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Ironman France: No Regrets

June 27th, 2011 by scottdefilippis

For the first time in my career I stepped off the bike and was in the game! I wasn’t just participating in Ironman France, I was finally in the thick of things having arrived into T2 with the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th placed athletes. I had played every move up until this point perfectly! I fumbled quite a bit getting my shoes on and once out of the transition I realized that my fellow competitors were gone up the road. I didn’t think it would matter because I truly believed and felt this was going to be my day to run like so many know I am capable of, I quickly started to rethink think my run strategy at just 5km in when the heat of the day was already taking its toll on me. By 10km I had lost a place falling back to 11th when I started to cramp in my legs thus forcing me to walk the transitions and take in as much fluid as I could. At some points I would come around and find my rhythm and think, “well, if I can keep this up I will run 3hours, and that should put me top 8!” Soon after I put in a surge, the nausea would return with cramping in the hamstrings. I played every game I could think of both mentally and nutritionally but theses were only temporary solutions, like putting a band aide on a bullet wound.

Photo By Pierre Moulierac

Bananas would help for a bit as well as spending a few seconds standing under the cold showers on course but all in all from kms 10-42 it was the toughest running I have done in my life! After crossing the finish line I spent a good hour and a half vomiting in the bushes while fighting cramps all over my legs before finally being taken to the medical tent to get an IV, thank God for that as I don’t think I would have been able to ride my bike back to my home stays house!

Thinking back I don’t have any regrets nor are there any excuses. For what ever reason, and it is not mental, I melted on the run today! I swam and rode my heart out, at 2 hours into the bike I swallowed a bee, which stung the inside of my throat on the way down…I didn’t care as today was to be my day….But after 3 hours and 25minutes of torture on the run I lay in agony not of victory but defeat!! There needs to be a discussion about why I seem to crumble when the temperature rises into the 90s but this is not an excuse as others ran wonderfully out there!

Two years and 4 months ago when I first met Brett Sutton and he agreed to give me shot on the team, he said that it was going to take 3 years to make me a real Ironman athlete. He asked if I was willing to put that amount of time in…Well, here I am closer than ever before but I thought today I would be writing to say that I beat his time prediction but you know what? We don’t call him the “Doc” for no reason as he is usually right 99% of the time. And I am coming to grips with the hard truth that it will in fact take the entire 3 years until I have successfully put together the Ironman that we have been working so very hard towards!

Over this 28 month period, many people have come into my life that would have never if it were not for Team TBB and our growing network of fans and athletes. Some are disappointed tonight not in me but for me as they have followed my progress and some too believed today was to be my coming out party!! I have received some wonderful messages and I thank you guys for your thoughts and positive energy! It is coming my friends I know it, just going to have to be a bit more patient that I like to be…. Thank you so very much for following me as the climb up the mountain is getting steeper and steeper as I get closer to the top……
My home stay host, Pierre, asked me last night if I will return to Nice for a 4th time next year?? I responded, with, “Yes! I must come back to Nice, even though it puts me through so much pain, I will figure this race out!” He said I was crazy Thank you to Pierre and his family for having me once again this year! I very much enjoy my time with you all and for the second year in a row I arrive to your home post race defeated but you treat me like family and that is nice to come home to when you are shattered like I was this evening!!

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Rapperswil 70.3

June 15th, 2011 by scottdefilippis

Last weekend I traveled up the road towards Zurich to race in the Rapperswil 70.3.  The hopes were to have a strong swim/bike in preparation for the upcoming Ironman France.  I think I accomplished both with my 14th place finish.  Even though I didn’t think too much about the run until I got off the bike I was a bit disappointed with my 1:18 split as I am in much much better shape than that.  But overall it was the perfect prep race for the course in Nice!!

My swim was fairly average, I was pleased to swim with a group, and there were times where I felt the pace was too easy so I think a good sign that maybe quite possibly my swim is finally starting to show some improvement…..27:44 swim split.

