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Better Work Stories….

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Monday 3rd December – 2012.

The last time I wrote a blog Chrissie was still Ironman World Champion, Quintana Roo was just a bike brand and I was well ……acquainted with 2am?!

Kona this year was always going to be an exciting race – seeing who would step up and attempt to fill Chrissie’s shoes. Leanda Cave really has proven she’s one of the all time great athletes and deserves her Ironman world title. She’s won at every distance and done it with a smile.

It’s always the very few film stars, soccer players or rugby players that manage to keep themselves out of the limelight and just get on with their job that I admire. So many of our so-called role models seem to court controversy these days. The guy that doesn’t go chasing fame, that doesn’t end up splashed all over the cover of some magazine (mostly for the wrong reason) that’s the star I like.

Leanda is kind of that athlete. She just goes about her work in a professional manner, keeping her head down and does the business. And she’s got the results to back it all up.

Well done on an amazing career so far Leanda – I’m sure there’s a lot more to come too!

Caroline and Mary-Beth had me on the edge of my seat for hour after hour on 13th October. It was so inspiring to have athletes off your own team fighting it out at the front of the race – and because of the way the race played out they were all at the front of the race at some point!

I really do hope Ironman take note from this past year and see it’s time they treated the women’s race with the respect it deserves. Give it a totally separate start to the men’s event please.

In this age of professionalism women’s sporting endeavors are recognized as on a par with the men’s in all but a few sports. WTC need to recognize that far too often our race is being affected by dynamics associated with pro and age group males going off too close to us.

Rant over…. ☺

We have a TV advertisement over here in New Zealand – its aimed at recruitment for the Police Force – its signature line is ‘Get better work stories’. Well I figured there’s only so many blogs about babies that I can write so it’s time to get myself some different work stories…. training proper started today.

The Doc has talked about the benefits of walking in his ‘Looking for Clues’ posts.

I wouldn’t say I was skeptical – I knew it would have a benefit, it’s just that walking has never really fit into my life…I do EVERYTHING at break neck speed. But as it turned out it was a nice way to while away the hours both during pregnancy and also when I was looking for an odd hour or so to myself once some normality came back into our lives 5 or 6 weeks after Lola’s birth.

I got the nod from the Doc to go looking for a little speed around 4 weeks ago – I’d been walking up to 3 hours at that point. Lola-Rose’s sleep patterns settled around 10 weeks. Since early October she’s slept through the night on all bar maybe 2 nights. It’s made a HUGE difference to our lives.

An average day (I know – you’ll laugh…anything BUT average) for us is something along these lines now:

- I’ll wake at 4:50am, cup of tea and some toast with maybe avocado,
- Out the door by 5:30am and on the road to the pool.
- By the time I’ve completed my first KM at around 6:15am Lola-Rose is usually stirring and Stephen gets her up at 6:30am for her first feed of the day.
- Now this is where it gets interesting! Because we only have the 1 baby seat for the car, Stephen will bring Lola in to town in my car and meet me at the pool at 7:45am where we swap cars and he goes off to school in his own truck whilst I head home with Lola for the morning.
- By 10 she’s ready for her first sleep of the day and mums ready to get on the wind-trainer or treadmill. It’s hard sometimes to hear the baby monitor when she wakes up so I learnt very quickly to put it on vibrate and have it in my back pocket so I can wind down as soon as she signals she’s ready for some more play time!
- For the past 2 – 3 weeks now she’s got into the habit of a really short nap in the AM but will generally go down for 2.5 hours over lunch…, which is even better for mum!
- The afternoon we spend playing, or going for a walk around our property in the Mountain Buggy – she loves going and looking at the sheep in the back paddock.
- 3 afternoons a week I coach some school kids in town so Lola goes for her second drive of the day and daddy meets us back at the pool to swap vehicles again and he brings her home and she has ‘daddy time’ which usually involves her going in the front pack and feeding the chickens, opening gates for the cattle and all the stuff that young ‘country’ ladies should be able to do!? ☺

- I’m home for 5 and Lola-Rose has her last feed of the day at 6 and then she’s usually asleep between 6 & 7pm for the night.

So for 4 weeks now we’ve been looking for a little bit of speed. Doc has set me a goal – and if I achieve it he’ll consider triathlon again for me. It’s looking like I’ll get my answer on Wednesday 19th December.

It really does make sense – how can you expect to run a marathon fast…if you can’t run a half fast? And how can you run a half fast….if a fast 10km isn’t in your armory. With that guiding light – I’ve been doing some Splash n Dash type events to stimulate the system.

Last week we went down to Auckland for the second of this seasons ‘Stroke & Stride’. I’d raced the first event and came in 5th place amongst some pretty impressive future stars we have here in NZ. That gave me a little confidence boost so the second event of the series had me eager to improve my time.

The 750m swim / 4km run really means you have to hurt from start to finish if you want to be competitive.

I think these sorts of events are so important in the development of young athletes and the not so young athletes too. Whether you’re training for the Olympic or Iron distance – I’ve always said you learn to train first, then you learn to race, and eventually with LOTS of hard work you’ll learn to win. These are just the sorts of events where you can really get to grips with your ‘craft’ and begin to master it.

So that’s me at the moment – back to basics, racing the midweek events, looking for speed and aiming to please the Doc enough in two weeks time so he’ll see I’m ready to get back racing sometime in 2013.

Here in New Zealand it’s the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Taupo Half Ironman this coming weekend. It’s the last triathlon I competed in 1 year ago – and the last event I won too!

I’m looking forward to going down and supporting the athletes on the course, as I always love the atmosphere in Taupo.

After that it’s all about Christmas and it’s taking me all my energy not to go out and spend huge amounts of dollars on presents for Lola – presents I just KNOW she won’t appreciate just yet!!

Oh and that small appointment with pain I have on Wednesday 19th December!

I’ll let you know how I get on in 2 weeks time and if I’ve done enough to impress The Doc….