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Well it appears Brandon has beaten me to the punch in the movember blog category but in doing so he has educated me as I was unaware of the rules for the movember competition.  I decided earlier this month that I too would grow the mustache in honor of Movember and an attempt to race awareness for men’s cancer.  But my strategy was to  first grow a beard and on Nov 1st shave down to my 70s look that I might have the courage to claim, has gained me some fans over the years, oh yes the mustache has a following and it began  back in my college years when I grew the handle bar mustache during the fall of 2003 cross country season where I helped carry our team to the National Championships.  Since then the mustache comes out from time to time but only for special occasions.   So here I sit with a full beard that is kind of driving me crazy  and I read that I gotta shave down and start over???  Or do I keep with the original plan and roam the earth for the entire month with full growth??   But I guess this is against the rules.    Here are some photos of some of my past mustaches please post your thoughts on the forum.  Maybe we can convince some of followers and other male teammates to join Brandon and I…

My Cousin and I at our annual bike tour a few years back

Rhode Island 70.3 A Few Years Back

USA Cross Country Champs 2006

Dr. Z and I


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