Onto the bike it was as hard as I could from the start!  I didn’t care much about what was to come next I just wanted to push for 2 + hours and that was what I did.  The course was up and down with some pretty steep parts at times  which made for some tough ascents but fun descents.  All the locals came out to cheer on the climbs and in the small villages we road through so it was never really boring at all!!  Bike 2:17  I was most pleased with my bike effort for the day as it was the first time I have gone flat out like that on the bike for the 70.3 distance.  I believe another sign of improvement and a much much better ride than I had in St. George!!

Off the bike and onto the run it was very much an up and down half marathon…There were times where I felt fantastic and other times where I needed to be sick in the bushes.   Even though it was not my swiftest run I did negative split it and was getting stronger as I went!  It was a hot day in Rapperswil so again perfect prep for Nice.

I returned Sunday night and it was straight back into training the next morning!! Now here I am less than 2 weeks from my next Ironman and once again feeling in top form, just as I did before St. George!  I do believe however with these 2 races now under my belt that come next weekend the racing cob webs are gone and I stand a very good chance of having my best finish in an Ironman to date!!!

I need to thank Manuel and his family for having me stay at their home for a night!! Your home is nice and cozy!  I always say that I never sleep as well anywhere in the world as I do in Switzerland and your home did not disappoint!  Also  thank you to Celine for giving me a lift back to Leysin and congrats to her and Manuel for finishing their first 70.3 race!!   I am so glad I was able to travel to this section of Switzerland as it is such beautiful part of this country.  I very much look forward to racing more in Europe this summer as racing in the states pales in comparison when it comes to spectator support on the course and sheer appreciation for the efforts that each athlete is putting out!!!  More to come in the weeks ahead!  Thank you for reading!!


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Ironman St. George: Going The Distance

May 13th, 2011 by scottdefilippis

Ironman St. George: Going The Distance

Before the gun went off on Saturday morning, never in my wildest dreams did I think the outcome of the day would be turn out as it did…Ironman hurts and this one was no exception to the rule.  This time around, the swim hurt, the bike hurt, and then to come into the bike to run transition to find out how far behind the leaders I was hurt doubly hard!  As I sat and changed into my run shoes, I thought, Sh#t, game over!”.  I will spare you the details of the ups and downs I had during the swim and bike because  frankly, who really cares to read the details of how someone got their arse kicked as I did??  I contemplated dropping out but I knew I would be in deep sh#t with The Doc if I did not do the run! Then I thought about the athletes I coach and the message it would send to them if I quit!  So I began the run and started to think about the upcoming Ironman France and the fact that even if I ran slowly I would come out fitter from doing the run rather than calling it a day and feeling sorry for myself because it didn’t go to plan.  I also took into consideration that it was well into the 90s by the time I started to run and that would be how hot it will be in Nice so even more reason to carry on, for the training!

I jogged/walked the first 5kms while taking in fluids.  At 10kms I was playing tricks with my mind in order to keep going when suddenly Declan , a good friend of Team TBB and also our housemate for the weekend came jogging past me, encouraging me on.  I watched him run away up a hill and thought, “If I can hook up with Declan I might start to come right”.   I took in some coke and started to chase.  It took a few minutes but I caught up and told him I would try my best to keep pace and help him as he was attempting to gain his coveted “Kona Slot”.  So we carried on together and a few kms later I started to feel a bit better, my hips and back hurt quite a bit but I was able to handle the pace.  As we made the turn out onto the second loop there was no turning back now so I pushed Declan along, he was super tough out there as the last 10 miles were very hard on him.  Coming into the last few kms we passed one of my athletes Jill who was finishing her first loop of the run.  She was in good spirits and seemed to be going great!   I was very happy for her as she has had her fare share of dramas in the weeks leading up to the race.  She was holding onto 3rd place in her age group and was also in position to gain a slot to Kona.

