking here! I’ve spent sooo much time on the wind-trainer and treadmill – it’s just not funny!

Doc says I’ve got one more month running and then that’s it until Junior arrives. In the past that would freak me out – the thought of not running, but I have a new found sense of confidence in what I’m being asked to do, I just don’t feel like questioning anymore – the planning is taken care of….I just need to worry about getting out there and doing it!

I did the mandatory watching of races and following of tweets whilst on the wind-trainer yesterday – and it amazed me the amount of people in our sport who seem to be injured?!

It seems it’s a sport that actually isn’t always that good for you!

One of the main reasons I think I’ve never been injured through 10 years of ITU racing (touches wood very quickly!!) Would be my consistency. Hubbie would argue I’m too stubborn to get injured and maybe he’s right – stubbornness get’s you out the door on a regular basis and its consistency that’s the protector of athletes in any sport.

I went backpacking in my mid 20’s with a friend. We traveled all around India, and then on to Australia and New Zealand before heading home via the States. I was so worried about putting on weight (as we did have the odd beer and burger!) I ran every day for one hour…this went on for a year. When I say every day, I think I probably had less than 7 days off all year. I wasn’t doing tempo runs, or build runs, or anything else fancy, I just plodded. Some days I’d go in the hills, others run on the beach, but my goal was always an hour. If I passed the campsite at 55 minutes – I’d always do the extra 5 before stopping.

Having Junior is no different – all the reading I’ve done suggests that you just keep things simple and keep doing what you’ve always done. I trained before Junior came along so I’m still ‘exercising’ now – albeit a little less intense!

So 22 weeks in and 18 to go, it’s Easter weekend coming up and that means school holidays. We’re having a quiet first week and then Stephen and I plan to finish off the nursery-which will be fun. We haven’t decided on a theme yet, so I’m open to suggestions, at the moment we’re leaning toward a ‘farm’ theme with pictures of animals etc since we live on a small farm anyway Junior will have to get used to cattle in the paddocks pretty quickly!

So the week in summary:

Happiest moment:

-20 week scan (2 weeks late) seeing Junior, doctor struggling to get a good image as the little bugger seems to move SO MUCH, he’s def going to be a mover!

Proudest Moment:

13 year old Lois competing in only his 3rd triathlon and first event outside of our town finishes 5th in the National Championships.

Funniest moment:

-Again at 20-week scan, Doctor asks prelim question, “Before we start will you be wanting to know the sex of baby or shall I avoid that area in the images”. Stephen replies “We’re not interested whether it’s a boy or girl but it would be handy to know the fast / slow twitch ratio – if that’s possible Doc?”

Most embarrassing moment:

-Down at Secondary School Nationals, I was in the finish area having just done a turn on the microphone. Triathlon NZ had one of the young girls down there from the High Performance Programme. I was congratulating one of the kids as they finished and managed to get myself thrown out of the finish area – according to the technical official on duty “She’s High Performance and you’re not!” I laughed so hard on the inside junior kicked me!

Hardest Moment:

-Build run on the treadmill – managed to get up to 15 km/h….that used to be called a ‘warm up’.

Speak next week,


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