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Watching The Giro « Scott DeFilippis's Blog


Watching The Giro

It’s a typical Sunday morning at the DeFilippis beach house, all the rooms are full, you start to hear the pitter patter of little feet on the 3rd floor, Boston starts to bark…It’s time to get up and train. I slowly walk down stairs, greet the little ones, Katelin and Connor, start to make my coffee, and check the email. Ah the Giro is on, I think I will watch a bit while drinkng my coffee before I head out to do my ride.  I click on the TV and sit on the couch when my nephew comes running up to the seat next to me. “The bike race is on Uncle Scottie” That’s right I say. Pointing to the screen, young  Connor asks, “Are you on TV uncle Scottie?” No this race is in Italy I tell him. “When are you gonna be on TV Uncle Scottie?”  Jeez this kid is putting the pressure on me… he,he,he… soon Connor Man, soon!!! But look  I tell him, those guys in black, that’s who we cheer for, The Cervelo Team and in particular Carlos Sastre  because he’s a little man like us…And they ride the same bikes as me, a Cervelo. Look, let me show you on the computer. So I whip out the lap top and navigate to the Cervelo Webpage. Look I tell him, that’s me and Bella…And these other guys are racing on TV now. “Oh” he says with wide eyes. Lets check to see how  Bella did in her race I tell him. “O.K. uncle scottie lets see” Wow Bella had a great day!! Third place!!.  “When can I ride a Cervelo Uncle Scottie?”  When you are big enough for a proper bike and not just a push bike,  I explain…


After a few minutes a commercial comes on, Connor hops off the couch and grabs his push bike, trying his best to race around the house, poor boy he is still just a bit too small to get the hang of it, but he’s giving it a real go none the less . That’s great Connor, I encourage him. By the end of the summer we can start teaching you how to ride a proper bike like Katelin. We gotta get you on the bike early so you can be a bike monster by 20 and not 30. “Yeah, bike monster…Then I can ride a Cervelo like you”   he says. Boom!! He goes down…It’s o.k., get up… crashing is a part of it, I fall off my bike all the time…Well not all the time but I am trying my best to wipe the fear off his mind. He pops back up and off he goes…

O.K. commercial’s over lets see how Carlos is doing…I’m having a conversation with my 3 year old nephew trying to explain to him how the bike race works like I was trying to explain to some drunk guy at the pub last night what Ironman is..See.. today is a mountain day and so the small guys like us do better in the mountains than the big blokes.. And it looks like Carlos is having a pretty good day so far!    He nods like he knows exactly what I am saying, it’s quite hilarious really. 

I finish my coffee and tell him it’s time for me to go ride my bike …Alright, I gotta go ride my bike now Connor, but you keep watching so  when I get back you can tell me  how Carlos does...”Great, I’m gonna ride my bike too  Off he goes racing around the house!!!  Another perfect morning at the beach house!!!


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