Coming into the finish I was pleased for Declan as he nailed it with a 4th place in the age group!  I walked away feeling a bit sore but not overly tired!  I guess the run worked the bike out of me?  I don’t know why I felt so terrible out there while riding, it had been 6 months since my last race and it did cross my mind that I might feel a bit stale but I was confident it wouldn’t affect me!  This was my 7th completed Ironman and with each one I continue to learn and gain strength.  I have a similar feeling of disappointment as I did last year when I did this race and struggled then tool!  I know I am heaps stronger than I was 12 months ago and I think my improved swim and bike splits comparative to last year prove that but now is not the time to dwell as the season has begun and it is time to look towards the next one as its just 8 weeks away!  Huge huge congrats to Jill and Declan for both qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman!!!  As for me, its a few short weeks home here at the Jersey Shore, then off to Switzerland for much of the summer…

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April 17th, 2011 by scottdefilippis

It sometimes blows my mind how quickly time fly’s and the older I get the faster and faster the ride seems to go!!  This past month flew by like a night’s sleep that was way too short!  I find myself on an air plane once again feeling like I just woke up from that short sleep and the dream I was having has been interrupted but I must wake up and carry on with the day’s task.  My trip to Asia has been cut short by 2 weeks due to the massive flooding that occurred in the South of Thailand.  I was to race the inaugural Koh Samui Triathlon on April 24th before heading back to the U.S. to compete in my first Iron Distance race of the season in St. George, Utah.  Instead I am heading back to California where I will finish preparing for Ironman St. George.

Ariel View of Koh Samui

It’s been a bit of an up and down training camp for me as once I adjusted to the time change and heat, the floods came, then I was hit with a stomach bug, but finally in my last week the sun came out, my strength returned, and I was able to finally enjoy my time in Thailand!  I don’t think I realized I wasn’t’ ready to leave till it was too late and I was on my way to the Krabi, Airport.  As we pulled away from our temporary home at The Tahwantai Hotel, I wasn’t ready to wake up!! Yes it was a hard camp, sometimes it was border line torture but that’s pretty much why I love our first camp of the year, the suffering that goes on reveals so much about the person you are!  It tests not only your physical capabilities but it also brings out your true character as a human being.  Your patience is tested as you struggle to deal with the slowed culture we are immersed in for weeks at a time; the small little bugs get on your nerves, especially when they are in your bed, the wet bathroom floor, the same meals repeated day after day, the crap movies that are repeated on the movie channel, the nasty smell that the palm tree farms let off….  See we don’t stay in some posh hotel on the beach, nope; we are in the jungle hanging with the locals.  The same locals that we visited last year that seemed as if they were fighting off tears as we pulled away…  All these things begin to get on your nerves after a while, combined with the hours upon hours of training in the hot humid weather.  The complaining begins and you start to day dream about the months ahead when we have the luxury of training in the Swiss Alps.  Day in and day out you feel like all you are doing is suffering.  But that’s what we love isn’t it? To suffer…That’s what Ironman is, suffering!! It’s an entire day of it!  We are drawn to this sport because we like to feel the pain; we like to work through tough times, to be tested!  It makes us feel alive!!!  But is it real suffering?  It’s mostly self-inflicted pain. Why do we choose to give it to ourselves like we do?  Because it gives us perspective!   And that’s what I love about training in a hard place like Thailand, it give’s me even more perspective and come race day, when the pain creeps in all I have to do is think back to all the” so called” suffering I went through in heat camp!

See I call it “so called” suffering because it isn’t real world hurt!  Yes, it can be painful at times but the real suffering is out in the villages we ride through and this year in particular we were exposed to some of the most painful suffering there is.  People’s lives were destroyed!   When the rains came for nearly a week straight and we were complaining about missing a swim session or having to ride the trainers rather than being out on the roads or the night us lads played poker under a dry roof before returning to our dry air conditioned rooms to find the water that was pouring into our bathrooms.  All the while, people were drowning just up the road.  Many peoples homes with all their belongings were washed away and while I sit here and write they are still cleaning up the mess….While I was pissed about having to walk down stairs to get another roll of toilet paper because mine was soaked, AGAIN….Fifteen people were killed, people that would have been very happy to spend the rest of their lives calling the Tahiwaintai their home!  They would never complain once about the mosquito’s biting their face while they slept!  How’s that for perspective?

