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Races, Wedding, and Camp Marsh part 1 « Scott DeFilippis's Blog


Races, Wedding, and Camp Marsh part 1

Wow its been a while since my last blog!!! And its been hectic to say the least, maybe too hectic?? In summary I returned home from Swiss camp, won my first race back (which was a 1st), then flatted out of my next 2 races…Yep pretty stupid!! Syracuse 70.3 was totally my fault as I was so cold out of the water I left my CO2 in T1, but flatting out of Rev 3 South Carolina I had all necessary tools but the front tire was too shredded for repair, thus forcing me out for the second race in a row. Up till this point I had not gotten a flat in any race and rarely do I flat in training, funny enough I got 2 flats while training in TX…I digress…

So, in between races I ventured out to CA for one of my best friends wedding, Scott Jones…Oh there is a funny little story here as well…Morning of the big day us lads are getting dressed in the grooms suite when Scott’s little brother Matt looks at one of the suits and says, “Oh cool your suit is a darker grey than mine??” Uhhhh, no it’s not…”Oh sh#t!!!!!!!!” Guess what? I got the wrong suit….Now before you go thinking what an idiot I am for ordering the wrong suit….I pressed click and pay on the link I was sent from our good man Scott Jones (the groom) so either somehow I did in fact screw that process up, Scott sent the wrong link or Macy’s sent the wrong color suit…It was a pretty stressful few moments but I was like, “listen man I don’t need to be in the wedding, its cool I’ll just bow out” But our other good friend Chase is like, “Dude I’ll just photo shop the pictures, it’ll be all good!” Scott insisted no matter I was in the wedding!!

So while I hopped in the shower, the boys got on the horn and tracked down a suit. After quickly drying off, Chase and I hopped in the car, he in his light grey suit, me in my dark grey suit, (which fit me perfectly by the way)…We raced to the Macy’s we were greeted by the nice sales woman we spoke to on the phone. She had the suit waiting for me, but the big question was whether or not it would fit. Well…the pants fit. The Taylor met with us and didn’t think there was enough time to make the necessary adjustments so I just went with it…The jacket was a bit big but not too bad…So now I got 2 new cool Tommy Hilfiger suits to wear:)

Off to the wedding we went…oh wait no first we had to take photos. Yeah so the bride and groom (Ria and Scott) decided they wanted to take photos before the ceremony. So Chase and I raced back to the hotel just in time to catch our Limo to the beach, which was fully stocked with Beer and Champagne, boy did I need a drink!!!

We all had a blast taking photos along the gorgeous Pacific Ocean while we sipped our drinks and shared in laughter what was to be one of the most memorable nights of our lives!!! Boy oh boy did the night not disappoint, just before the ceremony the six groomsmen stood behind the scenes where we did our what is becoming customary, shot of Jamison Whiskey, before sending our mate down the aisle. It truly was yet another special moment that will not be forgotten anytime soon by any of us…The only thing that would have made this moment completely over the top would have been if we could have convinced the good Irish Priest to join in the shot…I really thought we had him convinced there for a moment…

What A Good Looking Groom

Never have I been to a wedding where pretty much the entire guest list was on the dance floor from the moment they finished their last bite of dinner until the last drip of alcohol was drunk. It was for lack of a better term, “A sh#t show”!!

Sh#t Show!!!

I did manage to get in some good training while out in CA especially in the days after the wedding but was really looking forward to heading to Austin to get in some solid work with Brandon before finally heading back to Panama City Beach, FL where I once again am spending a Halloween relaxing, pondering the upcoming IM Florida.

Check back in a few days for my report on training in Austin with the Marsh’s and how I am feeling coming into my first Ironman since June. Here’s a little teaser photo for your viewing pleasure…

Yes Everything Really Is Bigger In Texas

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