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America, Lets Get On Our Bikes Part II « Scott DeFilippis's Blog


America, Lets Get On Our Bikes Part II

For instance, the bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created: Converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equivalent of three thousand miles per gallon.
- Bill Strickland

At a time when gas prices are creeping up over $4 a barrel and they are predicted to go even higher, maybe its time for those of us that have the means to ride a bike to work,  to take action?  Let’s take one of my best friends and  roommate over the past 2 months, Chase, he works roughly 18 miles from his home and there is a bike path right out the back door that takes him nearly to the steps of his office.  He is a graphic designer so he sits all day and stares at a screen, but he is a creator so his work fulfills him, its gratifying!! But Chase is now 31 and he loves to surf but as physics goes, “An object in motion stays in motion, an object at rest stays at rest” Better get moving or those surfing days may be coming to an end…

Now I’m not picking on Chase as he does try and get out for a workout at lunch but I am guessing he is the exception and not the norm, I am simply pointing out that here is a guy living in CA, where the weather is perfect 300 days a year, and he has access to bike trails all the way to his office.  Dude, quit complaining about the price of gas and how you’re getting fat and get on a bike.  Who knows, it might even get your creative juices flowing on your way to work so you can get right into it when you arrive at the office…

How many of you are out there just like Chase that drive every day out Interstate 405 to the office parks and notice the bike path that runs parallel to the freeway, but never even considered using it as a means of commuting?  Image if just 10% of the population did this?

I know but you have happy hour after work…. But have you ever ridden a bike after a few beers?  Its way fun, go on try it some time!!  How much fun would it be riding a bike home from happy hour rather than driving a car, and way safer too!

These people have tried it..

Beer Break

What comes after beer break? Pee break

Isn’t riding a bike starting to become more and more appealing?  Part III tomorrow!

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