So once again I return to the western world, the land of endless choices!  We have some many choices sometimes you can’t even make a choice!  But part of me is sad because this year camp was too short for me, just four weeks, last year it was ten, and maybe that was a touch too long from a performance standpoint but not from gaining a perspective standpoint!  I don’t think I have gotten my fare dose of exposure to real world suffering this year. When I go to a third world country I feel guilty because I am so fortunate to be living the life I have been given?  Is that why I yearn to go back each February when I start to become complaisant or discussed with the gluttony of the developed world?  I have just been woken up in the middle of the dream and now I must go back to the real world….Or am I the one dreaming, and those left behind in the Thai jungle are the ones really living?  Maybe the ride isn’t so fast for them???

Here are some of my favorite photos from camp…

The Champ

Dave buying a beer in his socks at Thai Boxing match

The team relaxing during 2XU photo shoot

Brandon, Amy, and I enjoying some rare Mexican food in Thailand!

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America, Lets Get On Our Bikes III

March 12th, 2011 by scottdefilippis

When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.
- Sherlock Holmes

Let’s think about something else, not only are there tremendous physical benefits to riding a bike to work or to run some errands but have you ever thought about what the mental benefits might be??  Think about how we have evolved as human beings…Stop and have a think on this…are we really meant to be sitting eight hours a day doing busy work?  Look I get it, that’s what we have become, I’m not saying everyone should be doing physical labor as a means of providing for themselves but what I am saying is we have to now adjust to this new lifestyle we live.  We are endurance machines and built to move…sooner or later the objects at rest, us humans, are going to stay at rest!

Think about how many people in society are on anti-depression medications, why?  Its no secret America, we have an obesity and depression problem in our society!  Walking or for half of us, waddling around like zombies.  We are slowing way down, and we are doing it to ourselves.  I am willing to bet if you did a case study comparing those depressed individuals on drugs with another group that opted for exercise as their medication, you would have much higher success rates or should I say a higher quality of life with the exercise group vs. the druggies.  Yup that’s right I called them druggies, it’s no different than someone who smokes pot to ease the pain and that’s what we call them isn’t it?  It’s just the government controls the drugs they want you to take so that makes it o.k.

Don’t believe me, read this article I came across this past week.


Think about this…is the 9-5 what’s causing us to become depressed?  Or is it the rush hour traffic or the price of gas, or a combination of them?  If so, maybe we should try and do something about it because what we’re doing isn’t working!  We’re getting slower, fatter, and angrier as we evolve…

In part I of this 3 part blog I mentioned my childhood and how riding a bike around town made me feel like a kid again, really put a smile on my face!  Close your eyes for a minute and think about that first sense of freedom you felt when you learned how to balance on two wheels, the possibilities were endless in where this machine could take you, or so you thought anyway.  Think about how happy you were.  Look to the children for the answers!  Next time you are driving down the street and you see a child on a bike, take a look at their face, and notice their smile.  Or the next time you see a couple cruising down the strip on their beach cruisers, notice how happy they seem.  Don’t believe me?  Try it yourself.  Have an errand to run? Try riding a bike!  Or if you can wrap your head around riding to work, next sunny day, opt for pushing the pedals, not the pedal!  Give it a go, just once, and observe how much more productive your work will be that day and how much more energy you will have.  Your wallet, your heart, and your mind will thank you!!

Thanks for reading my blog!  I am off to Thailand for the next two months for training  camp so check back for some entertaining stories!

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America, Lets Get On Our Bikes Part II

March 9th, 2011 by scottdefilippis

For instance, the bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created: Converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equivalent of three thousand miles per gallon.
- Bill Strickland

At a time when gas prices are creeping up over $4 a barrel and they are predicted to go even higher, maybe its time for those of us that have the means to ride a bike to work,  to take action?  Let’s take one of my best friends and  roommate over the past 2 months, Chase, he works roughly 18 miles from his home and there is a bike path right out the back door that takes him nearly to the steps of his office.  He is a graphic designer so he sits all day and stares at a screen, but he is a creator so his work fulfills him, its gratifying!! But Chase is now 31 and he loves to surf but as physics goes, “An object in motion stays in motion, an object at rest stays at rest” Better get moving or those surfing days may be coming to an end…

