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Races, Wedding, and Camp Marsh Part II « Scott DeFilippis's Blog


Races, Wedding, and Camp Marsh Part II

So if you read Part I and hoping to read about all things big in TX…carry on! After the disappointment of my last race at Rev 3 Anderson I was very anxious to get to Austin to begin a big push to Ironman FL! Brandon and I had planned a few easy days to recover from the race but that went out the window since I only made it to 20km of the bike…I had a great first week there and was starting to build a nice block of training.

Brandon took me to all the local joints, the famous Whole Foods, the road side trailer restaurants, Barton Springs, Austin Tri Cyclist (Big thanks to George for building my bike with new Campy Groupset), Mellow Johnie’s, a side note to that, we even got to swim with Mr. Juan Pelota himself. And let me tell you, dude can swim!!!

At the end of the first week we had planned to go see our saddle sponsor, Mr. John Cobb of Cobb Cycling. But first we ventured out to one of the more famous bars in Austin, The Broken Spoke. Now, even though I grew up in New Jersey, I have not lived a shelter life, I have been blessed with the opportunity to see much of the world, and before that I saw much of the country. I have stepped foot in every state of the southern U.S. and while in college at The University of Tennessee I had a few nights in some of the country bars. But the Broken Spoke is on a whole other level!!

At a country bar in TN you are guaranteed 3 things…There will be a mechanical bull, there will be line dancing, and you will see at least 2 fights…The best way to put it is that the country bars in TN are like a scene from the famous movie, “Road House” The Broken Spoke was a bit different, there was a live honky tonk country band, (which I might add is Brandon’s favorite kind of music), the crowd’s ages ranged from 5-85 , and there was line dancing, lots of line dancing! It really was a great time, here are some photos from the night…

Look at that happy couple

Best Dancer in the joint!

The Derailers + Owner of Broken Spoken

The next day Brandon and I were doing a long run along Lake Austin and if you have ever been there you will know about the section where dogs are allowed to run free with no leashes. GREAT IDEA! Just kidding…so here we are running along when a little mut comes running out of the water and straight into Brandon’s leg. It happened so fast I stopped suddenly, jamming my leg. At first I didn’t really notice anything but towards the end of my run my left knee started to hurt. I didn’t think much of it as it didn’t seem to hurt too much after the run.

That afternoon we made the journey to Tyler, TX to see John. I wasn’t planning on having John do much with my position but what I needed help with was the saddle sore that had developed and was growing by the day. After some discussion and John tinkering with my position I am happy to report that my sore is gone and he seems to have helped me open my hips, which we think is part of what has caused me to feel so terrible running off the bike. Time will tell, we’ll see how the legs and hips feel tomorrow when I step off the bike in Ironman FL. Big thanks to John, his staff, and wife for having us visit Tyler and the ranch!!

Secret Pool in Tyler

Just before returning back to Austin, Brandon and I went to the track todo a long set of intervals. My knee hadn’t really been bothering so I gave the workout a go. About mid way through the knee pain became pretty bad, I just about completed the session but ever since I have been struggling to keep the pain at bay and have been forced to miss a few key sessions on the bike and run. So here I sit just about 12 hours from the start of my first Ironman since June and I don’t know how the body will handle the distance. I pretty much have the pain under control and have even been able to ride 4.5 hours and run 1.5 hours this past week but I won’t know for sure until I put race pressure on the leg for a few hours…After Saturday I plan to return home to NJ. I haven’t been home in 6 weeks and a few weeks ago my Grandfather suffered a stroke. I am very close with him and it was tough not being there for him so I have decided to make the journey home with some of the folks from local club back home, The Sandyhookers. I am registered for Ironman Cozumel as well so I am hoping my knee comes out of Saturday o.k. and I will be able to get in a few weeks of work before heading to Mexico for the last race of the Northern Hemisphere’s season…I am confident enough that with my go fast position and my new go fast wheels from our new sponsor, Campganolo, I should come off the bike in position to make some moves on the run…Fingers crossed! Thanks for reading!!


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