Now I’m not picking on Chase as he does try and get out for a workout at lunch but I am guessing he is the exception and not the norm, I am simply pointing out that here is a guy living in CA, where the weather is perfect 300 days a year, and he has access to bike trails all the way to his office.  Dude, quit complaining about the price of gas and how you’re getting fat and get on a bike.  Who knows, it might even get your creative juices flowing on your way to work so you can get right into it when you arrive at the office…

How many of you are out there just like Chase that drive every day out Interstate 405 to the office parks and notice the bike path that runs parallel to the freeway, but never even considered using it as a means of commuting?  Image if just 10% of the population did this?

I know but you have happy hour after work…. But have you ever ridden a bike after a few beers?  Its way fun, go on try it some time!!  How much fun would it be riding a bike home from happy hour rather than driving a car, and way safer too!

These people have tried it..

Beer Break

What comes after beer break? Pee break

Isn’t riding a bike starting to become more and more appealing?  Part III tomorrow!

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America, Lets Get Back On Our Bikes: Part 1

March 8th, 2011 by scottdefilippis

Hi! So I have been asked to write for a webpage called Cure Talk and my hopes are to post my blogs for Team TBB on that sight and some of if not all my blogs for Cure Talk on here for you all to read as they will be mostly about living a fit and healthy life. Below is my first piece, right up our alley here, “Making Life Better, Two Wheels at a time”


When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.
- H.G. Wells

So… for the past 8 weeks I have been surviving in American Society, living in a suburb of Southern California without a car…For some, the thought of not having a vehicle might raise the hair on their neck, but for me it was quite liberating!  Sure there were times when a car would have been nice or more convenient but I survived.

Now, before I go on I must preface that I am a professional triathlete as well as a coach of age group triathletes, so I am fortunate enough to work out of the house.  However, every morning I did have to get to the pool where I would begin the days training regime.   Fifteen or so minutes each way provided lots of time to observe how my small little 5km area of Costa Mesa moves each morning.  This is different to my normal twenty minute drive I have when back in N.J., where I am usually distracted by morning sports talk radio.

Most days the sun was shining on my face, which helped make it easier to get out the door rather than get in the car. A few mornings it was quite cool and it even rained on me couple of times but the cool water on my face actually felt soothing and quite peaceful! It took me back to when I was a kid and wasn’t old enough to drive.  With my heart pumping as I raced to get home and into dry clothes, a smile came over my face.  Do you remember what that felt like when you were a child? Exercise…ah it felt so good but you didn’t realize how happy it made you.

Now, the neighborhood I was calling home is primarily a Mexican American neighborhood so many of the locals also road their bikes as a means of transportation.  California is a very cycling friendly state with a bike lane on almost every street.  But not only did I see my neighbors riding around town on their mountain bikes, the streets were also covered with cyclist on their fancy commuter bikes.  As the weeks went by I would start to recognize the same people coming and going, me on my way to the pool in the morning while they were off to their place of employment…  Then again in the afternoon when I would be coming home from my training ride, I would see my fellow riders on their way home after a day at the office.  There was a certain glow on their faces, or twinkle in their eye!  Much different from the look of frustration and or misery you see in the driver next to you on the freeway as you both sit in traffic.  I couldn’t help but think, why aren’t most people commuting by bike??

Which looks like more fun to you?

Now I realize this just isn’t possible in certain parts of the country as the roads may not be as bicycle friendly as they are in California or many people live too far from their place of work to ride their bikes.  But how about for short trips, like to the gym, grocery store, or hell even the liquor store??  Grab a backpack and go!

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.
- Ernest Hemingway

Check back tomorrow for PartII

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Checking In From California

February 1st, 2011 by scottdefilippis

Well, its about 3 weeks since I arrived here in Southern California!!  Thus far it has been FANTASTIC!  Its been great living with Chase and “Killer” Dave!!!

Killer Dave and Erikka

You can see why he is called “Killer Dave”.  This one on a Sunday and it wasn’t even dark yet, he was fired up from watching the football. But really is a gentle giant and I am sure his  lovely girlfriend Erica next to him can attest to that!

Chase moved out here from Jersey 8 years ago and this is the most quality time we have had together since then so its been great sharing a few beers after a long day, catching up on life!!!  It has also been wonderful to be here for our other mate Scott as the day before I arrived, Scott’s father passed away suddenly…Bobby Jones, you will be missed by many, may you rest in peace!!!

The weather couldn’t be any better, as nearly every day its in the 70′s and sunny…Well…except for today as we had our first rain since I have been here, but it was just a few showers…Its pretty much like I’m in camp in that my day start with a cycle to the pool, breakfast, and then more training.  I am feeling much stronger than this time last year and with the amount of volume and quality I am putting I am really looking forward  to continued improvements this year!

We live in a nice quite section of Costa Mesa, its primarily a Mexican American neighborhood, or maybe more Mexican than American, but they’re working on the American part so its all good.  During the mornings and evenings the streets are bustling with kids coming and going.  Most walk, ride a bike, or a skateboard to school.  Its quite a breath of fresh air to see this as I thought this form of transportation amongst the youth, the human engine that is, had died in this country.  School gets out around 3p.m., you don’t even need a watch, all you need to do is liesten for the sound of children playing. They usually settle down around dusk, which is right around 5:30 this time of year.  This is a pleasant energy we have here on Joann St and one that reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in.  And another American past time I thought had been lost, kids playing outside…I guess the weather has something to do with it or maybe its the economic climate  in our neighborhood, either way its great to see so many kids running around having fun with something as simple as soccer ball, rather than sitting inside staring at a computer screen or television.

The riding here in Orange County is pretty good but just up the coast in the Santa Monica Mountains, it is way better!  I have tried getting up there every other week or so.  My first weekend here, Sugar, took me up there and we had a great 5 hour ride with lots of climbing.

This photo is from my favorite climb there.  It starts right on the Pacific Coast Hwy and goes up 15km..

The running is great here in the Newport/Costa Mesa area.  It takes me 3 minutes to run to the dirt trails, which then go on and on for miles.  I can run East to the mountains or in just 2 miles get to the beach.  We have a nice track just across the street from us but I have opted to do my track work at The University of California, Irvine as its about a 30min cycle ride away so I like to get the work in before and after each session to keep with the them of being in camp.

The Back Bay

This is a great park which is right across the street from the pool.  It has lots of dirt trails and hills so I like to run here for my long run to get the hill work in, then run home along the coast.

This past weekend I made a trip south to San Diego to ride Mount Palomar.  It just so happened that an old friend of mine, Chris Gebhardt and his mate Mike Llerandi were in town from back for a little training trip themselves so we hooked up with Sugar and he took us on a great ride. Chris owns his own business back in NY/NJ and is my brother’s Sugoi Sales Rep, thanks to him, he got me on my first bike 4 years ago, and that QR has been since passed along to one of our social project athletes in the Philippines.

Here we are on top of Mount Palomar, 5200 ft up. It was a bit chilly up there!!!

Mike and I

Mike loved this sign on top of Mt. Palomar

Chris, Mike, and I

As I mentioned in my last blog, this trip was a bit of reckon trip to see if I might like to live out here some day..Well, my original plan was to stay for a month but I changed my flight to stay another 2 weeks.  So I’d say,  I like it here.  Why go back east to the snow if I can stay here and keep the petal to the metal?


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California Dreaming

December 30th, 2010 by scottdefilippis
YouTube Preview Image

December 26th, 2010 a record 34 inches of snow fell here in Normandy Beach, New Jersey.  It was quite the storm, one for the ages, one for a lifetime!!!  Oh yes that’s right 34 inches, nearly 3 feet or just about 1 meter.  I was trapped in ‘The Beach House’ for 48 hours.

Bablou Junes Making His Way Down The Street

Even though this was the first snow of the year, the entire month of December has been brutally cold with wind chills making training outside very very difficult, but luckily for me I have been on the Sutto swim program for the past 7 weeks so my exposure to the elements has been limited but  a few weeks ago, I came home from a brick run, face red and frozen, hands and feet numb, I called my mate Chase who lives in California and told him I was coming, once the swim block was finished that is.  He was certainly stoked to hear the good news as I have been telling him for some time now that I would make a training trip to his area.  He was still so stoked when he came last week for Christmas, he kept referring to me as his, “Rommie”.  Well, it took me a few days but on Christmas Day I booked my ticket.  So.. California here I come!!!

I like to escape New Jersey around this time of year as winter is just starting to crank and I have found that by getting in a solid month in warmer weather I can set myself up with a good base before heading into our first camp of the year.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do think you can remain pretty fit riding the indoor trainer and running on the treadmill but given my current career choice and with nothing tying me down I am blessed with the  freedom to head to warmer climates come early January.  Last year I went down to Knoxville, TN where I attended college and learned to love country music and college football.  It was great training there with its world class pool, track, and close proximity to the mountains but still a bit cold as I had to do a bit of trainer rides there as well.  Plus, as I said, I have been promising Chase I would come spend some time out there.

So it will be a solid 4 weeks or so living with one of my best friends who moved from New Jersey to Newport Beach about 6 years ago.  Chase is the art director for Sole Tech which makes skate and snowboard shoes.  His office is out in the foothills of Irvine so I am sure I will do some riding out there on my way to the mountains. But his apartment sits down the road from a fantastic wilderness park with miles and miles of trails which is also just up the road from a beautiful high school track.  And the YMCA is within Beach Cruiser riding distance.

Not only is Chase out there but our other friend Scott moved out there 2 years ago with his fiancée Ria.  Ria is originally from CA but moved to NYC a few years ago, where she met and fell in love with Scott.  After her first winter here she decided it would be her last and told Scott, ‘If you want to be with me, you’re gonna have to come to CA’ Well he did and this October they are tying the knot.  Yep, I’m honored to be in this wedding!!!

Scott is a consultant for advertising firms and has a bit of a flexible schedule so maybe I can get him fit in the pool or drag him out on the bike for some of my runs.  So 3 out of the 5 members of the ‘The Rat Pack’ plus our soon to be new member, Ria will be together once again for, a few weeks anyway…

Rat Pack Minus Feeler On Christmas A Few Days Ago

But it won’t be no vacation, my head is on as its time to get fit again as I’ve worked too hard over the past 2 years to get this far in my career to start pissing around now.  I will enjoy my time with my mates on the rest days and I do hope to see a bit of Southern California but that will be mostly on my P4.  It is possible to take a weekend trip down to San Diego to see Donna, Jay, and Sugar as they are only about 50 miles from Newport, maybe I’ll save that for a weekend when the boys go snowboarding in Mammoth…

So 1 more week in the cold and I’m off!! I will be spending my 31st birthday in California, last year I did the y’ old 100 x 100 set but I was thinking of doing that on New Years this year…Any suggestions for a birthday challenge???

Still work to be done before I leave.  Today I decided to ride the trainer on the porch as even though we had a ton of snow, it was pretty warm and the sun felt nice, but you better believe I was California Dreaming!!

This was my view of while sitting on the trainer.

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Movember: Last Day

December 1st, 2010 by scottdefilippis

Well its been 30 days of growth and today is the last day to make a donation if you could be so kind as its been 30 days of getting some funny looks from people!!

Click here..http://us.movember.com/mospace

Even though Movember will officially end I will be keeping the stach for a few more days so I can attend some of the Movember events this weekend!!  Here are some photos of my progress!!

James and I at Ironman FL after party..

Week 1: Complete with wetsuit rashes

Week 3: All Cleaned Up For Charity Banquet

November is all about charity!! Last week I attended the Hope For Children Charity Casino Night.  My sister Heather is one of the organizers for the event and this year a portion of the proceeds went to several Autism Foundations in New Jersey!

Thanksgiving Day

Week 4: Jared and I Full Growth

Thanks so much for you support this year!! I will for sure let it grow again next November!!

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